UP4 Probiotics – Health Booster Or Fraudulent Pitch?


UP4 Probiotics Review – High Quality?

UP4 Probiotics is a line of supplements that help to eliminate harmful bacteria from your gastrointestinal tract, your digestive system, and your immune system. This is our review.

What is UP4 Probiotics?

Maintaining your health may appear to be an easy task, requiring you to eat healthy and exercise often. However, while you may think that your slim build is a testament to your health, you could still have a body that is riddled with toxins from the environment or the foods you think are healthy. To help you clear out the bad and toxic bacteria, UP4 Probiotics can make the difference.

UP4 Probiotics was founded in 1970 by Dr. Dash, and they have been creating innovative solutions for consumers that want to improve their health in the most natural way possible. Their company uses a trademarked superstrain of bacteria, which has not been surpassed by any other probiotic company.

Their formulas all begin with their superstrain, called Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1. The strain has been studied and improved over the course of four decades, and is proven to have a significant impact on the gastrointestinal tract, digestive system, and immune system.

UP4 Probiotics Products

Everyone has different needs with their probiotic supplement. Women, men, children, and senior citizens all are prone to different strains of bacteria, which means they all need specialized attention. To get a better idea of the products you can get with UP4, take a look at some of these popular formulas.


The Daily formula is a good basic probiotic for anyone to use. This probiotic is designed to be resistant to acid and bile in the body, which means the bacteria can make their way through your entire body as they need. Taking this formula impacts your digestive system and immune system, which both benefit from the detoxifying effect of the probiotic.

One bottle has enough capsules to supplement with your regular diet for two months. To get the full benefits, you only need to take one capsule a day.


Women have different dietary requirements and health conditions to worry about when it comes to the bacteria in their body. Women are more susceptible to UTIs, yeast infections, poor digestion, and weak immune systems. However, the Women’s formula from UP4 has the bacteria necessary to fight these issues.

The probiotic has the good bacteria that you will find in other blends, but also includes cranberry powder to help purify the bladder.

In each bottle, you will have enough servings for a one-month supply of the probiotic. Take two capsules daily to reap the full benefits.


Whether you are active or sedentary, it is likely that you have a certain level of bad bacteria in your body. Without the proper probiotic, these bacteria build up over time and causes problems with your immune system and your digestive system. By taking the Adult formula, you can regulate your body and relieve the discomfort that sometimes comes with digestion.

When you get this probiotic, you will receive a two-month supply. You only need to take one capsule daily.

Adult 50+

As you age, your specific dietary needs change. Once you hit 50 years old, your colon does not function the same way that it used to, which means you will need extra help to clean out the bad bacteria. This formula includes multiple proven strains of bacteria that help to clean out that GI tract in way that it can’t clean itself out.

A single bottle has two months’ worth of probiotics, requiring you only to take one capsule a day.


Ultra has a high level of potency, which gives your body the extra attention it needs when you have dietary or medical changes. This probiotic formula is perfect for consumers that are traveling, are enduring a high level of stress, or are taking medication. All of those factors weaken your immune system more than normal, so it’s important to compensate for the difference.

In your order, you get a two-month supply. You only need to take one a day to benefit from 10 different bacteria strains, which are all resistant to lactic acid and bile.

Heart Health

This formula is specifically formulated to help support the needs of your heart, which specifically targets your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol has the power to block important arteries to the heart, which can be fatal. By using this probiotic, you are able to get digestive and immune support, which help you to feel healthier all over.

In one bottle, you get a complete months’ worth of the probiotic, and you only need to take one a day to get the benefits of all the bacteria included.


Even though children have been exposed to much less than adults, they have still been exposed to many toxins that need to be eliminated from their body. By consuming a daily probiotic, children are able to clean out their body and have less trouble with digestion on a regular basis.

This particular probiotic formula is designed to aid the digestion of children from toddler age until right before their teenage years. Children who take probiotics have significantly less health problems, since their immune system becomes free of the harmful bacteria that can attract illnesses. The formula is backed by multiple studies that show the effects of good bacteria in the entire body.

This formula is available in a powder. Children under the age of 3 should take a single serving of ¼ teaspoon a day. For children over age 3, the serving should be given three times a day.

Kids Cubes

Getting a child to swallow a capsule can be a very difficult endeavor, which is why these probiotics are available as a soft and creamy chewable. They receive all the same benefits as a standard probiotic, but without the struggle of convincing them to swallow a whole tablet.

Adult Cubes

The Adult Cubes are a chewable probiotic, which is much easier to handle if you are someone who has trouble swallowing pills. This particular version of the probiotic contains 3 billion of the superstrain that was created specifically by UP4.

In addition to having a creamy orange flavor, this probiotic is loaded with vitamin C and has absolutely no sugar.

Where to Buy UP4 Probiotics

The UP4 Probiotics products are not available directly from the website. Essentially, you will have to go through an authorized third party to be able to get the formula you want. At this time, products from the UP4 Probiotics line include:

  • Target
  • Vitamin Shoppe
  • Lucky vitamin
  • Vitacost

Contacting UP4 Probiotics

You may have questions about these products before you make the commitment to purchase them. At this time, the only way you can reach UP4 Probiotics is by calling the company, sending them a letter, or filling out the online form.

The phone number for UP4 Probiotics is (800) 422-3371.

The mailing address for UP4 Probiotics is:

555 N. 72nd Avenue
Wausau, WI 54401


UP4 Probiotics is a high-quality line of products. Pricing may vary, based on the retailer offering the products. Consult with your local retailer to find out about any discounts or specials in your area.

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