1Above Drinks – Travel, Everyday Recovery, Endurance & Energy?


When it comes to traveling, however long the flight may be, consumers are likely to experience long line ups, limited movement and jet lag to name a few. What ways can consumers get out of such a funk and readjust to a newer environment? This is where the existence of 1Above Drinks may come of use.

1Above Drinks has always been and continues to find solutions that can potentially help to fuel consumers, in terms of increasing one’s energy levels, inducing one’s productivity levels and ensuring that tiredness is completely eliminated both physically and mentally.

Having started off by releasing the Travel Recovery and Everyday Recovery dietary supplements, 1Above has taken a step further by delivering a potentially new and improved source of beverages that accelerates one’s abilities as a whole.

The following review will closely at 1Above’s newly released drinks, as well as existing supplements with respect to their purposes and overall affordability.

What Are The New 1Above Essentials That Have Been Released?

1Above Drinks is a New Zealand based company that strives to excel within the health and wellness market. Currently, 1Above is set to expand their line of products with two new drinks. The first is called 1Above Energy and the other, 1Above Endurance.

1Above Energy is an energy drink that is said to contain organic coffee berry. Besides the naturally occurring caffeine used, the 1Above Energy are said to also include 6 types of electrolytes and 8 essential vitamins.

Electrolytes are believed to play a fundamental role in efficiently satisfying one’s hydration levels, while ensuring that the different facets of one’s health are met. The role of vitamins in this drink are said to eliminate fatigue while increasing one’s energy levels and immune health. With respect to flavors, consumers can choose between Blueberry and Turmeric and Cranberry and Ginger.

1Above Endurance, like the 1Above Energy, is an energy drink. What differentiates it from the first time is its antioxidant content as well as the flavors it comes in. The ultimate purpose of the 1Above Endurance is not significantly different from that of the Energy as well. Consumers can either pick from the Orange and Mandarin flavor or the Pomegranate and Lemon flavor.

When considering the nutritional facts of the two newly released energy drinks, consumers will have increased awareness of what they are fueling their bodies with.

First, each drink is said to contain 2 teaspoon of sugar, which is a 1/7th of a traditional energy drink. Second, the essential vitamins and minerals content is non existent in traditional energy drinks compared to that of 1Above.

Lastly, the use of natural flavors and antioxidants-dense ingredients makes 1Above’s newly released energy drinks far more superior and health appealing.

What Are The Travel And Everyday Recovery?

As the name implies, Travel Recovery allows consumers readjust after long travels. More specifically, it can help to fight against jet lag, provide immune system and can boost one’s circulation and hydration levels.

The Everyday Recovery is made to fight daily challenges related to tiredness, dehydration, the lack of energy and one’s daily requirements of essential vitamins and electrolytes.

Besides the fact that both recovery supplements serve differing purposes, the mediums are also different, as the Travel Recovery comes in caplets form, whereas Everyday Recovery comes in a drink form.

How Much Can Consumers Expect To Invest In 1Above Drinks?

To better understand what consumers cane expect to invest in 1Above, here is a price breakdown:

1Above Travel Recovery:

4, 10 and 20 tablets can cost approximately $16, $35 and $65 respectively

1Above Energy Recovery:

3-500ml bottles can cost approximately $19.99

1Above Energy:

A bottle of 500ml can cost anywhere between $3.49 and $3.99

1Above Endurance:

A bottle of 500ml can cost anywhere between $3.49 and $3.99

1Above Drinks Review Summary

Overall, 1Above Drinks is worth considering as their role is to fuel consumers with the right and healthy elements are quite apparent. Unlike most energy drinks that use sugar as their main drivers, 1Above made efficient use of electrolytes and vitamins that not only increases one’s energy levels, but also works to help consumers recover from any type of travelling or feeling of drainage.

With two more energy drinks currently being offered, consumers have a variety of options to use from that best reflects their individual needs. For more information, check out: https://www.bevnet.com/news/2017/1above-unveils-two-new-drinks.

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