UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer: Ultraviolet Anti-Bacteria Cleaner?


The frailty of life is a foregone conclusion. The more we advance in science the more we find how vulnerable we are. Our world is fraught with pathogens (harmful bacteria, germs, and mold). Be it a manufacturing hub in the suburbs or a posh office in the city, be it a high rise apartment or a leafy suburban house, none are exempt from the all encompassing reality of the toxic world we inhabit.

The starkest reminder of this is the nasty smell of dirty shoes and feet. Anyone who is a connoisseur of luxury shoes, works in a hazardous environment or simply sweats more should be concerned about the invisible dangers lurking in their shoes. This is where UV PRO ultraviolet shoe design project comes in

What Is UV PRO?

The foot is equipped with 10 toes and more than 100 muscles, tendons & ligaments. Its obvious role is for weight bearing and ambulation. The feet can adversely affect health, in less obvious ways, when they are not carefully protected. There are myriad problems that the foot can indicate before they become serious medical issues such as poor circulation, nerve disorders diabetes and arthritis. UV Pro could be considered the perfect insurance for the feet.

The UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer is a revolutionary product. This unique sanitizer makes use of wireless and rechargeable UltraViolet (UV) light technology to effectively eradicate foul and unhealthy bacteria. This compact device can be used to clean shoes as well as any other household items. The UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer has been independently lab tested in America as well as Europe with a certified 99.99% efficiency level. The UV Pro Elite is also equipped with features to protect the user’s eyes against UV light. This is a must have product for frequent travelers as well as those who are health conscious.

How Does UV PRO Work?

UV Pro, as the name suggests, uses UV light to sanitize and clean the hard-to-reach areas of any product. UV light wavelength have three sub-categories; UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.

UV-C is the shortest wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, which is used to kill microorganisms. It works to break apart germ DNA. Consequently, the microorganisms can’t function or reproduce. This is a proven practice used in medical sanitation, as well as to purify drinking and waste water.

What sets this device apart is that this UV-C lamp that also produces ozone. While the UV light might not shine on all hard-to-reach areas, the ozone will, ensuring 99.99% of germs are killed.

About The Company

UV PRO is an innovative American company that aims to provide safe and effective, consumer friendly medical products and devices to make life easier and safer so people can live without fear of harmful bacteria, germs, mold and unpleasant odors.


The usefulness of UV pro has been wonderfully put by a satisfied customer, Jagger Camungay

“This is my second purchase and it is for my wife. One day after trying my device, she asked… “Why in the heck did you give me the crappy one?”… I love my UVPRO, it has yet to fail me ever. I do a lot of travels. It has plenty of features that are really useful.”

UV Shoe Sanitizer Review Summary

Germs live everywhere. A simple contraption to protect oneself and those around is a worthwhile investment. Priced at a reasonable $59.99 with reductive pricing for multiple buys, this revolutionary sanitizer is a bane for unwanted germs and bacteria. For further details about the product visit the manufacturer’s website at https://myuvpro.com/

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