Vidalia Extreme – The 5-In-1- Wonder Kitchen Food Tool?


Vidalia Extreme is a kitchen device that takes on five common prepping tasks with just one product. The product allows you to slice, julienne, and grate various ingredients, to name a few of the applicable tasks.

What is Vidalia Extreme?

The average household cooks at least a few meals a week at home, which means that you will need to do some prepping in your kitchen. However, each method of preparing your vegetables or other ingredients requires a specialized utensil or appliance. As you cook, you end up dirtying a whole sink’s worth of dishes, leaving you with an unpleasant cleanup afterwards. If you want to minimize the mess and all the space these utensils take up, you may consider Vidalia Extreme.

Vidalia Extreme makes it easy to whip up the meals that you want to cook, but without having to find a specific tool for every step of the prepping process. It is designed to handle five tasks that you commonly need different products to perform. It even has a container that all the prepared food can fall into. Those tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Slicing
  • Julienning
  • Grate large pieces
  • Grate small pieces
  • Store vegetables

The Vidalia Extreme is about the same size as a standard grater, which makes it easy to store in any cabinet or drawer with ease. Since the attached container comes with a lid, you don’t even need to make any more dishes for yourself when it comes to storing the prepared vegetables. This product is much easier and cleaner than having separate products to grate your food, slice it, or any other preparation task. Rather than having to clean up five or more items after you’ve made a large meal, you only need to worry about one.

Pricing for Vidalia Extreme

If you want to minimize the mess and clutter in your kitchen with the Vidalia Extreme, all it takes is a payment of $19.95, plus shipping and handling. At this time, the website is offering a promotional deal to get a second set for free when you call the order. You must cover separate shipping and handling fees for each one.

The set includes the main device, plus a peeler and a base for you to hold onto slippery foods with ease.

Contacting the Creators of Vidalia Extreme

While the infomercial and the advertising website provide a wealth of important information, there’s only so much you can learn within a few minutes. You probably will want to contact the company for more information, or to place your order, which you typically can do by calling the company. However, the website appears to be under construction, so a phone number is not presently available.

Vidalia Extreme Conclusion

Vidalia Extreme has been featured in advertisements on television for its versatility and style. Everyone who enjoys cooking is always looking for the next idea to make the preparation process easier, while still maintaining the integrity of the recipe selected. With this device, you can eliminate all the time you normally take to prepare ingredients, and use those moments to taste-test your food and relax.


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