VitaClay Chef: Synergistic Smart Multi-Cooker For Healthy Meals?


Pressure cooking has been one of the best methods for cooking different food items like meat and vegetables. This method of cooking retains the nutrients found in these foods, while it is being cooked to your liking. The world of pressure cooking was recently introduced to a new pressure cooker that cooks with ease and guess what, makes yogurt as well!

About VitaClay Chef

The VitaClay Chef Organic Multicooker and Yogurt Maker have been reviewed by many gourmet chefs, cooking blogs, cooking channels and individuals. Some of its main features are:

Removable Zisha Claypot

One of the most distinct feature of vitaclay, is its removable Zisha clay pot. Known for its reddish hue, Zisha is a natural substance found only in Southern China (Yixing).

Zisha also known as Yixing clay, is mostly incorporated in Chinese teapots. Zisha is widely known for its excellent porosity, and heat handling properties. It is also widely believed to improve the taste of any meal prepared using a pot made with it.

The presence of Zisha in this pressure cooking pot, is the sole reason the pot is referred to as an organic pot.

Yogurt Making Feature

It is quite rare to find a machine that can be used to make rice, stews, vegetables and yogurt. VitaClay Chef takes multipurpose to the next level, by being able to cater for your visitor's yogurt “needs”. This feature however, is not considered convenient as the absolute minimum of yogurt that can be made is one quart.

Making use of the yogurt making feature however, does require a bit of work. First of course you have to heat the milk to get rid of unwanted bacteria, and allow it to cool. Then you add the yogurt starter and the milk in the clay pot and leave for 6-8 hours. You then proceed to refrigerate for 4 hours.

Although, the yogurt making feature is exciting and new, it is a bit stressful considering the time spent before your yogurt is ready.

Pros of VitaClay Chef

Great Substitute Chef

The VitaClay Multicooker and Yogurt Maker is an all purposes machine and a great substitute chef. It is great for making rice, vegetables, stew and yogurt.

Improved Flavours Of Food

The slow evaporation of steam from the Zisha clay pot, assures food items are more tender and flavorful.

Easy To Use

As much as it can be used for different purposes, it is also convenient and easy to use. All you have to do is place the food items to be cooked in the Zisha clay pot, close the lid, and press any of the buttons named; rice, slow cooker and yogurt. The duration required for your food items to be cooked, will then appear on a LCD screen.

Control of Time

A great advantage of using the Vitaclay multicooker is the fact that you are in charge of the time. You have the ability to delay the duration of your meal from 10 mins, to over 5 hours.

Warming Cycle

There's also an automatic warming cycle that keeps your food warm up to half a day. This automatically means you're assured of fresh food anytime of the day.

Easy To Clean

Unlike other pressure cookers, the Vitaclay’s Zisha pot is easy to clean.

It's unglazed effect as a result of the Zisha makes this possible. All you have to do is soak the pot with warm water, and any rice stuck to the pot easily comes off.

Cons of VitaClay Chef

  • The process of making yogurt is strenuous and takes a longer time.
  • The Zisha clay incorporated in the pot, has the ability to retain moisture. This makes the time needed for it to dry off lengthier.

The VitaClay multicooker is a huge asset, and has a lot of great benefits guaranteed with its usage.

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