Your Body After Baby – Dr. Gillian’s YBAB Postpartum Program?


Being able to conceive is a lifetime goal for many women. The happiness in not only carrying him or her for 9 months, but also being able to grow as an individual throughout the many experiences encountered makes it a priceless and precious experience. While the idea of soon delivering a baby might arouse a sense of excitement in soon-to-be moms, there still remains a phenomenon that is rarely discussed upon and that is postpartum.

Postpartum is the stage that follows giving birth. The most common symptoms are said to include depression, severe mood swings, a sense of withdrawal from the baby and other family members and friends, lack of sleep and appetite and increased tiredness.

How can moms transition back to their normal selves? What can help moms see better light within this entire context? This is where Your Body After Baby comes into play.

Your Body After Baby is said to help moms get back on track with their lives after having given birth. Some of the concerns it may help to relieve include working towards achieving a skin and body one feels most comfortable in, increasing one’s self-esteem and motivation, and being able to do things moms were once capable of.

The following review will look closely at Your Body After Baby in terms of its purpose, its credibility, what it provides and its affordability.

What is Your Body After Baby?

Your Body After Baby is an online program that claims to help recent moms understand the different stages in pregnancy, including postpartum. The contents are said to enlighten many moms who have not been introduced to the effects pregnancy has on one’s hormones, body, activity levels, sex life, and mental, physical and emotional health.

The creator, Dr Gillian, found it necessary to create a database like such, as she, herself was questioning her overall purpose and other facets after giving birth. This led her to feel guilty for not being able to spend and enjoy quality time with her children, as she felt overwhelmed with the entire idea.

What Makes Your Body After Baby a Credible Program?

The reason why Your Body After Baby is a credible program because many authorized figures were interviewed in the matters of postpartum. The following is a quick list of specialized individuals that have the required knowledge with respect to a women’s body and experienced before and after pregnancy:

  • Samantha Cattach, Pelvic Health and Physiotherapist
  • Sara Smith, Postnatal Fitness Specialist
  • Amy Monea, Registeres Social Worker
  • Amy Dawes, Co-founder of the Australasian Birth Trauma Association
  • Trista Zinn, Personal Trainer and hypopressive
  • Jen Reddish, Perinatal & Body Image Counsellor
  • Stephanie Moody, Perinatal and Pediatric Chiropractor
  • Anita Lambert, Pelvic Health and Physiotherapist
  • Andrea Clarke, Naturopathic Doctor
  • Shannon Kane, Perinatal Counsellor
  • Jessie Mundell, Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist
  • Sally Powis-Campbell, Registered Psychologist
  • Amanda Selmser, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Registered Acupuncturist
  • Sara Villamil, Pre/Postnatal yoga Instructor
  • Allison Goundry, Yoga Nidra, Pre/Postnatal Yoga Guide

Based on the authorities above, it is clear that Dr Gillan referred to many specialists who have adequate knowledge on the effects of pregnancy related to one’s physical body, mental health and nutrition. Most importantly, many of them follow a natural approach to easing such effects, which in turn can eliminate one’s doubts and worries in terms of safety.

What Can One Expect to Acquire Out of Your Body After Baby?

The type of knowledge moms in general can acquire from Your Body After Baby is said to be life changing. It claims to include 13 interviews from leading Women’s Health Experts globally, DIY (do it yourself) instructional videos and workshops, articles and guidelines, recipes for healing foods postpartum, downloadable postpartum checklists, ongoing e-mail access to Dr Gillian, a bonus Yoga Nidra recording and access to the Your Body After Baby community.

How Much Can One Expect to Invest in Your Body After Baby?

In order to get access to a wide range of useful information that are provided through different mediums by experts around the world, one can expect to invest approximately $106.95.

Your Body After Baby Review Summary

Overall, Your Body After Baby is a program that allows moms globally to reconnect with themselves on a holistic level before, during and after giving birth. It can eliminate questions regarding one’s purpose of being, self-doubts, and low self-esteem. In particular, it may allow moms to enjoy every moment spent with their newborns without hindrances like mood swings and regret.

In terms of its affordability, the set price is reasonable, as moms are potentially provided with every inch of detail needed to remain sane and happy throughout their pregnancy. In addition, each piece of information provided is an input from another woman who either has undergone the same emotions or specializes within the field, making it even more worthwhile. For more information, check out:

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