Wibe Backpack – Personal Fitness Workout Equipment Trainer?


It’s relatively easy to remain fit and healthy when you have access to either a full gym, or home fitness equipment.

Keeping a trim, toned, or shredded required constant maintenance, regularly working out the various muscle groups of the body to keep the metabolism burning fat and preventing the accumulation of fat deposits.

Keeping fit while on the road, however, can be more difficult. Travelling often involves last minute plan changes, and limits the amount of access you have to reliable and effective gym equipment.

It’s essentially impossible to pack a squat rack and olympic weight bar in your travel suitcase, so often travelling means sacrificing the gains and fitness progress that takes so long to achieve.

Individuals that prefer to work out in the great outdoors instead of in the confines of a gym can also find it difficult to perform resistance training exercises.

It’s simple to perform cardio or bodyweight exercises while on the running trail, but lugging a set of weights up the mountain with you while marathon training isn’t really an option.

A new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, however, aims to provide a solution to this issue. The Wibe Backpack is a new Slovenian fitness equipment startup that has launched an innovative, groundbreaking new product on Kickstarter.

Consisting of a resistance-band equipped backpack that is able to deliver all of the movements, exercises, and resistance of a full weight room in a tiny, lightweight form factor, the Wibe Backpack looks like the ideal portable training solution.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the design and construction of the Wibe Backpack and find out how it works to help you decide whether you should back this crowdfunding project or not.

What Is The Wibe Backpack?

Described as a modular, lightweight fitness and outdoors backpack, the Wibe Backpack is designed from the ground up to function as the ultimate workout companion in any environment. The Wibe has already gathered a significant amount of attention from the online fitness world, with several thousand dollars in backing towards their $75,000 USD target in the first few days of the campaign.

The Wibe Backpack is a refined evolution of the previously-launched Atlexa backpack, which suffered from some design flaws and failed to reach its target backing amount.

The team behind the Atlexa went back to the drawing board to address the issues that hindered the development of the backpack, fixing them to create a new, updated, and highly functional multi-use resistance band backpack that can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises.

The Wibe Backpack is meant to change the paradigm of workout equipment- in most cases, a backpack is meant to be used to carry fitness equipment. In the case of the Wibe, the backpack is the equipment, reinventing the concept of the backpack and allowing fitness enthusiasts to perform almost any resistance training exercise imaginable in any location.

The Wibe can be used in any situation- from running, rock climbing, kayaking, outdoor training to hiking and even swimming, the Wibe is able to stand up to the rigors of all environments. The Wibe has been designed to allow the sculpting of any part or muscle group of the body, and consists of a series of modular components that come together to create a highly versatile and useful piece of fitness equipment.

Design & Construction

The core base of the Wibe Backpack consists of the Wibe Base and Bag, which packs together to hold and carry all of the disparate parts of the backpack.

Elastic straps of a highly tensile polymer are used as both the straps of the backpack and as resistance bands that can be used to perform resistance strength training exercises.

An X-shaped plate holds all of the elements of the Wibe Backpack together, consisting of aeronautical-grade materials sourced from the military and paragliding industry.

The X plate is able to stand up to the heavy strain of resistance band training and is weatherproof and waterproof, perfect for holding wallets, phones, and keys during intensive exercise sessions. The X plate also features a highly reflective coating, increasing visibility and safety during night time training.

The resistance band straps of the Wibe allow fitness enthusiasts to perform a wide range of exercises on the go, replacing almost all of the traditional strength exercises that are performed in a gym.

The Wibe can perform resistance push ups, bicep curls, leg and glute workouts, upper back exercises, and even shoulder and core exercises.

The Wibe is available in three different iterations, suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The beginner package is ideal for occasional exercisers or entry-level individuals, while the sports enthusiast package is ideal for the average gym attendee.

Lastly, the bodybuilder package consists of high-tensile resistance bands for high-capacity individuals.

In future iterations of the backpack, the Wibe team plans to include digital integration, allowing users to connect wearable fitness trackers and smartphones to the pack and track their progress via a custom-built app.

Called the Wibe Design Yourself Trainer, the app and smartphone integration will be enabled once the stretch goal of $120,000 USD in backing has been achieved.

Wibe Backpack Summary Review

The Wibe is a unique offering in the portable fitness equipment industry. There are already resistance band options, but the Wibe incorporates them into a backpack solution in an innovative fashion that multiplies their effectiveness and versatility.

If you’re looking for an intelligently designed and unique portable training option, the Wibe Backpack is worth backing.

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