​Vegan ​Masterplan: Veganism Lifestyle Diet Tips & Fitness Plan?


OK, let’s agree before we dive into this masterplan, that a vegan lifestyle was once referred to as a trend – maybe even a cult. People had and some still do, a difficult time wrapping their head around why anyone wouldn’t want to eat products that came from animals. It is only more recently that this trend or fad has become much more mainstream – and accepted.

What once was a hippie lifestyle, veganism has adopted people from all over, and of all ages. Whether they be stay at home parents, teenagers, busy professionals, athletes, and all things in between – vegan is for them. And, with more mainstream acceptance, the variety in vegan cuisine continues to grow. No more steamed vegetables and rice – in fact there’s a whole world of goodness waiting for vegans!

Another nice addition are the restaurants that we see jumping on board now too – offering plant-based menus or making accommodations where able.

Some Facts You Might Be Surprised To Know

Remember we mentioned this whole trend concept? In 2009 only 1% of the population in the United States were vegan or vegetarian. Now? More than 6% are vegan. Most of the American vegans are women however we are seeing an increase in the male population more recently.

In 2012, meat consumption had decreased more than 12% from 2007. Now, whether you want to read into those numbers or no, it would seem that the trend was starting to make its uphill climb.

Another interesting thing to note, before we move on is that Google, found the searches on their platform for things related to the word ‘vegan’ was a threefold increase from 2007 to 2014.

Why Plant-Based Protein?

Plant-based protein, is loaded with antioxidants and fibers that overall can help improve your body recovery, reduce inflammation and more. This is why athletes are also turning to this plant based or vegan lifestyle.

The myth is found in the protein. It has always been assumed that you require meat, dairy, eggs and proteins like poultry, red meats and fish. How else would you receive the right protein?

Well, it is actually a fact that plant-based proteins help you boost muscle mass because of the alkaline presence. They help improve the pH levels whereas, they fight inflammation often caused by animal proteins.

What Is The Vegan Masterplan?

Perhaps you are interested in going vegan but don’t know where to start.

Or, you are simply curious about what the lifestyle entails.

Either way, with this Vegan Masterplan you are gaining access to the entire collection of how to start your vegan journey and how you can enjoy all the benefits of being vegan.

In this Vegan Masterplan you can expect to receive:

  • Workout plans designed for vegans
  • Testimonials from a variety of vegan athletes
  • Dietary guidelines
  • Tips on how to effectively transition to a vegan lifestyle
  • Busting those infamous myths that may have prevented you from being vegan before!

This Vegan Masterplan is ideal for anyone who is looking to reclaim their health through a plant-based diet. This might be you if you want to reduce inflammation, treat autoimmune diseases (and others), feel better, lose weight, gain lean muscle – and much more.

How To Order ​Vegan ​Masterplan

Vegan Masterplan can be ordered online through their website for only $17.00.

The entire package you receive; Vegan Masterplan and two (2) comprehensive bonuses would typically cost you are $197.00. That is a huge savings – and one they wanted to help more people learn and adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Plant-Based could very well be the way our future is headed. Only time will tell.


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