Vi MUSE Ultimate Face Cream: Plant Extract Hydrating Skincare?


Every day is a new beginning. Not only are consumers faced with different challenges, but also unwanted and invisible concerns like pollution, chemicals, bacteria and poor lifestyle choices. The end result, for the most part, is first reflected on one’s face, in the forms of acne, blemishes, discoloration and more. How can consumers ensure that their skin health and wellness are not compromised on a daily basis? This is where Vi Launch’s MUSE Ultimate Face Cream can potentially make a difference.

According to Vi Launch, the MUSE Ultimate Face Cream can help to ease, treat and hydrate one’s skin. Most importantly, it can help to protect the skin’s outermost surface by preventing dangerous components from reaping within one’s cells. The following is complete analysis of the MUSE Ultimate Face Cream with respect to its purpose and key ingredients.

What is the Vi MUSE Ultimate Face Cream?

As the name implies, the MUSE Ultimate Face Cream is a topical skincare solution to protect one’s face and neck regions. The approach Vi Launch took in addressing the skin’s lack of protection is by using naturally-derived plant extracts. Ultimately, its purpose is to maximize skin hydration, ensure one’s skin is even and smooth, potentially create a protective layer against environmental aggressors and to activate the skin’s natural defense system.

Vi MUSE Ultimate Face Cream Active Ingredients?

To better understand the role each active ingredient has in this respective face cream, here is an ingredients breakdown:

ProRenew Complex CLR

The ProRenew Complex CLR contains a source of probiotics that claims to enhance the skin’s immune system. In doing so, the skin’s natural source of protein might increase, as well as its overall strength, firmness and hydration levels.


Also referred to as the Oxygen Therapy for the Skin, RejuvenOx claims to deliver an apt source of oxygen to the skin’s outermost layer to promote increased moisture.

Lipid Complex

Water is an important factor, as it makes up 75 per cent of the skin. When the skin lacks water, it becomes weak and dry, hence using this respective Lipid Complex can help to regulate the skin’s moisture content, while enhancing its protective layer.

Botaniceutica BR-1

The use of Botaniceutica is believed to trigger self-healing within the skin, that is, the skin’s ability to distinguish the cause of the damage to heal itself from it.


Cristalhyal is considered an apt source of sodium hyaluronate, which can improve skin hydration, collagen production and elasticity.


Jojoba has been widely known for its ability to increase skin hydration. Furthermore, it can improve the skin’s structure to promote enhanced smoothness. Another ingredient that plays a similar role, that is also found in the MUSE Ultimate Face Cream is the DayMoist CLR.

Asteriscus graveolens flower

Asteriscus graveolens flower, which originates from the Saharan Dessert, has the potential to work deep within one’s skin cells, by protecting it from possible damaging effects. It is believed to stimulate enzymes known to enhance the skin cells’ defense mechanism.

Final Thoughts On Vi MUSE Ultimate Face Cream

Based on the in depth analysis above, Vi MUSE Ultimate Face Cream appears to be valuable to one’s skin, as it not only works to treat and protect what’s visible, but it can also improve the skin cells’ structures on a deeper level.

Vi Launch’s decision to stick to plant-based ingredients is commendable as most of the incorporated ingredients have been known to bring results, making it highly likely to be reliable. A lot of importance has also been given to the skin’s hydration levels, which is reasonable as it determines the skin’s strength and defense against environmental aggressors. If damages cannot enter the skin, then an alteration to skin cells will not occur!

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