ZoomEssence – Best Tasting Powder Flavors Using Zooming Science?


ZoomEssence is a company that develops powder profiles for any flavor you can imagine to brand and advertise your company. Their goal is to grab your attention with the flavored powder they create for your customers.

What Is ZoomEssence?

There are companies and people that do the most creative things. Someone had to invent the rubber band, the telephone, jeans, doorknobs, toilets, video games, and socks. There is absolutely no limit to people’s imaginations, creativity, or originality. After all, Amazon was once just an idea.

We live in a world where people want what is convenient and helpful. Grabbing anything on the go is what we aim for. To that end, grabbing a powder we can mix with a bottle of water to give it more flavor and vitamins has become quite popular. Drinking a protein shake or other supplement before a workout is a convenient and easy way to boost a workout.

Grabbing a box of macaroni and cheese where the powder brings that cheesy flavor without having to do the work of grating is a convenience we are all familiar with.

Using a premade marinade for all kinds of meat is a great way to add flavor without spending a bunch of money on all the spices. And don’t all of our flavored chips have a powder coating? Do you ever wonder who figures it all out and how they make it?

Well, that is what ZoomEssence is about. They create flavored powders for workout supplements, pharmaceuticals, functional foods and whatever your company needs a flavor in powder form for.

They create powder flavors for whatever your business needs are. On their website, they welcome you to a generation of taste. And talk about “zooming” a flavor for you.

“Zooming” is a process used to create their patented proprietary DriZoom® powders. They have also patented and trademarked their advanced, no heat powder creation process call Zooming™.

Their technology has garnered them research grants from the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Duke Energy and the Kentucky Department of Commercialization and Innovation. ZoomEssence Inc was founded in 2008 and currently operates out of facilities in Sayreville, NJ and Hebron, KY.

They sell a story. They believe your flavor is not just an ingredient, but a story teller of your company, business, idea. They want their customers to be their chief tasters. Amazing taste and new tastes are the conversations of their products.

They came to be by believing the “other guy’s stuff” was the same old, same old. The process was the same as it always had been, using the old process to make powder, because liquid quality flavors did not exist in powder form. So, they removed heat from the equation, creating a new process.

They are now the only company that specializes in powder flavors. The good stuff – the vanilla that tastes like vanilla, not sort of like vanilla. Their goal is to outtaste any powder flavor competitors. More taste.

Better taste. There game changing technology puts them on a new playing field. Their process of Zooming swirls your flavor into a powder form. These flavors are bursting with aroma and taste because no aroma = no flavor. They want to create your flavors so your customers say, “oh my” or “wow, so good!” The Zooming process gets this aroma, creates these flavors.

At ZoomEssence, zooming is a perfect fit with all natural brands. Natural ingredients, less processing and clean labels are the new way of doing things. We are moving away from artificial ingredients towards eating organic and trying to consume less energy.

Clean living. The point being that flavors should be as mother nature designed them, clean, not mucked up with artificial this and that. ZoomEssence strives to make your ingredient profile taste as if it were just picked in nature. Their mission is to empower brands to deliver exceptional taste experiences to their consumers.

Products From ZoomEssence

ZoomEssence offers a service to make a physical product for the companies they work with. There service is to develop a flavor powder profile and product with their patented proprietary DriZoom powder.

They have created a process they call Zooming that uses their advanced, no heat process of creating flavored powder. Their ZoomEssence flavors are found in pounds and pounds of name brand products on the market today. They can and have created:

  • Powdered flavors for sport nutrition products, such as supplements
  • Powdered flavors for whey protein products
  • Powdered flavors for powdered beverages
  • Powdered flavors for plant-based protein products
  • Powdered flavors for strictly natural flavors
  • Powdered flavors for millennials
  • Powdered flavors for functional foods
  • Powdered flavors for pre-workout supplements
  • Powdered flavors for flavor trends

They create a powdered version of whatever flavor you need developed to represent your company, whether it is inspired by adventure, health, fashion, style, girls only, men only, or whatever you want your brand to reflect.

Contacting Customer Service For ZoomEssence

To contact customer service for ZoomEssence, fill in the standard fill-in-the-blank form provided on the website at zoomessence.com or email the Head of Business Development at [email protected]. The can also be reached by telephone at 1-844-374-9666.

ZoomEssence Review Summary

ZoomEssence is a creator of powdered flavors. They can take any flavor you have and turn it into a powder. Currently, it appears they are predominantly producing sports supplement drinks, which you may have already tried. If you need a powder form of a flavor, contact this unique business, Zoom Essence.

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