Xenxo S-Ring: Smart Wearable For Calls, Fitness & NFC Payments?


Xenxo S-Ring is a piece of jewelry that helps consumers to access all of their mobile content and smartphone features without having to use their phone. The product is being funded through a Kickstarter project right now to bring the product into reality.

What Is Xenxo S-Ring?

Technology is constantly evolving to help consumers get more access and more privacy for their information. Jewelry is one of the most nonchalant ways to carry that content, which is why there are so many options nowadays. The Xenxo S-Ring is one of the new ones, though it is still just a prototype.

With the technology of the Xenxo S-Ring, consumers can:

  • Take calls via Bluetooth connection
  • Store electronic files
  • Change music selection wirelessly
  • Make payments without a card
  • Track profess on fitness applications
  • Make calls
  • Alert themselves if they forget their phone somewhere
  • Create an emergency alert discreetly, if in trouble
  • Get access to doors that are locked with a Bluetooth key
  • Set alarms to wake up
  • Check the time
  • Reach out to a personal assistant

This compact ring is the same size as any other, making it completely inconspicuous. However, it can store up to 4GB files from the user. Once it is ready, consumers will be able to purchase sizes 7 to 12, though they all should weigh approximately 15 grams.

Read on below to learn more about the technology.

How S-Ring Wearable For Calls, Fitness & NFC Payments Works

The reason that the Xenxo S-Ring is effective is due to the condensed technology inside, creating a powerful mini-computer that has four different sensors and a 32-bit controller. The microphone inside is fairly high-tech, and a proximity sensor helps consumers to ensure that they can use their smartphone alongside it.

The battery included should last through up to three hours of talk time, or five days in standby mode. Luckily, to charge it back up, the user should only need to wait about 45 mins.

The ring is compatible with Android 4.0 and later, iOS 7.0 and later, Windows 7 and later, and MacOS 10.8 or later.

Using Xenxo S-Ring

Consumers will need to go through the included guide to learn how to access all of the helpful features of the Xenxo S-Ring. However, the first step will be to put on the ring. Use the settings on the user’s smartphone to open a pairing with Bluetooth.

The only way to get to all of the features of the Xenxo S-Ring is to download the corresponding app. The directions include a diagram of how to access mobile and PC files, though this ring is still in the developing stages, so it is not quite at its final design. Once available, consumers can choose from white, matte black, and space grey.

Purchasing Xenxo S-Ring

Right now, consumers cannot directly purchase the Xenxo S-Ring. Instead, the creators of the regimen are gaining funding through a Kickstarter campaign. If someone wants to get exclusive pricing on the product in the pre-order stage, they can make a pledge.

Here are the options:

  • $179 and up, for one Xenxo S-Ring
  • $399 and up, for two Xenxo S-Rings
  • $1,134 and up, for six Xenxo S-Rings
  • $1,790 and up, for ten Xenxo S-Rings

The products will be sent out in January 2019, though some packages may go out as soon as September 2018. There is no official website for the Xenxo S-Ring yet, but consumers can submit their questions on the campaign’s website.

Xenxo S-Ring Conclusion

Xenxo S-Ring is designed as a unisex product, and the multitude of features should speak for themselves. Once it is available outside of Kickstarter, the total cost should rise drastically, but consumers can curb some of that price for now to help get the project off the ground.

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