If a woman’s vaginal pH is thrown off balance, it can cause embarrassing odor, itching, and other symptoms that can be hard to deal with. When a woman uses the wrong type of wash on her intimate parts, it can contribute to these issues. Choosing a cleanser that is designed for vaginal care can make a big difference in how it works with her body chemistry.

Today we will be discussing a product called the pH Balance Wash by Vagisil. We will be reviewing this product and helping determine if it is the right one for you to help keep your vaginal pH within normal range.

What Is The pH Balance Wash?

The pH Balance Wash is a feminine cleansing product that is designed to help keep the vaginal pH in normal range. It is a gentle product that will also help keep the outside of the vagina and the area around it clean and free from harmful bacteria.

There are many different factors that can throw off vaginal pH including menstruation, menopause, sexual intercourse, and even some daily cleansing products. This can cause odor, itching, and other uncomfortable symptoms. When the pH is off for long enough, it can even increase the risk of infections due to bacteria and or yeast overgrowth.

During your monthly period, the pH of your vagina changes as the hormones cycle through. Even if you keep the area clean, the pH can still be thrown off because of the tissue being shed and the hormones that cause it. Using this wash during and after your cycle can help correct the pH that changed, and can reduce the risk of embarrassing odor and infection

This product can also help you keep your pH regular as your hormones start and stop while you are going through menopause. Because your hormones change and fluxuate while your body prepares for and goes through menopause, it can be difficult to maintain proper pH and vaginal health.

Because the pH of semen differs so much from the environment of the vagina, intercourse can throw off pH balance as well– causing odor and even itching in some cases. Using this wash after sex can prevent that issue from occurring, and can help you keep your vaginal environment balanced and clean.

How Does The pH Balance Wash Work?

The pH Balance Wash works by bringing the pH of your vagina back to a healthy level with a daily cleansing. It has a pleasant scent and is gentle enough to use every day.

Other benefits of the pH Balance Wash include:

It contains lacto prebiotic, which is clinically proven to help balance the vagina

-Gynecologist tested and recommended


-Keeping the pH of your vagina in check will help you keep its natural defenses in tact and can help prevent infection

-Is gentle enough to use daily

Is formulated for sensitive skin

-It has a light scent that will help you feel fresh and clean

How will the pH Balance Wash benefit me?

The pH Balance Wash can help keep your vagina and the area around it clean, healthy, and pH balanced. It is specially formulated for sensitive skin and will help keep the risk of infection and yeast overgrowth low

Who makes the pH Balance Wash?

The pH Balance Wash is made by a company called Vagisil. Vagisil is a well known company that sells women’s products to support feminine hygeine

pH Balance Wash Pricing

Unfortunately you are not able to purchase this product directly from the Vagisil website but you can look up stores that carry their products near you, as well as online retailers who can ship their products directly to you.

The price on the online retailers range from $4.44-$6.25 approximately plus shipping and handling

Should you buy the pH Balance Wash?

If you want to keep your vaginal pH balanced to prevent infection, odor, itching, and discomfort, want a special cleanser to use after your monthly cycle, or just want to try something new, the pH Balance Wash may be the right feminine wash for you to try. It is specially formulated for sensitive skin, and can help you keep your intimate parts clean and fresh.

For more information on how this product can help you balance your pH, visit their website for details.

Where can you learn more about the Vagisil pH Balance Wash and purchase the product?

You can learn more about Vagisil pH Balance Wash, read about how this product can benefit you, and place your order for this product at their website at

You can also read customer reviews and testimonials that were written by people who have purchased and used this product to give you an idea of the experience you may have.


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