Yanbal USA – Jewelry Style Advisor & Boutique Hosting?


Yanbal, found online at Yanbal.com, is a jewelry retailer that promises to hook you up with your own personal “Style Advisor”. Is it legit? Find out today in our Yanbal review.

What is Yanbal?

Yanbal is a direct selling company founded more than 50 years ago. Today, the company has an active online presence at Yanbal.com, although it does most of its business through its independent network of distributors in Latin America.

Yanbal distributors can be found in 11 countries around the world, including large presences in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, and Peru.

The company’s core marketplace is in Latin America, as it only recently expanded into the United States.

The company focuses primarily on jewelry, and offers a wide variety of jewelry for all different occasions.

The company was founded back in 1967 by Peruvian entrepreneur Juan Fernando Belmont.

According to the official Yanbal website, Belmont “believed in the potential of women…breaking the social paradigm and proving that women could help support their households with a business of their own.”

Today, Yanbal continues to be catered mostly towards women. Belmont’s daughter, Janine Belmont, is the current CEO. The company also focuses on niches like fashion, bridal wear, jewelry, and similar product lineups.

Yanbal Products

Yanbal sells jewelry. It separates that jewelry into niches like Fashion, Timeless, Bridal, and Casual. You can purchase that jewelry online or through an independent Yanbal distributor in your area.

When searching for Yanbal products online, you’ll come across the Yanbal online store.

Typically, you’ll be redirected to the online store that caters specifically to your geographic location. From there, you’ll see jewelry prices in your local currency. Typically, Yanbal jewelry is not overly expensive, with most pieces priced between $25 and $100.


Yanbal claims their fashion jewelry will help you “remain en vogue” using exquisite designs inspired by the latest trends from fashion runways around the world. Popular products include Tribaliz Chic Necklace, Tribaliz Glam Earrings, Eclectic Chic Earrings, Blu Glam Earrings, and the Terra Exotik Necklace.


Yanbal’s timeless beauty pieces promise to “evoke regal beauty and elegance”, allowing classic fashion trends to come forward in beauty pieces that transcend time.

Some of the popular Yanbal products in this category include Elisse Glam Earrings, Eterno Diamanti Bracelet, Fiorenza Necklace, Misterio Blanc Necklace, and the Amor West Hoops.


Yanbal has a wide selection of jewelry pieces catered to brides for their wedding day. These jewelry pieces want to help you “live in the endless moment of life, with breath-taking blue sapphire resin stones and clear crystals.”

Some of the most popular jewelry pieces in the bridal category include the Novia Imperial Necklace, Amor Que Crece Earrings, Brillo Magico Earrings, Cristali Bendita Set, and the Quatro Dore Necklace.


Looking for jewelry pieces that can blend into your everyday wear? The casual category is what you’re looking for.

Yanbal’s casual category includes low-key jewelry pieces like the Carelli Necklace, Luna De Amor Hoops, Doretti Necklace, Mar Amatist Earrings, Vertice Fem Earrings, Charm Necklace Set, and Disco Glam Necklace.

The Yanbal Opportunity

Like most direct selling/multi-level marketing companies, Yanbal requires you to pay a fee to join.

In this case, the fee to become a “Style Advisor” is $199. That fee gives you a starter kit, which you can then use to start selling Yanbal products in your local area.

That starter kit walks you through running a Yanbal direct selling business – which is something you can do from your home with limited experience.

One of the main ways in which Yanbal’s Style Advisors sell products is through hosting Boutique Parties, where they showcase some of Yanbal’s latest and most popular pieces.

Yanbal Style Advisors also receive some free jewelry as an additional perk.

Should You Buy Jewelry from Yanbal or Join as a Style Advisor?

Yanbal was launched in Peru over 50 years ago. The direct selling company has recently expanded into the United States, where a growing number of women are paying $200 for a starter kit to become a “Style Advisor”.

Yanbal was initially founded as a way for women to make money and help support the household. It’s very popular throughout Latin America and is now seeking to expand to other markets.

As a Yanbal Style Advisor, you get some free jewelry and the opportunity to make money by selling jewelry to your friends, relatives, and other customers. You’re encouraged to host Boutique Parties to help sell products.

In terms of the jewelry’s quality, you’re not paying high-end prices for high-end jewelry. Instead, most Yanbal jewelry is priced under $100. Since Yanbal just recently launched in the United States, there are few English-language reviews online.

Yanbal Review Summary

Overall, Yanbal is one of the world’s biggest and most popular direct selling companies. Since launching in the United States, a growing number of women have been able to take advantage of the Yanbal opportunity.

You can learn more about the company and its products today by visiting Yanbal.com.


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