Wendy’s Othr Guyz – Fresh Never Frozen Beef Hamburgers?


The Super Bowl is one of the most exciting times of the year when it comes to commercials. Some people even watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.

Whether you’ve watched this year’s line up while the game was airing or at home, you may be familiar with some of the best stuff this year.

But, one commercial that you may not have considered in your assessment is one that has never aired – but that you can view online now.

Called Wendy’s Fresh Never Frozen Super Bowl Commercial, this advertisement is not only interesting, but it’s 90’s style harkens back to an area that may have been the prime of last century.

Regardless, here is everything you need to know about this commercial so that you can get the opportunity to view it today:

What Is Wendy’s Fresh Never Frozen Super Bowl Commercial?

Wendy’s Fresh Never Frozen Super Bowl Commercial is actually a commercial featured by Wendy’s. The commercial is designed to poke fun at the recent news coverage that the fast food chain has received about its food products.

Recently, many have been criticizing the chain for the quality of its fast food, but now you can get the company’s own word for it – it’s burgers are not made with frozen beef, but fresh quality beef that you can truly enjoy from.

Why No More Frozen Beef?

As Wendy’s implicitly points out in its commercial, frozen beef is not for eating. Instead, those who use and have frozen beef can use it for other purposes. For example, you can level a table, stop a door, practice law, and so much more with frozen beef.

But one thing you won’t and shouldn’t have to do with frozen beef is eat it.

Instead of having to eat frozen beef, you can just visit Wendy’s, which now makes all of its burgers. All of the fast food chain’s old burgers can now be purchased for other uses.

Who is Othr Guyz LLC?

If you’re still uncertain as to whom Othr Guyz LLC is, then Wendy’s purportedly created a third party that sells all of its leftover frozen beef. If you’re interested in visiting the brand’s website, then you can do so by searching for them.

But overall, the good news is that while you can expect frozen beef at other food chains and in your own freezer, the one place you won’t find it is Wendy’s.

Wendy’s Makes Food Fresh Summary

Overall, the point to take from Wendy’s Fresh Never Frozen Super Bowl Commercial is that Wendy’s never makes its food frozen – but fresh. Everything you eat at the chain is food that you can count on to taste great, fresh, delicious, and up to your standards.

Of course, to test Wendy’s claims for yourself, you’ll need to visit the chain and try one of their meals. With that, you can decide just how well the chain has progressed in its sandwich production arena.

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