Xanthohumol Review – What You Need To Know

New Study Shows Xanthohumol, A Flavonoid Found in Hops, Can Lower Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, and Weight Gain

A new study by Oregon State University tells us that beer may lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight gain.

Okay, the study didn’t specifically say that. But it does reveal that a naturally-occurring flavonoid in hops can significantly improve certain aspects of your health.

About Xanthohumol Flavonoid

That flavonoid is Xanthohumol. In testing, Xanthohumol was shown to significantly improve some of the underlying markers of metabolic syndrome in laboratory animals while also reducing weight gain.

The latest study was published in Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics in an in-depth study on Polyphenols and Health.

Researchers suggested that the findings could be used to take a new approach to human obesity, high cholesterol, and elevated glucose levels – collectively known as metabolic syndrome. These conditions are linked to some of the most common causes of death in the developed world, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Mice Were Given a High Fat Diet and Different Levels of Xanthohumol

In the study, lab mice were fed a high fat diet before being fed different levels of xanthohumol. The results were then compared to mice who took the same high fat diet with no xanthohumol.

The mice who took the highest dosage of xanthohumol cut their LDL (“bad”) cholesterol by 80%, their insulin by 42%, and their level of IL-6 (a biomarker for inflammation) by 78% compared to the mice who received no xanthohumol.

The mice were still growing during the study, so their overall weight increased across the board. However, the mice who received xanthohumol increased their weight by 22% less than the mice who received no xanthohumol – even though all of the mice received the same daily intake of food.

Researchers also noticed that mice who took xanthohumol appeared to increase their oxygen consumption and metabolic rate, which could be linked to improved weight control.

Ultimately, with all other things held constant, mice who were fed xanthohumol were in significantly better physical shape than mice who were not fed xanthohumol.

“This is the first time we've seen one compound with the potential to address so many health problems,” said Cristobal Miranda, a research assistant professor with OSU's Linus Pauling Institute and lead author on this study. “These were very dramatic improvements.”

Nevertheless, researchers cautioned that more research is required before the safety and effectiveness of xanthohumol can be confirmed in humans.

Can You Really Get Healthy By Drinking Beer?

Xanthohumol is found naturally in hops, which is a key component of beer. At this point, many of you are probably asking: can I really get healthy by drinking beer?

I’ve got some bad news: the highest level of xanthohumol used by the researchers was 60 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. That leads to a human equivalent dose of 350mg per day for a 70kg individual.

If you wanted to get that dose from beer, a human adult would have to drink 3,500 pints per day. So good luck with that.

How to Buy Xanthohumol Dietary Supplements

In the future, you may be able to get your recommended daily intake of xanthohumol from a dietary supplement.

Before it becomes a dietary supplement, however, more research needs to be performed. Xanthohumol is being actively researched as we speak – along with flavonoids in garlic, chocolate, apples, blueberries, and tea.

Ultimately, the most important thing we can learn from xanthohumol is that it could be a possible low-cost treatment for obesity and metabolic syndrome – diseases that are plaguing the US health care system and causing an enormous strain on resources.

In the future, doctors may recommend taking a daily xanthohumol supplement to reduce your likelihood of developing obesity – even if you’re not exercising or dieting. Stay tuned for more information about this unique flavonoid as research continues to move forward.


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