Top Winter Health Foods and Dieting Tips For Weight Loss


About Top Winter Weight Loss Foods

Many people emerge from the winter looking at least bit heavier than they were when it began.

For sure, there is little motivation for working out and a lot of cookies, creamy soups, and casseroles make it hard to lose weight.

Nonetheless, there are just as many seasonal foods that contain sufficient nutrients for optimal body health and weight loss. Here is a brief look at some of the top recommended winter weight loss foods that you can use to keep your body in check during the coldest season.

Meyer Lemons

These lemons are actually a cross between regular lemons and oranges that can help you improve metabolic processes that break down fats and sugars.

According to a research study conducted at Bridgeport University in Connecticut, Meyer lemons contain a compound known as d-limonene that boosts the liver’s capability to break down impurities that slow down metabolism by up to 30%.

This means your metabolic processes will be revved up by 30%, leaving little chance for piling up weight.


Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are known to keep the digestive tract at optimum health because of their high fiber content.

Besides providing 7 grams of protein for each half cup serving, chickpeas are a unique food that can complement most menus.

Whether you are preparing soups, stews, or single-pot meals, this component easily fits on the table.

You can also prepare delicious roasted chickpeas for salad toppings. They keep you full for longer and only a small portion will be absorbed into the body as most of it is fiber.

Sunflower Seeds

These are convenient seeds rich in nutritional value which can also help you lose weight over the winter.

Sunflower seeds contain selenium, magnesium, and vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble antioxidant. Vitamin E is known to neutralize free radicals that can harm fat-containing molecules like brain cells, cell membranes, and cholesterol.

Just a handful of sunflower oil will fill up your belly and drop your appetite for heavy meals without packing more calories into your body. They are a convenient way to create nourishing snacks over the winter season.


Organic honey has always been the ideal all-natural sugar and sweetener. The list of what honey delivers into the body is a long one which includes stopping fatigue, enhancing energy, boosting the immune system, killing microbial germs, and assisting in alcohol oxidation.

Honey is one of the best winter foods as it can help you deal with sore throats, cure hangovers, ease your fatigue, and relax your stiff muscles and tissues. It offers all this without putting you at risk of gaining any more weight.


Even on a regular day, eggs are an ideal source of nutrition alongside vegetables, fruits, and milk.

Eggs contain an excellent supply of the vital amino acids and proteins needed for a balanced health.

From selenium to iodine, vitamin B12, and tryptophan, eggs offer rejuvenation and optimum nutrition that allows you to achieve healthy body weight.

Eggs also stabilize blood sugar levels and are one of the number one foods for weight loss, especially during a cold season.


A half cup portion of strawberries contains about 25 calories, 1 gram of fiber, and 80% of all the benefits of Vitamin C.

When taken on a daily basis, strawberries have been proven to offer numerous health benefits that range from repair to disease prevention.

A recent study revealed that phenolic compounds and antioxidants found in strawberries protect the stomach from the effects of alcoholic beverages and also boost heart health.

Strawberries are available all year round and adding them to any winter diet will ensure your metabolism is kept in balance.


This is yet another combination of fruits, this time hybridizing tangerine and grapefruit. Tangelos contain 3 grams of fiber and 60 calories, as well as folate, potassium, and vitamin C.

With this combination of nutrients and dietary fiber, you have all the energy required for weight loss activities without stashing more calories into your body. It is the perfect energizer before your winter workouts.

Blood Oranges

Blood oranges contain antioxidants known as anthocyanins which are responsible for their distinct color.

According to a study conducted on animal subjects, those that consumed blood orange juice shed up to 13% of their weight without any other change to their lifestyle and diet. It has also been shown that munching the fiber increases your weight loss prospects.


This aromatic scented herb is used in culinary preparations to make food more pleasant and also to lead you to eat less. According to studies, people tend to eat less of pleasant foods even in hotels.

Rosemary does not only add flavor but also provides disease-fighting antioxidants. With its unique aroma, you will have less need for foods like salt and fat which contain more calories and sodium.

During the winter, you need aromatic foods that will give you appetite to eat only a little bit and rosemary is the secret ingredient that also helps you fight notorious winter infections.


For a cold winter breakfast, nothing is as rewarding as warm oatmeal, which not only contains sufficient fiber for a healthy digestive tract, but also offers energy, decreases cholesterol, strengthens your blood sugar, and keeps you full for hours.

There are more than 15 different ways to prepare delicious breakfast oatmeal, which means it does not need to be boring.

If you are taking it with coconut milk, then only a small portion will be enough to keep you full and strong until the next meal.


This is one of the most advocated winter weight loss foods, particularly because it contains low fat and complex carbohydrates.

A bowl of soft corn polenta delivers vitamin c, niacin, and folic acid, among other nutritional values.

It also offers insoluble fiber which can easily fill up your belly, reduce cholesterol, and result in weight loss. Soft corn is indeed one of the best winter weight loss options.

Macadamia Nuts

When it comes to achieving weight loss, two things are important; consuming fewer calories and burning more. However, you must ensure you get valuable nutrition to give you optimum health.

Macadamia nuts offer the biggest supply of clean fats (monosaturated fats) which are an essential component of a healthy diet.

Besides giving you a synergy of nutritional value, these nuts will keep you full much longer thus putting away the frequent bites and cravings for food.

They also deliver optimum energy to help you carry out errands and weight loss activities without feeling fatigued.

Red Papaya

Adding raw fruits to the menu often brings increased health benefits, especially since these fruits deliver antioxidants that are missing in the dishes already subjected to cooking temperatures.

Red papayas are very rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are two important nutritional supplements required during winter.

They help improve metabolic processes, increase body energy, and reduce fatigue. Red papayas also deliver a host of antioxidants to neutralize radicals and toxins that would otherwise compromise metabolic processes that regulate body weight.

Fingerling Potatoes

Heirloom fingerling potatoes are rich in nutrient minerals and vitamins. They also contain dietary fiber and alongside olive oil and veggies, deliver much of your total daily fiber requirement in one serving.

When you add fiber to any winter menu, it is always a win as it helps in regulating blood sugar levels.

Many people are worried that potatoes contain a lot of starch which will compromise their weight loss efforts.

However, the heirloom fingerling potatoes’ skin contains sufficient fiber to help with the gradual discharge of starch from the body. This way, you do not get to absorb much of the starch into your blood stream.

Hot Cocoa

Serving hot cocoa is a sure way to welcome any winter and it is surprisingly healthy for your waistline.

Based on a research study carried out at Cornell University, hot cocoa apparently contains more antioxidants than red wine and tea.

It is ideal for improved metabolism, improves body energy, neutralizes free radicals and toxins that may harm the heart, and also stimulates the body for weight loss activities.

Make sure you substitute whipped cream with skim milk to prepare a treat optimized for weight loss.

Dark Chocolate

Most people tend to believe anything sugary will result in weight gain and compromise any efforts at weight loss, which is not always the case.

Dark chocolate, while it contains sugar, is full and decadent, and can be of great help when you want to maintain your weight during the winter season.

Consuming only a small quantity (like one-ounce of 70%+ cacao) can be enough to fulfill the needs and cravings for sweet things without hiking up your caloric intake.

However, you should not consume more than one-ounce portions as this might create a habit.

Green Tea

Instead of drinking coffee and ciders that easily contribute to about 300 calories without getting you full, resort to warming your winters with certain types of tea.

Green tea is calorie free and still offers the fulfillment sought from other drinks like coffee.

It also contains a lot of flavonoids that are known to boost heart health and get rid of free radicals and oxidants. Nonetheless, make sure not to consume too much tea, especially if you chose to add sugar to it.


With its high dietary fiber content, Malanga, a root vegetable native to South America, is a fantastic winter food for weight loss, especially for those allergic to gluten.

Malanga is much like yam and potato, it can be ground into flour and used in various baked meals such as bread.

It can also be fried or even consumed raw. It is high in fiber to curb your hunger and keeps you full for a much longer time while feeding your energy requirements.

It is not associated with any form of weight gain and has also been shown to enhance the digestive system.

Pink Lady Apples

When sugar cravings and desires increase, then baked apples are your best way to beat them without exposing yourself to the risk of weight gain.

In winter, pink lady apples with whipped cream topping and pecans are a popular treat. Apples contain pectin fiber as well as antioxidants that resemble Vitamin C.

This makes them ideal for inclusion in the winter diet. The good thing is that apples will calm down your sugar desires, even if you do forgo the whipped cream.

Coconut Milk

Coconut has been known to provide numerous health benefits but only recently was it discovered to assist in weight loss.

Since then, those struggling with winter excess weight have added coconut milk to their diets and experienced incredible results.

Studies have shown that the MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) in coconut milk accelerate metabolic processes, especially those that break down sugar and fat molecules.

MCFA also enhances weight loss when combined with workout as it delivers sufficient energy for exercises while increasing processes required for burning more calories.


Also referred to as Jerusalem artichokes, sunchokes are an ideal weight loss supporting food that contains a high amount of dietary fiber as well as other nutritional values.

Sunchokes contain nutrients such as iron, potassium, folate, and vitamin C, among others. Besides keeping you full for a longer time, they deliver essential nutrients required to rev up metabolic processes responsible for breaking down fat and aiding weight loss.

Sunchokes can be chopped and added to garnish or sautéed together with other ingredients when making winter dinners. Their vibrant taste is another beautiful element that makes this food perfect for winter.

Chicken Broth

Adding chicken broth, which is a kitchen staple, to slimming diets is a common practice that top nutritionists recommend.

Bringing some of the chicken broth to the winter season is a fantastic way to ensure weight loss throughout the season.

The good thing about chicken broth is it can substitute oil for sautéing or cream and butter when cooking homemade potatoes.

This will significantly reduce the amount of calories you end up with at the table, thus enhance your weight loss efforts. When preparing your slimming soups, use the broth instead of other oils.


Oysters are packed with many nutrients and proteins, zinc, and low calcium to keep your health balanced in any season.

Although they are available all year round, oysters have their best flavor during the winter.

In addition, the zinc helps keep you warm during the cold season and keep your workout schedule on course.

Lemon Zest

The next time you are preparing to eat lemons during winter, remember not to throw away what you peel off. Lemon zest is known to have high amounts of limonene, which is a compound that reduces cancer and aids detoxification of the liver.

With a healthy liver and improved immune system, gaining weight should be the least of your concerns if you choose foods from this winter ideals list.

Be careful to thoroughly clean the peel before consuming to get rid of all dirt and pesticide sprays.


If you are in search of slim protein during the winter, then fresh, frozen, new, or round canned tuna will do.

They are obtainable all year round and you will not miss them during winter. Tuna delivers wholesome protein nutrition and also supplies the vital omega-3 fatty acids that are weight loss friendly.

If you get a great recipe such as seared tuna and mango relish, then your winter evening dishes are guaranteed to be amazing.


People have been eating this tropical delight to kick-start their winter and eliminate blues throughout the season.

Guavas contain potassium, magnesium, Vitamin A and C, besides being rich in taste. Some varieties are known to contain high amounts of antioxidant lycopene, which can help prevent coronary heart diseases.

In fact, guavas are recommended for homemade party salsa instead of tomatoes. They offer natural sugar and antioxidants that optimize your metabolic processes thus aiding weight loss.

Cactus Peas

Cactus peas have been edible for ages but not many considered them for weight loss until recently when the correlation was drawn. Cactus is associated with anti-inflammation, while weight loss is pro-inflammatory.

Studies indicate that cactus peas can help you lose weight during the winter as it protects the liver from the damages of increased blood sugar (hyperglycemia).

The same unique properties that protect your liver will ensure improved metabolic processes to get rid of the sugar without piling up weight.

Mustard Greens

Weight loss is, in most cases, associated with greens, vegetables, and leafy foods. Mustard greens contain calcium and Vitamin A to help build and strengthen your bones. They are also low calorie, rich in nutrients, and quite filling.

You will have no need for another meal for many hours after consuming a small portion of mustard greens.

What’s more, they offer non-dairy bone nutrition which is a perfect alternative form of calcium.

With these greens, you do not have to worry about the side effects of dairy products. Greens also almost always improve overall health and immunity.


Besides its peppery taste, this salad leaf also offers high nutrition, including Vitamins B, C, A, and K, as well as zinc.

It is known to increase body energy, cleanse the blood, and purify the kidney through its antioxidants.

Watercress also stimulates the kidneys, gall bladder, and liver. It promotes the regulation of important functions that are essential to losing excess weight.

Without a doubt, incorporating watercress into the winter menu will have a lot of health benefits besides just weight loss.

Chia Seeds

Adding some super foods like chia seeds in you winter menu will go a long way in helping you keep weight gain at bay.

Chia seeds contain dietary fiber as well as protein, both of which are essential to losing weight as they prevent hunger and craving. Chia seeds also balance blood-sugar to give rise to sustained body energy.

They contain antioxidants that boost the immune system and also offer fatty acids that protect the heart from various kinds of diseases and malfunctions.

You can find chia seeds all year round and they are super foods that contribute to overall health and wellbeing.

Black-Eyed Peas

It is often said that consuming black-eyed peas on the first day of the year brings about good luck, and those hoping to lose weight will understand this. Black-eyed peas contain 80 calories per half cup serving, 25% of daily folate needs and 4 grams of fiber.

With this combination, you are guaranteed a healthy digestive tract, which is the basis for optimized metabolic processes.

If your digestive tract health is not optimal, you are bound to have many problems including diseases and weight gain.


Chili is always a winter food specialty winner and will compliment almost anything that comes out of the pot. It is the perfect seasoning for your vegetables or low-fat meat, kidney, garbanzo, or black beans, salsa, onion, cumin, and many others.

If you want a chance at a great winter meal, add some chili into the ingredient list. You can bulk up with broccolis, spinach, and fresh tomatoes just to add a few calories sufficient to support normal daily activities.


It has been said that kale could be among the healthiest winter foods available as a cup of the same contains only 35 calories.

It also delivers 5 grams of fiber, 1000+% of daily recommended Vitamin K, 180% Vitamin A and 200% Vitamin C. You can also prepare a healthy low-calorie kale snack at any time using various available recipes.

Top Winter Weight Loss Foods Review Summary

There are probably a thousand more different weight loss foods for winter ranging from red wine to garlic, black rice to spaghetti squash, liver, kefir and maple syrup among others.

However, the above-mentioned list contains the top 33 foods that will ensure you do not gain any weight during the winter season.

It is important to acknowledge that weight gain is achieved when more calories are used up than consumed.

For this reason, combining healthy foods with workout activities and exercises is your best chance at shedding extra weight.

If you consume more than you use up, then it does not matter what foods you eat, weight gain will be inevitable.

The best way to avoid this is to research any food for weight loss provided in the list and know exactly how it should be prepared and portioned to boost your metabolism.

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