VASO Aroma Diffuser – Smart Device For Relaxation & Healing?


The VASO Aroma Diffuser is a product that helps consumers to create a welcoming and calm ambiance in the room of the user. The product is part of a Kickstarter deal as the company prepares for the release of the product in the beginning of 2018.

What Is The VASO Aroma Diffuser?

Creating an atmosphere in the home that is welcoming and pleasant in the home is more than just having the right furniture, or adding a color to the wall. There is a significant connection with smell in the brain that helps all people to link the smell in place with a soothing emotion, which is why so many people like to have a balanced scent with candles or a diffuser. The VASO diffuser takes the treatment to a new level.

There are several differences between this diffuser and others. First of all, VASO is much easier to work, since it only needs a little water. There is no real assembly required, and this device is meant to automatically shut off when the water runs out.

It helps consumers to deal with plenty of problems through the use of essential oils and flowers, like anxiety, allergies, and insomnia. The ability to deal with these issues comes from the use of essential oils, just like a regular diffuser requires. While it is on, consumers can choose from the sound of running water in a creek, birds, relaxing music, and more.

How It Works

To create the mist, consumers will only need to fill up the product with water, since it will handle the rest. The water sensor will pick up that the reservoir is filled to start activating the different lights, sounds, and diffusion. It is up to the user to decide on the sound types and the volume that they can play while it is on.

While the VASO is on, consumers can choose to use it as a vase for flowers, dispersing the natural scent throughout the room. Consumers can also add essential oils to create a more therapeutic atmosphere.

Pricing For VASO Aroma Diffuser

Right now, consumers are not quite able to make the purchase of the VASO diffuser yet. Instead, the creators of the product have listed it on Kickstarter to allow consumers to get a special price before it becomes available to consumers. Choose from one of the following pledge amounts to save on the diffuser:

  • $29 and up, for a diffuser in either white or black
  • $58 and up, for two diffusers in either white or black
  • $100 and up, for four diffusers in either white or black
  • $150 and up, for six diffusers in either white or black
  • $500 and up, for 20 diffusers in either white or black
  • $1,250 and up, for 50 diffusers in either white or black

This product will be sent out to buyers in January 2018, which will when it will become available to consumers to buy directly as well.

Contacting The Creators of VASO Aroma Diffuser

Right now, there does not appear to be an official website for the VASO aroma diffuser. However, consumers that want to ask questions will be able to post inquiries directly on the Kickstarter page for the product.

VASO Aroma Diffuser Review Summary

The VASO Aroma Diffuser is meant for any household, whether the consumer wants to have room with a welcoming scent, or they want to use it as a therapeutic treatment. It is safe to use around children, and does not need any specific type of maintenance to keep it going. The safety settings prevent the product from getting hot, and preserves the ability to create the right aroma for anyone that smells it.

If you want to help yourself sleep more soundly and eliminate allergies with balance humidity, the starting point is with VASO Aroma Diffuser.

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