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Looking for long lasting cosmetics that do not leave unwanted stains or patchiness? Afraid of the long-term effects it may have on one’s health? The cosmetics industry has taken a large leap from using natural resources as means of makeup to technologically advanced essentials, but can be considered a leap forward or a step backwards?

Winky Lux may not only maximize one’s wear, but may also enhance comfort levels with its variety in mediums offered. The following review will analyze the Winky Lux in terms of its purpose, the different products offered, what distinguishes them from other existing brands and its affordability as a whole.

What Is Winky Lux?

Winky Lux specializes in providing consumers with a line of colorful and standard cosmetics essentials. Each product is designed to potentially provide coverage or pleasure to the versatile skin tones and types that exist.

Winky Lux Products

Winky Lux has come up different lines of cosmetics that may elevate different features of the face. The following will provide consumers with the products offered according to each line:


The Lips category includes: Matte Lip Velour, Glossy Boss, Flower Balm, Double Matte Whip Liquid Lipstick, Glimmer Balm and Creamy Dreamies. The versatility observed in the lip category is evident, as each wear provides a different finish that may be suitable based on one’s need or a given occasion.


The Face category includes: Diamond Complexion Powder, Whipped Cream Primer, Strobing Highlight Balm, Bellini Highlight, and Cheeky Lux Blush. This category may represent different skin tones, as most essentials are offered in either light to dark shades and may complement the skin as well.

Eye + Brow

The Eye + Brow category may include different types of Eye Palettes, Kitten Eye Shadows and Uni-Brow. While it may seem like a rather simpler line of eye wear compared to the others, what’s offered may achieve a pop up effect on the eyes with its 10 plus shades.


Lastly, some of the sets that consumers can choose from include: Winky Pinks, Bellini Brunch Duo, Betches Pill Boxes, and Double Matte Whip Vault. While Winky Lux organizes the sets themselves, consumers can freely combine and contrast as pleased.

The Winky Lux Difference

Winky Lux has taken a different approach on cosmetics’ essentials by offering limited editions or collaborations with other brands or people. The Betches Pill Boxes, Marzia Lip Kit, and Marzia Shadow Palette are the three currently existing collaborations that not only provide consumers with efficiency, but also with creativity. While matching one’s skin tone is crucial when choosing a specific makeup, Winky Lux has also placed an importance on suitability, which can be based off of consumer preference, daily wear and seasonal wear.

Purchasing Winky Lux

On average, consumers can expect to invest anywhere between $13 and $30, which is based on a purchase of an individual item. The sets may be slightly luxurious, as it can range from $19 to $37. Compared to other cosmetics, Winky Lux can be cost efficient. When considering its quality, Winky Lux goods may be free from animal cruelty, paraben, phthalate and pigment-heavy ingredients, which are all factors known to induce unwanted symptoms in the long run.

Winky Lux Final Verdict

With cosmetics comes the responsible of doing research to potentially protect and enhance skin health, as there are cosmetics that contain some form of chemically induced or harmful ingredient. Winky Lux has redefined versatility, as their makeup line may allow consumers to experience enhanced comfort, ability to express themselves, enhanced coverage and efficient wear.

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