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Regenere Cream Review

Regenere Cream is an anti-aging skin cream that claims to use intelligent ingredients to intelligently repair your skin. Here’s our Regenere Cream review.

What is Regenere Cream?

Regenere Cream is an anti-aging skin cream that uses ingredients like a proprietary Biosphere technology and QuSome delivery system to deliver “intelligent ingredients” beneath the skin.

By applying the skin cream daily, you can reportedly enjoy the following benefits:

Diminish Wrinkles Up To 84%
— Increase Collagen Production Up To 95%
— Reduce Sagginess In The Bags Under Your Eyes

How Does Regenere Cream Work?

Regenere Cream claims to work by using a proprietary Biosphere technology. That Biosphere technology involves using specially designed spherical particles that penetrate the outer layers of the skin before breaking apart in your lower layers, helping the benefits get more efficiently absorbed into the skin – or at least that’s the idea.

One of the key ingredients is “wheat protein”. That wheat protein acts like a sponge to capture “trans-epidermal water loss, resulting in wrinkle reduction.”

When the ingredients enter your skin, they “get to work softening and restoring cells”. The ingredients claim to work at the cellular level.

The creators of Regenere Cream advertise the results of one clinical study like it was their own study. However, that study only used one of the ingredients within Regenere Cream (the manufacturer never explains which one). In that clinical study, participants noticed an 84% decrease of wrinkles and fine lines, a 95% increase of collagen production, and a 73% decrease in appearance of dark circles.

There’s no link to this study or explanation of how the study took place, how many people were involved, or which ingredient(s) was/were studied.

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Regenere Cream Ingredients

The manufacturer of Regenere Cream hasn’t listed a single one of the ingredients included in the cream. We have no idea what the cream contains – it could be anything from botanicals and herbal extracts to powerful synthetic formulas.

Typically, skin cream manufacturers like to advertise their list of ingredients. The fact that Regenere Cream doesn’t mention one single ingredient suggests that it isn’t proud of those ingredients – and there’s probably a reason for that (the ingredients probably suck).

How to Use Regenere Cream

The manufacturer recommends using Regenere Cream according to the following three steps:

Step 1) Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry

Step 2) Apply a pea-sized amount of Regenere Cream onto your fingertips, then thoroughly massage it into your face and neck area.

Step 3) Wait for the ingredients to absorb into your skin

How to Buy Regenere Cream

Regenere Cream is exclusively available on, where it’s offered through a 14 day “free” trial.

That trial, like many free trials for overpriced anti-aging skin care products, is a bit of a scam: to order the trial, you need to accept that you’ve read the terms and conditions. Most people just click that box without actually reading those terms and conditions.

If you do read the terms and conditions, you’ll learn that you’re obligated to pay $89.92 for your full-sized bottle of Regenere Cream – which arrives as part of your free trial. For the first 14 days of the trial, you’ll only be charged $4.99 for shipping and handling. Then, on the 14th day, the full charge will arrive.

Then, 2 weeks after receiving that charge, you’ll be charged once again for another bottle of Regenere Cream. That cream will arrive the next month. You will continue being charged $89.95 + $4.99 shipping and handling every month until you cancel.

This autoship program is lucrative for the manufacturer and bad for the customer – especially if you don’t enjoy the product’s benefits.

To cancel your “free” trial, you’ll need to call 1-877-286-0845 or email [email protected] between 9am EST and 9pm EST on weekdays.

There’s also a notice at the top of the website that claims “only 1000 trials” are given out daily. Then, further down the page, you’ll see that – shockingly – there are only “3 free package offers” remaining today. This is all just part of the scam to lure you into buying the product – they’re never going to run out of stock.

Who Makes Regenere Cream?

Regenere Cream never really lists its manufacturing information, condition, location, or ingredients sources.

In all company contact information, it simply refers to itself as “Regenere Cream”. But with a little bit of digging, you’ll learn that Regenere Cream is made by a company named WPS Innovations LLC.

At least – that’s the company named in the Terms & Conditions for Regenere Cream.

There’s very little information about WPS Innovations LLC available online. One site claims that the company is registered in Delaware as a limited liability corporation – and that’s about all we know.

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  1. Thanks so much for this feedback! was going to order as I was reading that Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Dr Chan had developed it but being such a private couple didn’t want to put her name on it. I guess even the long article was a scam. Sympathy to all who ordered this junk and for all that goes with it.

  2. I got it and it’s crap and I’ve tried calling all of the phone numbers I could find to cancel my order and none of the numbers r good. Does anyone have a good number for them?

  3. Nothing but a huge hoax. My so-called free trial ended up costing me $94.83. Worst thing is the crap doesn’t even work. DO NOT order this crap.

  4. Total scam and they don’t count from the day you receive the order they count from the day you ordered the trial and never tell you to call . Their customer service reps are very rude and aggressive. The terms and conditions and web site are written so small you can’t read it or find it. Had it been 14 days I would have cx it, received it on the first of Sept, was charged on the 8th. Not very good, cancelled but it took getting my bp raised and about an hour.

    • I agree with all you have mentioned Teddy, this is total scam – I have the same problem with these people. This particular representative name Colandra #008 was very rude, talking to you as if she’s talking to a child. I let her have my tongue. It’s ridiculous billed all this money and you have to fight them down to get your refund.

  5. Glad to read these reviews. I don’t remember ordering this stuff. It just appeared in my mail. Then I checked my credit card charges. Two from “DKS*IslandEyeSerum” for $84.95 and $89.92, plus two for smaller amounts, $4.99 and $4.95. The phone number listed for them (844-456-4153) in my credit card statement only gets me a fast busy signal, which means the phone number doesn’t exist. I don’t know whether this stuff is Regenere or something else, but the ploy sounds the same. My credit card company is Capital One and they let you file a dispute, which they will take care of. Hopefully. If their phone number doesn’t exist, how am I supposed to cancel my “order”? Is there no government body that works to stop these scams?

  6. Don’t buy this product!!!! I ordered a free 14 day trial and i ended up being took to the cleaners!!!!

  7. Glad I read all of this first because I was going to order and try. This is the second set of things I have found that a well known celebrity dr has claimed works and both things are ordered this way claiming to be free and only cost is shipping and handling. If it messed my face up I would seek a company representative or legal representative for sure. This is supposed to fix lines and wrinkles not blister your face and dry it out. I would definitely take some pictures of what the outcome of using this does. I would hate to see this happen to millions of people who have no idea the bad effects it has had.

  8. COMPLETE MISREPRESENTATION AND FRAUD! I spent 30 minutes trying to get instructions to return this product for a full refund. They have a SEVERAL scripts to try to get you to keep it for a 30% refund, etc. If you are persistent, you can get the return address and a return authorization code but it is UNPLEASANT.

    I will be watching for a Class Action suit or similar litigation.

  9. It burns, stings, greats very dry skin and aging. Cancel is not enough. I feel like taking them to court. My skin is currently ruined????

  10. I purchased Regenere Facelift and eye serum. Worst decision I have made in a long time! After applying it for several days and about day 5 I began burning and getting red as if I set out in the sun it had literally burned my skin. Mind you I use all types of creams and never had an allergic reaction until now! Sadly… Now 3 days later and of course stopping the application of this horrible complex, my skin has aged and is dry in excess and itches. Feels like fine sand and I continue to feel l a slight tingle/ burn/ itch . Cool water, Vaseline helps relieve the discomfort. I have no way to contact them and God knows I will probably get a charge and delivery soon. It is a nightmare!!! If anyone know how I can call them I need help finding comfort.

    • ManahanHere is a phone number for customer service,877-286-0845. I hope it helps you. If not get back to me and I’ll do more research.

  11. For all the people leaving comments, you do know this is not the skincare companies website right? This is just an article explaining the details and how it’s not a “free” trial. They give a phone number to the company to cancel. Re read this article. It’s got the info you need. If you wait for them to cancel based off a comment your order is just going to keep shipping every two weeks. Once you get a cancellation confirmation number you’ll be done. And don’t order anything off the internet that says “free trial”. I feel like in 2016 that should be known but I know some younger people think “free?? Sign me up!” And they learn the hard way. Save yourself the trouble. Buy your times after research and pay a fair price

  12. Please stop my order. I do not remember to a continuing supply billed to my credit card. Must
    of been the fine print.

    Order Number is CC99C4F7EF

  13. I ordered this 14 day trail and I want to cancel my subscription if necessary, I do not want to be billed for nay more creams, Thank you for the sample, that is all I want to try.

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