Ultra Trim 350 – Quality Forskolin Extract Product?


Ultra Trim 350 Review – Worth Trying?

Ultra Trim 350 is a diet pill that promises to rapidly melt away belly fat “without diet or exercise.” Is this another diet pill that’s too good to be true? Or is Ultra Trim 350 the real deal? Here’s our review.

What is Ultra Trim 350?

Ultra Trim 350 is a Forskolin based diet pill that promises to increase your metabolic rate, increase lean muscle mass, and break down stubborn fat throughout your body. By taking the pill daily, you can purportedly “burn fat naturally” and “without diet or exercise.”

The makers of Ultra Trim 350 claim that their pill has started “an incredible weight-loss revolution” and that it has “scientists and media buzzing”.

Basically, the makers of Ultra Trim 350 have made all sorts of enormous claims about their formula and how effective their pill is for weight loss. But is this all hype and no substance? Or is Ultra Trim 350 backed by real science? Let’s look at the ingredients and how they work.

How Does Ultra Trim 350 Claim to Work?

Ultra Trim 350 claims to work using cAMP to activate lipase, which is an enzyme responsible for breaking apart fat cells in our body. That’s how most people believe forskolin, the active ingredient in Ultra Trim 350, works. Forskolin has never been shown to actually help people lose weight, but it has been shown to help change body composition so you have more lean muscle mass and less fat. Nevertheless, good scientific evidence for forskolin in human studies is completely lacking.

cAMP, by the way, stands for cyclic adenosine monophosphate. In addition to breaking down fat, the makers of Ultra Trim 350 claim it boosts metabolism by increasing thermogenesis (which just means that it heats up your body).

Scientific Evidence for Ultra Trim 350

The only “evidence” for Ultra Trim 350 is a series of blurry, faceless images from one woman who have purportedly used the diet pill to lose weight. The woman is seen losing weight in a series of progressing images. The rest of the sales page and packaging for Ultra Trim 350 also comes filled with pictures of beautiful, skinny women in bikinis. So if you were looking for scientific evidence supporting this supplement, you won’t find it from Ultra Trim 350.

The makers of Ultra Trim 350 cite no scientific studies or forskolin studies. There’s no independent clinical trials showing where Ultra Trim 350 has been tested.

Like many diet pills, Ultra Trim 350 just throws out a bunch of amazing-sounding benefits without backing up any of those benefits with evidence.

So if you’re taking Ultra Trim 350 because you want to lose weight without diet or exercise, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Ultra Trim 350 Ingredients

The manufacturer of Ultra Trim 350 refuses to tell us the ingredients in the supplement. we know there’s some dosage of forskolin included inside the supplement, but we know nothing else about what’s in it.

That’s a big problem when you’re buying diet pills online: when manufacturers refuse to list dosage information, it’s typically because the supplement features a low dosage. In other cases, when we don’t know any ingredients in the formula, it’s because the manufacturer has added stimulants like caffeine to the mix.

Ultimately, without ingredient or dosage information, it’s impossible to verify the effectiveness or quality of Ultra Trim 350.

Ultra Trim 350 Pricing

Ultra Trim 350 is exclusively available online through GetUltraTrim350.com. You won’t find it sold on any other websites or in retail outlets.

When you purchase from the official website, you’ll need to go through a “qualification process” where you enter how much weight you want to lose. Everybody qualifies for the purchase, so don’t feel special when you get approved.

Once you get “approved”, here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 Bottle: $48

-3 Bottles: $99

-5 Bottles: $148

There are some serious problems with the ordering page for Ultra Trim 350. The biggest problem is that when you go to enter your credit card information, there’s no number telling you exactly how much is being charged to your card. You’re just expected to blindly enter your credit card information into the form and then accept whatever charges appear on your card.

All prices listed above include free shipping to US addresses.

Who Makes Ultra Trim 350?

Forskolin Ultra Trim 350 is made by a company named Emerging Nutrition, LLC. There’s very little information about that company available online. One corporation filing statement from April 2015 shows that a company named Emerging Nutrition, Inc. was registered in Akron, Ohio.

Emerging Nutrition also appears to have previously sold a nutritional supplement called Zen Pro. At the Zen Pro website, the company lists its address as:

6100 Oak Tree Blvd
Independence, OH 44131

You can get in touch with the company by emailing [email protected] or by calling 844-202-0521.

Should You Use Ultra Trim 350 to Lose Weight Without Diet and Exercise?

Forskolin Ultra Trim 350 claims to help anyone lose weight without any diet or exercise. It claims to rapidly melt away belly fat and basically transform your body into a supermodel’s body overnight.

Unfortunately, these are all just over-exaggerated marketing claims backed by little to no science. There’s absolutely no evidence showing that Ultra Trim 350 works as advertised. We don’t even know the dosage or ingredients in Ultra Trim 350 because the manufacturer refuses to give us that information.

To make things worse, Ultra Trim 350 is priced higher than most diet pills found online, at $48 for just a one month supply.

Ultimately, there’s no reason to use Forskolin Ultra Trim 350 as a weight loss aid. It’s another overpriced diet pill with a mysterious list of unknown ingredients. Why would you put Ultra Trim 350 in your body?

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