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Sporting accessories have helped many athletes optimise their overall athletic production. For example, compression sleeves have become immensely popular in the past couple of decades due to their ability to increase blood circulation and enhance overall mobility. Infact, some studies have shown that these sleeves can enhance muscle coordination and improve overall hand movement capacity. Similarly, compression shorts allow for increased nutrient absorption and delivery. This allows a person to run for longer durations without feeling fatigued and tired quickly.

However, with that said, there are now many cheap garments that are being manufactured and sold under the guise of being ‘sporting/ activewear’. Some of these clothing items are not well manufactured and can in some cases cause inflammatory issues in the user's body (due to excessive pressure). Thus, one should choose their activewear carefully after doing some market research.

About Zamst

Zamst is an all new range of ‘precision based sporting apparel’ that has been designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts looking to maximise their physical output. Using precision engineering, the products being offered are highly functional and allow not only for advanced mobility but also provide many muscular enhancement related benefits. Lastly, there are also many high profile athletes like Isiah Thomas, Addison Russell who have backed Zamst Products. Thus, users can be sure that the quality of the items being sold is high.

Zamst Product Line Range

While Zamst sells apparel for many sports like Baseball, Basketball, Golf, some of its most popular products include:


The ZK-7 is strong knee support system that has been designed for users looking to optimise their leg health. When used as prescribed, the ZK-7 can prevent moderate to severe sprains of the ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL.

The garment uses an all new ‘Exo-Tech QUAD’ technology that provides 4-way ligament support along with proving us with ‘medial and lateral stability’. Additionally, the x-strap and parallel straps provide effective anterior and posterior stability to the ACL/PCL. Lastly, the ZK-7’s come with an inbuilt ‘i-Fit technology’ that provide users with a semi-open design to deliver an individualized fit , thus preventing slippage. A single unit is priced at $79.99.


the A2-DX provides an individuals ankle with maximal support and is highly useful in treating moderate to severe ankle sprains. Each unit comes loaded with ‘i-Fit and a-Fit’ technology that allows for an anatomically (right & left) correct fit. Also, the Exo-Grid that comes inbuilt with each system acts as a dual exterior molded support structure that prevents the ankle from rolling inward (Inversion) and outward (Eversion).

The Exo-Grid along with the anchor strap have been found to assist in the prevention of high ankle sprains through the reduction of the separation between the two lower leg bones where the ankle meets. The X- Strap Stabilizers which are located underneath the core help prevent the foot from shifting forward.

Elbow Band

This support band has been designed using Zamst’s patented i-Fit technology. It allows for the unit to be placed on either side of the elbow and provides immediate comfort and medical benefits upon use. Each band incorporates an ultra-thin, Flyweight material that not only provides optimal comfort, but also securely the places the garment in place.

Additionally, the V-Tech technology that has been used allows for ventilation even when one is in motion. Lastly, the adjustable fastener along with the ‘P-Tech padding’ allows for multiple levels of compression so that any tendon based irritation can be eliminated.

JK Band

this band is deal for individuals with Patella Tendinitis. It provides the user's knee with optimal support and protects our patellar tendon through the use of its’ P-Tech padding design. Also, the ‘i-Fit technology’ provides an open design with two Velcro attachments that ensure that users have full mobility and freedom to properly adjust their band without compromising its fit. Lastly, the patented grip that is used in fabrication provides anti-migration and helps preventing slipping during activity.

The JK band is available in 6 different colours, namely black, orange, green, red, pink and blue.

Zamst Review Summary

  • Not anatomically independent: all of the ankle braces being sold are not universal because they specifically made for the right or left ankle.
  • Life expectancy: all of the braces and bands are made to last users for a full sporting season (2 -3 months). However, if the usage is less, the apparel might last much longer.
  • Customised: nearly all of the products being sold online require measurement of the circumference of the arm, thigh, calf, of the user.
  • Health Optimisation: most of the products being sold have been designed to support certain type of sport related injuries.

Pricing And Availability

All of the aforementioned products and many more are available through the company’s online shopping portal. Thus, interested users can check out availability, pricing, fabrication details by simply clicking on a desired product There are also many combo deals as well as shipping options that users can choose from. Lastly, Payments can be completed using safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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