2breathe Sleep Inducer – Smart Medical Device Technology?


2breathe Sleep Inducer is a sleep inducer technology that promises to help you fall asleep more quickly and get a more restful sleep. Here’s our 2breathe sleep inducer review.

What is the 2breathe Sleep Inducer?

2breathe Sleep Inducer is a wearable device that, combined with an app, helps you fall asleep more easily. The wearable device and the app guide your breathing to induce sleep.

As the makers of 2breathe explain, you can “fall asleep effortlessly” and “wake up refreshed”.

2breathe was recently recognized as a CES Innovation Award honoree at CES 2017. The device has been making headlines lately because, let’s face it, we could all use a little help falling asleep.

How Does 2breathe Work?

2breathe consists of two platforms: a wearable device that fits around your chest, and the app on your smartphone (available only for iOS).

Together, these two platforms use smart, connected technology to deliver “the ancient wisdom of sleep-inducing breathing exercises in an easy and effective manner”, explains the makers of the system.

One of the best ways to fall asleep is to carefully guide your breathing. A quick search online will show you that there are plenty of ancient breathing exercises people use to fall asleep2breathe Sleep Inducer helps you pick a breathing exercise that works for your unique physiological needs.

As you sleep, 2breathe tracks your activity. When you wake up, you can view a “Session Report” on the connected app. That report tells you how long it took you to fall asleep, as well as the entire process you took to fall asleep.

Scientific Evidence for 2breathe Sleep Inducer

You might be a little skeptical about 2breathe. However, this isn’t just some startup that dreamed up breathing exercises to help you fall asleep. Instead, 2breathe uses a patented technology based on RESPeRATE, which is the world’s only non-drug medical device cleared by the FDA to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

The makers of 2breathe realized that this technology could easily be adapted into a sleep system. They discovered that 90% of hypertension users who used RESPeRATE also reported better sleep activity. In fact, many people who used RESPeRATE were reporting one side effect: they kept falling asleep while attempting to lower their blood pressure.

Thus, the 2breathe platform was based off the RESPeRATE breathing system to help induce sleep.

How to Use 2breathe Sleep Inducer

Using 2breathe is straightforward. Here’s the step by step process as outlined on the official website:

Step 1) Breathe: Wear the sensor around your chest, then breathe. Every time you inhale and exhale, that information is sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Step 2) Follow: 2breathe transforms your breathing, in real time, into tones that gradually guide you to prolong exhalation and slow your breathing. You breathe in time with the guiding tones.

Step 3) Naturally Fall Asleep: If you’ve done everything right, and are breathing in time with the tones, then you’ll naturally fall asleep while using 2breathe. Once the 2breathe device detects that you’re sleeping, it will automatically shut off.

Step 4) Review & Track: when you wake up in the morning, you can review your sleep session. 2breathe gives you a sleep diary, tips, and tutorials to help maximize your sleep activity.

2breathe Sleep Inducer Pricing

2breathe is priced at $179.95.

Your purchase comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, including a commitment from the company that they’ll make their sleep technology work for you.

2breathe does not yet support Android. You need an iPhone 4s or newer, an iPad mini, or an iPad 3 or newer. Your device must have iOS 8.4 or newer.

The makers of 2breathe also warn you that there’s an acclimation period and that you’ll need “some patience” when you first start using the device. It won’t transform your sleep overnight, but it can have an enormous long-term impact on your personal health.

On the 2breathe purchase page, you also have the opportunity to purchase something called the 2breathe 60 Day Program for a one-time fee of $39.95. This is a structured program where you receive a personal sleep coach. That sleep coach will review your sleep sessions and sleep diary, then provide you with personalized tips to help you get the most out of your 2breathe.

Who Makes 2breathe Sleep Inducer?

2breathe Sleep Inducer is made by a company named 2breathe Technologies Ltd. The company was founded by Dr. Benjamin Gavish and his son, Erez Gavish. 2breathe’s About page claims that these two “pioneered the digital therapeutic device field, first in hypertension and now in sleep.”

The company’s original product is the RESPeRATE system we mentioned above, which is the world’s only FDA-cleared non-invasive hypertension treatment device. the RESPeRATE system is used by hundreds of thousands of patients.

Dr. Gavish noticed that users of the RESPeRATE system were reported one side effect above all others: they were falling asleep while using the system. Instead of seeing that as a drawback, Dr. Gavish and his son transformed that feature into the 2breathe product introduced at CES 2017.

Should You Use 2breathe Sleep Inducer?

2breathe Sleep Inducer is made by a pioneer of the biotech industry. The unique breathing-based sleep system is designed to help you fall asleep without the use of drugs. You strap the sensor around your chest, start the 2breathe app, then breathe in time with the tones of the device. Once the device detects that you’re asleep, it shuts off. When you wake up, you get a comprehensive report on how well you slept.

If you’re interested in optimizing your sleep patterns, then 2breathe may be the right choice for you. The 2breathe system is priced at $180 from 2breathe.com, and just recently debuted at CES 2017.

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