1st Phorm Anabolic Bridge – Real Amino Acid Muslce Activation?


Anabolic Bridge is a supplement that makes it easy to support the body in proper muscle development by ensuring the muscles have the proper amount of protein and amino acids available all day long.

What is Anabolic Bridge?

Essential amino acids are needed to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and the more consistently the body has access to amino acids through diet and supplements will directly impact how much muscle the body can build no matter how much training people do.

The science: The human body uses approximately twenty amino acids to make proteins. Your body cannot produce some of these amino acids; these are referred to as essential amino acids.

The body uses twenty amino acids to make proteins and Anabolic Bridge was specifically formulated with the perfect ratio of essential amino acids to maximize muscle growth.

For the days when it is hard to ensure a protein shake is available every two hours, this supplement will make up the difference without losing ground on lean muscle development.

Adding Anabolic Bridge to a daily workout supplement routine will help ensure users hard work does not go to waste. This supplement will drastically improve the body’s ability to grow muscle tissue.

How Does Anabolic Bridge Work?

A full Anabolic Bridge helps fill the gap between meals to help keep the body at an anabolic state instead of a catabolic state which counteracts muscle growth.

Whenever a meal or supplement containing amino acids is consumed it helps keep the amino acid levels within the blood at a higher state which helps promote muscle protein synthesis.

This supplement makes it easy to keep the body at the optimum anabolic state for muscle development without lugging around messy protein shakes.

Users of Anabolic Bridge will want to follow directions for use carefully to ensure best muscle building results.

Users should take eight capsules of Anabolic Bridge either two hours before or two hours after a meal containing a high dose of protein.

Anabolic uses can also take this supplement immediately upon waking. This supplement can also be used on training days twenty minutes before working out or starting a competition. 1st Pharm recommends users combine Anabolic Bridge with Phormula-1 and Ignition post-workout.

Athletes may take up to eight (8) capsules per serving at least 2 hours apart up to four (4) times daily.

It is important to note this supplement is designed for healthy adult use only.

Anabolic Bridge Ingredients

A full ingredient label for Anabolic Bridge is available on the product listing on the 1st Pharm company website.

Who Makes Anabolic Bridge?

Anabolic Bridge is manufactured by 1st Phorm which is a US based workout and general supplement company.

There is not a great deal of company information online apart from their full 100% money back guarantee information which is definitely something that makes them stand out from other competitors in the field.

Anabolic Bridge Pricing

Anabolic Edge is available for purchase from the 1st Phorm website at www.1stphorm.com.

Each 240 capsule bottle will last thirty days and costs $43.99.

1st Phorm offers a 100% money back guarantee which means if any consumers orders one of their products and within thirty days of purchasing it they feel it is not meeting their expectations they simply return the unused portion and 1st Phorm will give them a full refund plus an additional ten percent as a thank you.

Anabolic Bridge Review Summary

Anabolic Bridge is a good workout supplement for people who are serious bodybuilders or athletes that have trouble maintaining in their body’s anabolic rate with diet and shakes.

This supplement provides the optimum level of essential amino acids which helps keep the body’s system in the proper range to fully promote lean muscle development.

Consumers interested in a supplement that helps reduce the need to carry around protein shakes or bulky mix bottles will want to consider trying Anabolic Bridge.

The company offers a 110% money back guarantee which takes the risk out of trying a new supplement so there no reason not to try it.

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