Veggetti Power – Electric Vegetable Spiralizer For Spaghetti Noodles?


People looking to increase their daily consumption of nutritious fruit and vegetables but without the time to prepare complex dishes on a regular basis should take a look at Vegetti Power.

This spiralizer produces three different types of pasta for convenient, healthy meals that function as nutrient-dense, gluten-free alternatives to regular pasta. Please continue reading to learn more about the easy to use spiralizer.

What is Vegetti Power?

Consuming the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables can be difficult, particularly when those foods require extensive preparation and cooking. Spiralizers allow users to turn their produce into ribbons of pasta, providing a more convenient and time effective method for making them delicious.

Similarly, these utensils can create dozens of healthy alternatives to regular pasta, which contains the allergen gluten. Those looking to avoid this ingredient might enjoy the freedom to use different types of food to make pasta.

Vegetti Power utilizes three interchangeable blades that attach to a central rotary motor to yield different widths of pasta noodles. Easy to use, this spiralizer turns fruit and vegetables into pasta for healthier meals and gluten-free pasta.

How Does Vegetti Power Work?

With three different stainless steel blades, users can choose to create thick, thin, or ribbon cut pasta. Once the spiralizer is plugged into a power source, simply place the desired vegetable or fruit in the opening and press down with the provided handheld presser.

The vegetable or fruit is pushed through the rotating blade and instantly turned into strings of pasta. This allows one to increase their daily consumption of nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables, as well as to create pasta without potential allergens such as gluten.

Some recommended foods are carrots, sweet potatoes, and zucchini, which make for delicious and convenient pasta alternatives, especially when paired with any preferred sauce. The produce can be put in raw or slightly steamed, allowing the full absorption of nutrients. Users receive a recipe guide with their order, which helps to elucidate the different ways in which the Vegetti Power can be used.

Vegetti Power Features

An order of Vegetti Power includes three interchangeable, stainless steel blades that turn fruit and vegetables into thick, thin, or ribbon cut pasta by a central rotary motor.

Each one has a capacity of 84 oz, allowing users to easily make enough pasta to feed several people. Also included is a recipe guide, which inspires users with ideas for different ways to use the spiralizer.


Through the Vegetti Power website, each spiralizer is available for $39.99 with free shipping, as well as an additional free 4th slicing blade and recipe guide.

They offer a double order promotion by which a second Vegetti Power set can be purchased for a separate, reduced fee of $19.99. The company also provides a 60 day money back guarantee.

Should You Use Veggetti Power?

There are not many customer reviews to be found online but similar products from the same manufacturer appear to have quite favorable reviews.

This product might interest people looking to include more fruit and vegetables into their diets or to make healthy gluten-free pasta, but perhaps with further research. Further information may be found at

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