Alkimia – Organic Cacao & Artisanal Sugar Chocolate Treats?


Chocolate is a favorite staple among many consumers as it can easily bring out the inner child in one. In addition, it has its health benefits; mainly being able to ease one’s stress levels. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about all types, as many undergo different processes and ingredients. Regardless, today there exists a chocolate brand that focuses in delivering pureness, originality and richness every bite of the way. This is none other than Alkimia.

What started off as a passion for chocolate, Alkimia Chocolate is founded on a cultural experience that claims to use efficient processes to extract its rawness. The following review will provide consumers with a better insight as to how Alkimia Chocolate might differ from traditional brands.

What is Alkimia?

Alkimia sprung into existence by a father-daughter duo, who used chocolate as a foundation to their bond. After having assessed the different types of aromas while traveling, they were determined to create something free of additives and full of originality.

Each chocolate offered claims to include two key ingredients; cacao bean and artisanal sugar. Today consumers can thoroughly enjoy three flavors without having to feel regret or guilt.

What Types of Chocolate is Offered by Alkimia?

Alkimia currently offers the following three types of flavors:


Piurra is said to contain berries with a hint of nuts, cloves and vanilla. The overall chocolate may achieve a rather bold and citric taste.


Cusco is made with Chuncho cacao, and like Piura is slightly citric. It may also contain hints of honey and herbs.


Amazonas has been praised with a Bronze medal for its inclusion of mandarin, raisins and hints of cinnamon.

Ultimately all three chocolates share three things in common, which are its cocoa content of 70%, a hint of citric and the overall profile of each bar is unique and rich, as opposed to standard types that emphasize greatly on processing.

What Are Some Tips That Alkimia Chocolate Provides in Ensuring That One’s Chocolate is of High Quality?

According to Alkimia, all five senses of a human must be engaged when tasting chocolate. First, its appearance should reflect a smooth, shiny and even surface. Upon cracking a piece, consumers should hear a sound snap.

Next, it should have an aroma. When feeling a piece of chocolate, consumers are believed to arrive to a conclusion on whether or not excessive butter or grain has been used. Most importantly, when consumers take a bite, it should slowly melt while delivering a rich source of flavors.

Alkimia Review Summary

Overall, it is clear that Alkimia highly values taste, aroma and cacao in its o. In today’s society, consumers are bombarded with a wide range of chemically induced, and maximum processing that reaps its true nature right out of chocolate.

By doing so, not only are consumers ingesting empty calories, but they are also not experiencing purity. This does not appear to be the case with Alkimia, as they use simple ingredients and processes to develop their chocolate.

Currently, they are only offered at specific locations in France, Chile and Peru. However those who wish to have access to them can personally contact the creators of Alkimia via e-mail. For more information, check out:

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