Whole Day Plan Spectra Vitamins: Complete Daily Supplement Line?


Whole Day Plan is a company that has introduced a line of dietary supplements called Spectra Vitamins. The company's four products sound effective, and unlike many companies selling vitamin supplements they at least list the ingredients, but the products have not been inspected by any regulatory agency and consumers must be cautious.

Team Behind Whole Day Plan Spectra Vitamins

Whole Day Plan's website does not identify any founders or employees. Its return policy page notes that the company is based in Hollywood, Florida, and judging by the website's oldest blog posts, the company has existed since at least summer 2016.

Confusingly, the company identifies itself as both Whole Day Plan and Spectra Vitamins on different web pages; its website and Facebook page use the former, but its Twitter and Instagram pages are listed as the latter. None of the company's social media pages are very popular, with about 300 followers on all three platforms combined, and virtually no engagement with their posts. The group's Instagram page is particularly strange: almost all of its posts are stock images vaguely related to health and wellness.

The company doesn't appear to have received any coverage from online publications. The company's website includes three testimonials from customers claiming to be very satisfied, but these could certainly be fake; the website includes no actual form to submit such a review.

Products by Whole Day Plan Spectra Vitamins

Whole Day Plan's sole offering is its line of Spectra vitamin supplements. The line includes four formulations with self-explanatory names: Energize, Eat Less, Relax, and Sleep Well. While the company's website does list its supplements' ingredients, no third party group has tested them to verify these claims.

Since dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration or any other central organization, customers take these products at their own risk. Many companies selling such products make their commitment to quality control a central point of their marketing message, but Whole Day Plan doesn't go to great lengths to demonstrate such a commitment.

Service Details

Whole Day Plan's supplements are sold directly through the company's website. Each supplement is offered in two sizes: blister packs of seven, costing $8, or bottles of 30, which cost $21. The products are also available in stores, but so far only near the company's headquarters in Hollywood, Florida.

The company allows customers to return defective products, and offers a 30 day refund guarantee.

The Whole Day Plan Spectra Vitamins Verdict

While it's admirable that Whole Day Plan Spectra Vitamins at least provides the names and amounts of its supplements' ingredients – many companies neglect even this basic measure – it doesn't identify where those ingredients come from, who manufactures the products, or even who manages the company.

While this is true of most food and drugs, there are laws and inspectors that protect consumers, and the same measures are not in place for dietary supplements like Spectra vitamins. Customers interested in vitamin supplements should always look for companies that demonstrate a deep commitment to quality control; Whole Day Plan Spectra Vitamins does not yet meet this benchmark.


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