Vitalife Hemp – Full-Spectrum Organic CBD Tinctures & Capsules?


Vitalife Hemp is a company that produces remedies with organic ingredients to create healthy CBD formulas. The treatments can be used with both animals and humans, as long as the consumers uses the right formula.

What Is Vitalife Hemp?

Everyone that deals with some sort of pain, whether it is emotional or physical, wants to find relief. In fact, the entire pharmaceutical industry was created with the goal of controlling the uncomfortable situations that many consumers have to deal with over time. The problem is that these remedies are filled with artificial chemicals that can irritate the body. Vitalife Hemp does things differently.

Vitalife Hemp uses the hemp plant as the source of CBD. CBD is much different from THC, in that it activates many of the same reactions in the body, but without a psychoactive effect. While consumers take one of these products, they can expect to find relieve from:

All the hemp used with this brand comes from high quality and organic sources. Primarily, the company uses raw hemp, which makes it easier to create a good product. No chemicals are used while growing, and an unrelated lab checks all the products to ensure that the user gets the quality they pay for. Just in case, there is a 90-day return policy for a full refund.

Vitalife Hemp Products

While Vitalife Hemp has high-quality sources, there are only a few different remedies right now. Read on below to see how consumers can take in the benefits of hemp easily.


The CBD Pet formula helps to give the furry friends of consumers the support that their joints and anxiety levels need. The tincture comes with the same quality of the products made for humans, even though a single milliliter contains a full 10mg of cannabinoids. Consumers should measure out the appropriate dose for their animal, and they can seek out the guidance of their veterinarian, if necessary.

The 15ml container only costs $35.95.

CBD Plus

CBD Plus is the liquid tincture meant for adults. While taking it, consumers can relieve stress and improve the functioning in the body. The company notes that the best dosage for anyone new to the remedy is to take 10 sublingually, before waiting about 30 minutes for the effects to settle. Consumers can adjust this amount over time, though some people seek out the advice of their doctor first.

When making a purchase, there are three different options for consumers, depending on the potency they want, even though each one is only holding 15ml. Choose from:

  • 1000mg per bottle: $139.99
  • 500mg per bottle: $89.95
  • 250mg per bottle: $54.99

CBD Plus Capsules

Some consumers do not like the taste of the tincture, which is why Vitalife Hemp offers capsules as well. Each capsule contains 25mg of cannabinoids, and contains the exact same remedy.

This product is available for $109.95, which provides a bottle of 30 capsules.

Contacting Vitalife Hemp

Even though there is plenty of information for consumers on the Vitalife Hemp website, some people may want to learn more details before they buy anything. The team can be reached with either a phone call or an email address:

The customer service department is open on weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm MST.

Vitalife Hemp Conclusion

Vitalife Hemp has something for everyone, especially if they are experiencing a mental issue that causes them problems. While hemp products are not presently a replacement for antidepressants or other medications, consumers can speak with their doctor when they feel the positive changes. Everyone has different ways that they can solve the issues they face, but the natural solution is often the easiest for the body to accept.

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