Vapor X5 Next Gen PreWorkout – Enhance Muscular Strength?


Pre-workout supplements have become immensely popular in the last few decades due to the plethora of benefits they provide to casual and hard-core gym goers alike. They usually contain a blend of ingredients which act in conjunction to provide increased energy, improved endurance, heightened strength and easier fat loss. Common ingredients in these supplements include:

(i) Arginine: it easily converts to Nitric Oxide (NO) which provides the body with a high dose of energy.

(ii) Beta- Alanine: it is an amino acid that combines with histidine to form carnosine which promotes muscle strength.

(iii) BCAA’s: also known as Branched Chain Amino Acids, they are important in increasing muscle mass, improving energy levels and decreasing fatigue.

(iv) Caffeine: it is a stimulant that increases alertness levels by increasing the activity of neurotransmitters in our systems.

(v) Taurine: it is an amino acid that promotes muscle strength and endurance. It also assists in the overall blood circulation in our bodies which in turn improves NO production.

What is MuscleTech Vapor X 5 Next Gen?

MuscleTech Vapor X5 Next Gen PreWorkout is a supplement that aims to provide users with increased energy, heightened muscle pumps and a boost in overall athletic performance. The formula has been crafted using scientifically studied ingredients and contains no fillers or additives, the key components include a highly specific blend of Choline, Theanine and Alpinia Officinarum which provide users with a heightened sensory experience along with Caffeine which promotes mental acuity and focus.

The Key Benefits from MuscleTech Vapor X5 Next Gen PreWorkout

The product aims to deliver a multitude of workout related benefits including:

(i) Heightened Neurosensory Experience: it contains a careful blend of stimulants which provides users with a heightened sensory experience allowing them to focus more on their workout rather than letting their mind wander around.

(ii) Improved Energy Levels: it includes a potent neurotransmitter precursor which when combined with caffeine improves our focus and clarity levels, and also provides us with a sustained release of energy throughout the course of our day.

(iii) Increased Muscle Building Capacity: it includes potent ingredients like creatine and betaine which have been shown to increase muscle building potential in users.

(iv) Better Athletic Performance and Endurance: it contains a precise dose of Taurine and Beta Alanine which have been scientifically shown to improve performance in athletes.

(v) Increased NO Production: it contains ingredients which improve the production of Nitric Oxide in our systems allowing for increased vasodilation and increased muscle pump.

Ingredients, Uses, and Benefits

MuscleTech Vapor X5 contains a host of scientifically researched ingredients that have been studied extensively and there are papers published in various reputable journals affirming their efficacy:

(i) Betaine: it is one of the newer ingredients in the health market which has caught the attention of weight lifters and bodybuilders, it has been shown to increase gains in lean muscle, strength and power. In a recent study it was revealed that over a duration of 6 weeks users who consumed the X5 saw an increase of 3.75 lbs muscle mass more when compared to individuals consuming placebos.

(ii) Creatine: it has been shown to assist in the production of ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) which is known to promote greater muscle growth. High levels of ATP have been linked with increased performance while doing various intense anaerobic exercises.

(iii) Beta Alanine: it has been clinically shown to enhance muscle carnosine levels which help in muscle and strength growth in users.

(iv) Nitrosigine: it is a patented complex which contains a blend of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate and has been shown to improve the levels of Nitric Oxide in our bodies allowing for greater muscle pumps.

(v) Galangal Extract: it is made using Alpinia officinarum, which is a plant native to Southeast Asia and contributes to users achieving a heightened sensory experience during their workouts.

Purchasing MuscleTech Vapor X5 Next Gen PreWorkout

5The most efficient way to make a purchase it to place an order online at the official company website at

MuscleTech Vapor X5 Next Gen PreWorkout comes in containers containing 30 servings each and there are a number of flavours that users may wish to choose from including Blue Raspberry Fusion, Candy Watermelon, Fruit Punch Blast and Icy Rocket Freeze.

Each container is priced at $29.99, and if users buy 2 containers they get a third one absolutely free of cost. Payments can be made using a host of methods including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

For more supplement options, check out MuscleTech Clear Muscle, MuscleTech Performance Series, and Muscle Tech Nitro Crunch.

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