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CocoaVia Review

CocoaVia is a recently-released chocolate-based nutritional supplement that promises to offer enormous cardiovascular benefits. Here’s our CocoaVia review.

What is CocoaVia?

CocoaVia is a nutritional supplement that comes in the form of a powder – like in individual “mix stix”.

You mix that powder into water and drink it daily to enjoy the benefits of cocoa.

It’s long been known that cocoa has some amazing health benefits. Ingredients like cocoa flavanols can help lower blood pressure, for example, and improve your cardiovascular health by softening artery walls.

However, the problem with the health benefits of chocolate is that cocoa flavanols are bitter: so they’re removed during the chocolate manufacturing process. Worse, these ingredients are replaced with unhealthy sugars and fats.

That’s where CocoaVia aims to help: instead of removing cocoa flavanols during the manufacturing process, the manufacturer supports healthy circulation by adding 250mg of cocoa flavanols to each serving of their supplement.

There are 30 calories in each serving and there are no artificial colors or flavors and no added sugar.

What Are Cocoa Flavanols?

Cocoa flavanols are the active ingredients within CocoaVia. They’re phytonutrients (which means they’re nutrients that come from plants) and they’re scientifically proven to support healthy circulation by helping your blood vessels stay flexible.

By widening your blood vessels, flavanols make it easier for oxygen and nutrients to get to their intended destinations – like your organs and tissues. This can improve your energy and boost your overall vitality.

One of the main benefits of taking CocoaVia is that you can get 250mg of cocoa flavanols without eating a lot of chocolate. As testament to that fact, the manufacturer of CocoaVia claims that to get 250mg of cocoa flavanols, you would normally have to eat ten teaspoons of cocoa powder or 1.5 dark chocolate bars (300 calories).

With CocoaVia, you can get that same amount of cocoa flavanols in a convenient 30 calorie package with 0.5 grams of fat and 0 grams of sugar.

Types of CocoaVia

There are a few different ways to buy CocoaVia according to your flavor preferences and convenience level, including:

— Capsules
— Unsweetened Dark Chocolate
— Sweetened Dark Chocolate
— Cran-Raspberry
— Variety Packs (containing all of the above)

How to Buy CocoaVia

You can buy CocoaVia from a variety of online and offline retailers. You can view retailers in your area by visiting the official CocoaVia website here:

At the official website, here’s how CocoaVia pricing breaks down:

— Vegetarian Capsules, 60 Count Bottle: $34.99
— Vegetarian Capsules, 90 Count Bottle: $44.99
— Unsweetened Dark Chocolate, 30 Count Box: $44.99
— Sweetened Dark Chocolate, 30 Count Box: $44.99
— Cran-Raspberry, 30 Count Box: $44.99

— Unsweetened Dark Chocolate, 10 Count Box: $17.99
— Sweetened Dark Chocolate, 10 Count Box: $17.99
— Cran-Raspberry, 10 Count Box: $17.99
— Variety Pack, 10 Count Box: $17.99

— Vegetarian Capsules, 6 x 60 Count Case: $178.49
— Unsweetened Dark Chocolate, 6 x 10 Count Case: $91.75
— Sweetened Dark Chocolate, 6 x 10 Count Case: $91.75
— Cran-Raspberry, 6 x 10 Count Case: $91.75

You can save about 10% off all these prices by ordering the auto-delivery option, where you commit to buying a certain number of boxes of CocoaVia every month until you want to cancel. This autoship option means you’ll never run out of supplies, but you’ll also need to remember to cancel it when you no longer want CocoaVia.

Who Makes CocoaVia?

CocoaVia is made by a company named Mars Botanical (Mars, Inc.).

Mars Botanical was launched in 2007 as an offshoot of Mars Symbioscience, which was established in 2005. The goal of both these organizations was to

“focus on research and product development of flavanols, found in cocoa, tea, wine and certain fruits and vegetables.”

Mars, Inc. is the Virginia-based American confectionary manufacturer that has been around for over 100 years.

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