UpRight – Top Rated Smart Wearable Posture Trainer For Back Pain?


UpRight Posture Trainer is a device that connects with your smartphone to help you correct your poor posture.

This device emits a buzzing sensation to indicate that you need to change your posture, while keeping a record of the training program on the applicable app.

What is UpRight?

Unless you grew up with parents that constantly told you to sit up straight, you may have some issues maintaining your posture.

This type of problem is usually not due to an inability to straighten your posture from time to time, but more of a lack of attention to the problem. Sometimes, it helps to get a little nudge in the right direction, which is what UpRight offers.

The UpRight Posture Trainer is applied to your back to give you a little vibration whenever you need to straighten up.

The device is meant to be linked to the applicable app, which means you are constantly connected to your account for tips and updates.

You don’t need to wear it for long each day to receive the benefits of improving your posture, but it will be up to you to use it to your advantage. This isn’t a brace or a chiropractic treatment, but it can still give you amazing results.

When you have a bad habit, like slouching or sitting in a bad position for your back, you may try to break it with your own methods.

Some people use aversion therapy in their own way, snapping their wrists with rubber bands or using different tastes to make them think adversely about their posture.

However, the UpRight device doesn’t force you to endure any type of pain or discomfort at all, making it much more beneficial and safe for consistent use.

How Does UpRight Work?

The UpRight Posture Trainer gives you the best way to naturally improve your posture by requiring you to participate in a training plan that you set up when you register on the app. To give you the best degree of attention, the training plan is customized to meet your goals.

The training sessions are modified to meet your training abilities. They begin at just five minutes at a time, but you will slowly work up to a complete hour.

The course does much more than improve your posture. As a seemingly unrelated reaction from your body, following this program can help you increase the strength of your core muscles, while making good posture into something automatic for you.

The use of the app and the trainer together uses a type of conditioning therapy, with an adverse reaction when you’re using improper posture, and relief when your back is completely aligned.

If your back is not straight, you trigger a buzzing response from the device that feels like a vibration.

The whole program consists of meeting anywhere from 15 to 30 daily goals. The device aims to give you more awareness of the way your back is positioned with each alert.

As you follow along with the program, you can fix your back without any medical attention or uncomfortable braces.

Using UpRight

The placement of the UpRight trainer will dictate exactly the reaction you get from your body.

If you want to use it while sitting, you should press it against your lower back for help with your posture. If you’re walking, you should position it between your shoulder blades to help you stand tall.

Along with placing your trainer at the right place on your back, you will need to wirelessly connected it by using the smartphone app.

All the alerts you receive from the device will help you improve the strength and straightness of your back in both a sitting and standing position.

The device should not be used while laying down. If you use the Upright Posture Trainer correctly, you should see significant changes in your body within two weeks.

Pricing for UpRight

If you want to use UpRight for yourself, the normal retail price is $129.95. However, there’s presently a promotion on the website that allows you purchase it for $99.95, giving you an immediate $30 discount from the main price.

Along with the Posture Trainer, the package will include:

  • A micro USB charging cable
  • An upright dock station
  • 60 adhesives, which are all hypoallergenic
  • Access to the free app, available on both IOS and Android App
  • A customized training plan for your posture

With all the materials that are available, improvement in your posture should come easily.

Where to Buy

One of the things that makes UpRight easy to get ahold of is that it is available to purchase online or in a physical store.

The most direct way to get your own UpRight device is to order directly from the website. However, several third-party retailers are authorized to distribute it as well, including:

  • Amazon.com
  • Fancy International
  • Bisly
  • E-Mag
  • FunShop
  • NewEgg

If you would like to sell the UpRight device from your store, you will need to contact the affiliate email address at [email protected]

Contacting the Creators of UpRight

Since UpRight is so new in the industry, you may have some questions about the product or the proper way to use it. That’s why phone or email can reach the customer service team.

To call the company, you can dial 1-844-612-6440. Unfortunately, the website does not show the typical hours of operation, which may make it hard to call someone at the right time.

If you still need to submit an inquiry, you can send a message to [email protected] instead.

UpRight Review Summary

UpRight is an innovative tool in preventing many potential back problems as you get older. You need to maintain a strong back and healthy posture to keep your body’s processes functioning in the right way.

Your digestive system and your heart are just two parts of your body that are impacted by the compression of slouching, but you don’t have to fall victim to this problem anymore.

Instead, you can make the decision to use UpRight to make the difference between having a straight back and entering your senior years with an uncomfortable curve in it.

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