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Vitamix Review

Vitamix sells a lineup of premium blenders. Want to know which Vitamix blender is right for you? Find out everything you need to know about Vitamix today in our Vitamix guide.

Vitamix Blenders

What is Vitamix?

Vitamix is a blender manufacturer based in Cleveland, Ohio. Each Vitamix blender is made by hand. Vitamix claims this leads to superior engineering and better quality.

There are three different types of Vitamix Blenders, including:

— S-Series
— C-Series
— G-Series

The most popular Vitamix blender is the S30. It comes with a 790 watt motor and a 5 year warranty. Blenders range in price from $400 to nearly $1,000.

Which Vitamix Should You Buy?

With dozens of different Vitamix blenders on the market, it can be tough to decide which one to buy. Fortunately, I’m here to help. Here are some important things to consider when you’re shopping around for Vitamix blenders:

Do you want a small and personal blender? These blenders are similar to the Magic Bullet: you can attach small drink-sized containers to the blender and make a smoothie to take on-the-go. Popular Vitamix personal blenders include the S30, S55, 5200, and 7500.

Is variable speed important? Do you want to blend different foods and beverages at different speeds? Almost all Vitamix blenders have variable speed controls which let you set speeds between 1 and 10. The only blenders without variable speed control are the Two Speed and 6000.

What about preset programs? Do you want your blender to be smart enough to run through different preset programs? Certain Vitamix blenders will cycle through a number of speeds to make sure your food or beverage comes out perfect. Preset programs also let you start the blender and then walk around the kitchen to perform other tasks. Certain recipes also require precise blending instructions. In any case, Vitamix blenders with preset programs include the 6000, 6300, Pro 500, and Pro 750.

Do you want the latest and greatest G-Series models? Vitamix released the G-Series in 2012 and it’s the newest member of the Vitamix lineup. The base has better sound muffling and better airflow: which means you can blend for long periods of time without worrying about it overheating. There are also new pitcher designs and a larger 4-inch blade (most other Vitamix blenders have a 3-inch blade). If you need a wide blending area, then the G-Series is your best choice.

Finally, the C-Series is the “Classic Style” Vitamix blenders which feature the original body style and design. They’re more affordable than the G-Series models, but tend to be louder and can overheat quickly. You also don’t get the same wide-body design.

Did you skim through all of the comparison items listed above and still want to know which blender to buy?

Here are some quick recommendations:

— Cheapest Vitamix Blender: A reconditioned Standard Vitamix blender costs $329 from the official Vitamix website. “Reconditioned” means the blender was used and returned.

— Good Personal Blender: S30, which costs $409.

— Personal Blender with More Features, Customization Options, and Bigger Size: 7500, which costs $529 new or $429 reconditioned.

— Premium Vitamix Blender with Most Features: The Pro 750 costs $639 new or $519 reconditioned.

Key Vitamix Features

All Vitamix blenders come with a few common features, including:

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Not satisfied with your Vitamix blender for any reason? You can return it within the first 30 days for a full refund. Vitamix will even pay your return shipping costs.

5 to 7 Year Warranties: Vitamix blenders are made with a superior level of manufacturing. If your blender develops any problems within the first 5 to 7 years, you can return it to Vitamix for a full repair or replacement. Just like with refunds, Vitamix covers all the shipping costs.

Reconditioned Vitamix Blenders: Vitamix blenders are premium blenders with premium price tags, ranging in price from $400 to nearly $1,000. Many people save money by buying reconditioned Vitamix blenders, which are used blenders returned by previous customers. Vitamix restores those blenders to near-original condition and then sells them “Reconditioned” at a steeply discounted rate (typically $100 less than their brand new retail price).

Best Foods and Drinks to Make in your Vitamix Blender

Did you recently purchase a Vitamix blender? Not sure where to start? Want to learn what kinds of cool foods and drinks you can make?

Vitamix has published a list of foods, dips, smoothies, desserts, and meals at its website. There are hundreds of different recipes which have been tested in Vitamix machines: so you know they’ll work. Some recipes use variable speeds to ensure you get a perfect blend, while others can all be mixed together in your Vitamix.

Vitamix separates its recipes into a number of different categories, including:

— Smoothies
— Milks
— Nut Butters
— Dips & Spreads
— Soups
— Frozen Desserts
— Food Prep
— Dressings
— Batters
— Flours
— Purees
— Dough

View a full list of Vitamix recipes at the official Vitamix website here.

How to Clean your Vitamix Blender

All Vitamix cups and jugs are dishwasher safe. Just put them into the dishwasher and run it as you normally would.

Vitamix actually recommends using the “self-cleaning” feature on its blenders. Here’s how to self-clean your blender:

— Fill The Container Halfway With Warm Water

— Add A Couple Drops Of Dish Soap

— Turn The Machine From 1 To 10 And Let It Run For 30 Seconds. Or, Some Blenders Have A “Clean” Setting On The Other Side Of The Dial Which You Can Select.

— Then, Pour The Soapy Water From Inside The Blender Over The Lid.

That’s it!

Tips and Tricks for Vitamix Blenders

Want to get the most out of your Vitamix blender? Here are some tips and tricks to consider:

— Cut all ingredients into one-inch pieces prior to blending. This isn’t required, but it can help the ingredients flow more freely through the blades, resulting in a smoother blend.

— When loading multiple ingredients into the blender, follow the order of ingredients. If you’re using the inverted container, follow the ingredients list in backwards order because you’ll be flipping the blender upside down.

— Use the tamper to push ingredients towards the blades. Vitamix blenders come with a “tamper” which slides into the lid. The tamper is specially designed to push ingredients towards the blades without coming into contact with the blades themselves. This can be helpful if some ingredients get caught up at the top of the cup.

— Use cubed ice instead of crushed ice. The weight of the cubed ice will push the ingredients towards the blades, which helps the blender blend more quickly.

— Don’t be afraid to increase your Vitamix speed to 10. The official website explains the following: “High speeds actually draw in more air to cool the motor and preserve its life. Don’t be afraid to crank it to 10.”

— Blend for the full processing time listed in the recipe. Most recipes recommend blending for between 30 to 60 seconds.

Ultimately, Vitamix is well-known for its high-quality blenders hand-made in the United States. If you need a good blender for your home, then Vitamix offers premium quality at a premium price tag.

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