VEGEMITE Icy Poles – High B Vitamin Yeast Spread Summer Treats?


Popsicles are one of the foods that regardless of age, it will be a sweet weakness. For those who are concerned with sugar levels or processed ingredients that make up their food, the average popsicle. This is where the Vegemite’s Icy Poles comes into the picture.

The Vegemite’s Icy Poles are said to be made with Vegemite and ingredients that one can find at home such as, caster sugar cocoa, honey, cornflour, vanilla, milk, and cream. The main objective is to ensure that consumers have a healthier alternative to typical, sugary goods. The following review will further analyze the VEGEMITE Icy Poles in terms of its purpose, the instructions to make it and its contribution to health.

What Are VEGEMITE Icy Poles?

VEGEMITE Icy Poles are a cold treat that is yeast-based and are said to contain Vegemite, a thick food spread. Its primary ingredient is Vegemite, which is made with yeast extract and various vegetables and spices. It is claimed to be a healthier replacement to a sugary ice pop.

How Can Consumers Make VEGEMITE Icy Poles?

Consumers can expect to have their Vegemite’s Icy Poles ready to be served within 6 minutes after having prepared its mixture. Common ingredients typically found in one’s home that can be used to the Vegemite’s Icy Poles include caster sugar, cocoa, honey, Vegemite, cornflour, vanilla extract, milk and whipped, thickened cream.

First, consumers are recommended to whisk together sugar, cocoa, honey, Vegemite, cornflour in a sauce pan until it slightly thickens to a consistency similar to custard. After the custard has chilled, fold the whipped cream through it. This mixture should be poured into popsicle moulds and frozen until it is firm. Once the mixture is firm, consumers can eat them.

Do The VEGEMITE Icy Poles Contribute Towards One’s Health?

The Vegemite’s Icy Poles’ key ingredient is Vegemite .Vegemite is rich in vitamins B2, B1, B3 and folate. The body uses vitamin B1 to retain energy from foods ingested and to maintain adequate heart and nerve function. Vitamin B2 helps the body break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats to obtain sufficient energy. It is necessary for overall growth and health.

Vitamin B3 helps to regulate the body’s cholesterol levels and can potentially lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Folate is necessary for the body to produce DNA and can allow cells to divide. It is claimed to lower the risk of depression and maintain a healthy heart.

VEGEMITE Icy Poles Final Thoughts

Overall the Vegemite’s Icy Poles appears to be a healthy replacement to the typical sugary ice treat. Its primary ingredient, the Vegemite, claims to be a rich source of vitamins that can aid the body to maintain healthy functions.

Lastly, the Vegemite’s Icy Poles can be easily made with 8 ingredients and by following an easy set of instructions. For more information, go to:

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