Zeeq Smart Pillow – Stop Snoring & Music Speaker System?


The Zeeq Smart Pillow is said to be one of the comfiest pillows in the world. It’s basically a smart pillow and will tailor itself to each person who uses it. Read this review to learn more about the Zeeq Smart Pillow.

What is the Zeeq Smart Pillow

The Zeeq Smart Pillow is an ultra-comfortable pillow that plays music for the sleeper. It also helps monitor sleep habits. The pillow will analyze your sleep so it can help you sleep better and wake you up in an intelligent way.

Zeeq will help you sleep through the use of music. The music plays directly through the pillow. You can choose your favorite source for music and set sleep timers so the pillow will even wake you up. The pillow wakes you up in a way that is supposedly intelligent. There is an app that is included with the pillow you can use to control everything.

They recommend using binaural beats to get the best effect from the Zeeq Smart Pillow. It works with android devices, ipods and Spotify. If the pillow notices snoring it will gently vibrate in an attempt to get the sleeper to change positions.

How Does the Zeeq Smart Pillow Work?

Zeeq uses your sleep movements, it records them and uses them to wake you up at the ideal time during your sleep cycle. It is designed to help end groggy mornings. Zeeq is supposedly the most comfortable pillow you will ever own.

All the technology can’t help though if a pillow isn’t soft. And Zeeq claims to be the softest of pillows. They claim it offers the user an unequaled amount of support and is made from the best materials possible. Zeeq integrates technology and comfort seamlessly. They also claim making sleep a priority will be easy with Zeeq Smart Pillow, regardless of the type of lifestyle you live.

The Zeeq smartphone app is used to control the pillow and to record your sleep data. You can even see your “snore score.” For those of you who would like to take it a step further, you can use an app to track your diet even. Other activities that can be tracked are diet, exercise and other habits as well. Basically, anything that effects your sleep can be tracked. Zeeq will help you make the needed changes to start sleeping soundly at night.

What are the Features of the Zeeq Smart Pillow?

Bluetooth speakers are built into the pillow so you can listen to binaural beats or your favorite tunes. The app comes with custom sounds you can use.

The app also lets you measure all sleep data. You can check your snoring rate, set alarms and play music through the pillow. The app also records your diet and even habits. The battery of the pillow last for an entire week and then you recharge it via a USB cord.

The pillow will also tell you how sound your rests are. It will let you know when you toss and turn and help you to achieve much healthier sleep patterns. With the help of the pillow, supposedly you’ll be able to easily hit deep sleep.

Zeeq is not only a smart pillow, but it’s very comfortable. Zeeq is made up of a foam outer shell, and a series of small, flexible, electrical components you can’t even feel.

There is also a microphone, as well as motion detector to help you with tossing, turning and snoring. They claim the pillow has everything a person needs to change their sleep and ultimately their life.

Lastly, Zeeq has a Tencel pillow case. The case is completely removable and washable. Tencel is a wood based fiber and naturally stops the growth of bacteria.

Why is the Zeeq Smart Pillow Good for you?

Most Americans have issues with sleep. They push the snooze button at least one time each morning. The percentage jumps up to 57% for adults over the age of 35. American’s also claim, poor sleep makes their daily life harder and less productive. They report rarely waking up and feeling refreshed. The snooze button is bad because it sets you into a new sleep cycle that cannot be finished. Poor health that many American’s suffer from is directly related to sleep.

Snoring effects 30% of all adults over the age of 30. It leads to even worse sleep, and is responsible for disturbed sleep patterns. Partners who sleep next to a snorer average only 3-5 hours of sleep a night. Snoring could be the sign of a deeper sleep problem like sleep apnea.

Zeeq will help you eliminate snoring and restless sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. According the manufacturers of Zeeq, the pillow will help improve your sleep quality and quantity and eventually your entire life.

You’ll be able to discover how you fall asleep the best, then be able to use Zeeq to accomplish the same sleep ritual every night. The pillow eliminates the need for headphones and even has a built in snore alarm. Zeeq is claimed to be the best natural sleep aid the world has ever seen.

What Does Zeeq Cost?

Zeeq cost $179 for a pillow. Compared to Memory foam pillows that are between $80-$200, it’s a fair deal comparatively. Some specialty pillows cost as much as $300. Even though it’s good deal, Zeeq may be beyond some people’s price range.

What do People Say About the Zeeq Smart Pillow

It’s still in development, but there are over 900 comments on the Zeeq website. People seem to be very excited for Zeeq.


  • -Help you achieve deep sleep
  • -Improve your sleep quantity
  • -Measure and track daily habits
  • -Tailor your pillow especially for you


  • -Still in development
  • -No tests have been made
  • -Cost almost $200

Should I Use Zeeq Smart Pillow?

According to the research and claims on the website, yes. If you suffer from sleep apnea, Zeeq could be the answer to your prayers.


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