90FUN Smart Sport Shoes – Intel-Powered Athletic Performance?


About 90FUN Smart Sport Shoes

This Indiegogo campaign has been brought to you by 90FUN Smart Sport Shoes, the world’s smartest athletic footwear. 90FUN Smart Sport Shoes were designed for the athlete who loves technology.

With water resistant shock absorbant soles, these anti slip shoes are also powered by the Intel Curie movement tracking chip. They are so smart, they can tell if you are cycling, running, walking, or even climbing stairs without you having to tell it what you are doing.

The purpose of the 90FUN Smart Sport Shoes are to maximize athletic training, running, and weight loss with a monitor embedded in your shoes to obtain and store data relevant to your training or exercise routines. The monitor will track your speed, distance, calories burned, speed, and type of movement.

No More Wristbands Or Watches

Until recently, fitness tracking has consisted of wearing a wristband or a watch. This hasn’t been the most reliable or the most practical method of fitness tracking, and the 90FUN Smart Sport Shoes will alleviate all of these by giving you a more intuitive and ergonomic training experience.

More accurate than a traditional sports band, The 90FUN Smart Sports Shoes will give you the most accurate data available in a sports data tracking device.

The App

The Mi Home App is the technology used to easily connect your smart shoes to your phone and is currently available on iOS and Android. The battery is charged through USB, and lasts an estimated 8000 steps.

Intel Currie Chip

With the App included and synced to your shoes through Bluetooth LE, you will be monitoring your fitness details even if you don’t bring your phone with you. The data recorded will help you to reach your daily fitness goals and improve your daily regimen.

The Intel Curie chip stores your fitness data in real time, counting your steps and distances, and gaining the information you’ll require to reach your goals, and improve your pace and performance. At the end of every day you will get a report of your distance traveled, speed and calories burned on the Mi Home App.

The chip is really the brains behind the 90FUN Smart Sports Shoe. This coin size 32 bit SoC based device on the Quark SE platform has a 6 axis sensor, accelerometer, and a gyroscope. This module’s battery can run up to 60 days, and hold enough computing power to record your data and transmit it to your phone via Bluetooth.

The smart chip is similar to the ARM chip that is commonly found in most fitness trackers, how it stands apart is that it uses an x86 instruction set, much like the kind you would find in a desktop CPU. This particular model is water resistant and inserted into the right shoe. Something like the Nike+ snesor, except it does a better job of calculating and tracking your data.

90FUN Smart Sport Shoes Made From Superior Materials?

Made from a state of the art foam like material, multiple layers, and antibacterial insoles, the 90FUN Smart Sport Shoes are comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of fitness.

They come with soft ankle supports, and are specially designed to ensure your comfort and functionality are number one. In addition, safety features like reflective high visibility materials on the shoe are available on the blue edition to make running or training at night a safer option.

These shoes are manufactured in China as the flagship brand of Shanghai Runmi Technology Co Ltd. They are known for being providers of shoes, clothing, luggage, and other travel and fashion products. These are the second generation of smart shoes Runmi has produced, and the first pair powered by the Intel Curie.

To Purchase 90FUN Smart Sport Shoes

The Indiegogo campaign has reached it’s goal, however the 90FUN Smart Sport Shoes are still available for purchase, each $99.00 purchase ships free worldwide, and is estimated to be delivered in December 2017.

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