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Acticoa Review

Acticoa is a new Barry Callebaut chocolate bar and chocolate beverage that promises to be one of the healthiest types of chocolate you can eat. Here’s our Acticoa review.

What is Acticoa?

Acticoa is a nutritional supplement that comes in the form of a chocolate bar, chocolate beverage, and other chocolate foods. You eat or drink Acticoa to provide health benefits like better cardiovascular health.

As you may already know, the cocoa in chocolate has been linked to huge health benefits. The main problem with chocolate is that it’s typically surrounded by sugars, fats, and other unhealthy foods.

By extracting the cocoa flavanols, the manufacturers of Acticoa have been able to enjoy major health benefits.

Acticoa is currently preparing to launch its lineup of chocolate products around the world. The Acticoa brand was developed and trademarked by Barry Callebaut, the Zurich, Switzerland-based chocolate maker.

Barry Callebaut claims to have spent seven years of “intense research and development” trying to retain the naturally-occurring flavanols found in cocoa. Acticoa is the result of all that work.

How Does Acticoa Work?

Acticoa claims to extract the power of “nature’s superfood”, which is cocoa flavanols.

Those flavanols were prized by the Aztec and Mayan civilizations, who drank cocoa beverages “as medicine for many illnesses”, according to the creators of Acticoa.

Today, we know a little bit more about cocoa flavanols: we know they work by supporting your cardiovascular health. They help maintain proper blood flow by supporting your blood vessel elasticity.

The creators of Acticoa also cite one study that showed daily consumption of 200mg of coca flavanols for one week improved a metric called Flow Mediated Dilation (FMD) by 1 to 2% on average among study participants. FMD is described as “an indicator of cardiovascular health and proves the positive effect of cocoa flavanols on blood circulation.”

You can find a detailed reading list of all of Acticoa’s studies and sources here. Barry Callebaut has published a complete bibliography featuring high-quality studies from peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Put simply, cocoa flavanols have demonstrated some legitimate health benefits and these health benefits have been reinforced in numerous studies.

Acticoa Products

Acticoa’s lineup of chocolate products includes:

— Cocoa Beverages
— Chocolate Bars and Tablets
— Nutrition Bars
— “Other Healthy Options” (including cereals and Greek yogurt with chocolate chips)

With these products, Barry Callebaut promises to secure an end product with 200mg of flavanols. They’re currently seeking to partner with food distributors to release chocolate bars, chocolate beverages, and other healthy products around the world.

How to Partner with Acticoa

Acticoa is currently seeking partnership deals with food professionals working in the food industry to launch chocolate products around the world.

To contact Barry Callebaut, fill out this contact form here:

You can also sign up for that contact form if you’re just an individual interested in staying up to date on the latest Acticoa news.

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