X3S Bench – The Abs Company Home Workout Exercise Chair System?


For many gym enthusiasts an ab workout can be the toughest part of their schedule. However, before we describe the product at hand, we should learn a bit more about our abdominal muscles.

From a biological standpoint, there are four core abdominal muscle that we need to workout in order to obtain a chiselled physique. These include the transversus abdominis (the deepest muscle layer in our stomach), rectus abdominis. external oblique muscles and the rectus abdominis.

Many scientific studies have shown that by keeping our ‘internal obliques’ strong, we can achieve a variety of health benefits like fat reduction, waist fat elimination, enhanced posture, improved spinal health, decreased muscle pain.

Experts have also suggested that when working out our ab muscles we should make use of specialised exercise devices which perfectly target our core tissues and tendons. This allows for all or efforts to be concentrated, thereby increasing our overall gains.

What Is The X3S Bench?

The X3S Bench is an all new ‘home exercise solution’ that has been created especially for the development of our abs and core stomach muscles. It is highly unique because it features an all new ‘chair-bench combination’ that has been found to aid in providing users with a simple and effective exercise tool that not only delivers results faster, but also packs in a highly intense session for our abs, legs and core.

In terms of its benefits, the X3S Bench has been devised in accordance with some of the best Cross Conditioning, MMA, and pro boxer training requirements. Hence, through daily use, this device is able to give our bodies a wholesome workout.

From a design point of view, the X3S includes inbuilt dumbbells, medicine balls to increase the muscle development benefits that we can obtain from a single exercise session.

Why Choose The X3S Bench?

There are some key features which make the device stand out from other home gym machines. These include:

  • Portability: due to its ergonomic design, the X3S Bench is easily transportable. Whether it's moving the machine across our home or carrying it to another location, the machine can be easily lugged around.
  • Easy Storage: owing to its compact dimensions, the X3S Bench can be easily stored in any location within our house. Its core dimensions include “L 40″ x W 29″ x H 15″.
  • Sturdy: the outer body is crafted using high quality metal (steel) that is not only strong, but also extremely durable. Using latest metallurgical techniques, the outer metal has been fabricated to prevent any issues related to rusting, wear and tear etc.
  • LightWeight: when fully assembled, the X3S weighs in at a meagre 56 pounds. Thus we can see that it can be easily moved around without much effort.
  • Ease of Assembly: to make workouts simple, users can dismantle and assemble the entire machine in a matter of minutes. Infact, when done correctly, the entire X3S can be built from scratch in under 5 minutes.
  • Long Warranty: each unit comes with an extended warranty period so that if any faults were to occur, we can easily get a replacement or reimbursement.

Are There Any Other Small Things I Should Know About The X3S Bench?

(i) Adjustable Leg Pads: to ensure maximum comfort while training, the machine has been pre fitted with leg pads that not only provide comfort, but also improve overall traction during difficult exercise routines.

(ii) Foam Knee Support: to maintain the integrity of our knees and joints, the X3S has been fitted with foam based support structures. They ensure that the stress and pressure is evenly distributed throughout our bodies (thereby preventing structural damage).

Where Can I Buy X3S Bench?

The fastest means of procurement would be through placing an order on the manufacturer's official web page. (http://theabscompany.com/products/x3s-bench/).

A single unit of the X3S Bench is priced at $399.00. However, there are various financing options like recurring payments, or monthly schemes that users can avail of. All payments can be done using safe means like PayPal, Maestro and Visa.

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