Ultra Omega Burn – Healthy Fat Burning Diet Pill Any Good?


If you are struggling to lose weight, then you are not alone. Despite the proliferation of weight loss programs and supplements on the market in recent years, most people find it extremely challenging to make any progress. This is because the majority of programs are overly restrictive and difficult to implement. Moreover, when it comes to supplements, they lead to a number of adverse side effects that can take a toll on your long term health.

But, just because the majority of programs and supplements on the market are subpar, it does not necessarily mean that all of them are. One program that consistently exceeds consumer expectations is Ultra Omega Burn. Here is everything you need to know about this program so that you can make a smart decision for your health.

What is Ultra Omega Burn?

Ultra Omega Burn is a weight loss supplement and program that is based upon the groundbreaking discovery of a molecule that is tied to the weight loss and weight gain process.. As the program explains, the discovery is so significant that even Harvard is trying to attain a patent for it. According to the program, the discovery allows you to overcome the most challenging part of weight loss, which is the plateau that takes place after you have lost a bit of weight. The program also functions to eliminate stubborn fat so that you can achieve a fit and toned body with ease.

In addition to helping you meet your weight loss goals, you’ll also learn the following:

The Molecule’s Impact on Blood Pressure

The program teaches you about the impact that the molecule has on blood pressure. With the information provided, you’ll be able to lower your risk of diabetes, improve your digestion, and even achieve smooth and clear skin.

All About the “Metabolic Glitch”

Second, the program goes over what it terms the “metabolic glitch.” This glitch is a hidden enzyme that functions to block your body’s ability to burn fat because it intercepts the signals that your brain sends to your body. By learning about the glitch, you’ll be able to implement the program’s suggestions that function to activate your body’s fat cells so they can stop storing fat and release it instead.

The “Must Avoid” mistake

Finally, you will also learn about the common mistakes that you must avoid at all costs. As the program explains, not knowing about this mistake and avoiding it can directly ruin your chances of achieving a full body transformation.

Focusing on Your Fat Cells

A large majority of the program prompts you to focus more on your fat cells. As the program explains, scientists are wrong to think that the fat cells are akin to balloons that store fat. Contrary to popular belief, fat cells are able to communicate with each other. When one or a few fat cells start to release fat, those cells send messages to other cells to do the same. In addition sending this information to cells, they also send it to your muscles and your organs. As a result, your entire body goes through the process of releasing stored fat and that fat can be used as energy during your workout routine or otherwise.

This breakthrough concept was so innovative and effective that it was featured on the Dr. Oz show. The show discussed the concept with viewers by introducing a study on the matter. In the study, which was performed in Australia, two groups of mice were given the same amount of food. One of the groups was given palmitoleic acid. The mouse given the acid began to suffer from inflammation and a number of health issues.

The palmitoleic acid is significant because this acid is found in many omega-3 supplements that individuals add to their health routines. The acid is largely ineffective at treating your health conditions because it is not sourced from pure locations, it is not in its purest form, and it is not extracted using the traditional cold pressed method. Instead, you are putting into your body a compound that leads to a number of health issues.

The Solution: Ultra Omega Burn

As mentioned earlier, Ultra Omega Burn is not just a program, it is a supplement that you take to significantly improve your health and to decrease your weight. The supplement is effective and outperforms other supplements on the market for many reasons. Here is what you can expect when you take Ultra Omega Burn:

A Pure Supplement

First, Ultra Omega Burn is a completely pure supplement. The purity of the palmitoleic acid is what allows it to function so well. As one of the purest forms of this acid on the market, the product is guaranteed to issue signals to your cells that pushes them to open up and release the compounds inhibiting weight loss.

Hair, Skin, and Nails

Second, the supplement also focuses on improving the condition of your hair, skin, and nails. While Omega-3 is already recognized as one of the best ways to improve these areas, since the palmitoleic acid is completely pure, it works much better than other omega-3 supplements on the market.

Reduces Wrinkles

Third, the compound works to substantially decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll notice the wrinkles substantially fade away and your acne disappear. With this supplement, you’ll finally be able to attain the smooth and radiant skin that you’ve always wanted.

Weight Loss

Finally, the supplement also focuses on helping you lose weight. When you take this supplement, it will reduce your appetite and cholesterol levels, it will eliminate inflammation, and it will also decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke.

As you can tell, the supplement is an all-around success story waiting to happen. By incorporating Ultra Omega Burn into your routine as directed, you’ll find yourself enjoying the many benefits that it has to offer.

Ultra Omega Burn Summary

Overall, Ultra Omega Burn is a potent and effective supplement that leads to massive results. To order the supplement, simply visit the brand’s website today. In addition, you’ll find it to be very affordable and the payment system to be completely secure.

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  1. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever seen. These scammers take normal fish oil and advertise it that it is a special “Harvard” finding that forces the fat to “release”. Bullshit…do not “burn” your money on this scam. I bought it and used it for a month every day along with proper diet and exercise and I can't tell it did anything. I lost the same amount of weight as I normally do. There is no magic in this pill. Its all a scam.

  2. Hi,
    Where is the information to return the product? I have been using it for almost three months and have not seen any results. I even increased the dose to two pills a day with no change. Please help. I am ready for a refund.

  3. I have been taking the Ultra Omega Burn for 3 weeks and have not dropped a pound. My skin continues to be excessively dry too. I have not changed my diet at all as I wanted to see if it worked as described. I have another 3 months supply so I have not given up but so far I am quite disappointed.

    • Hey wendi :-)
      May I ask how many pills are you taking a day? I know my bottle says 1 pill a day, but I googled Ultra Omega Burn and was reading, that if you find you are losing weight too quickly, to take only 1 pill a day. I'm gonna google again to see what else I can find out…but if you haven't lost any weight I'd try 1 pill at breakfast and 1 pill later after noon…good luck!!


    • Hey Maureen…when I ordered I didn't want to set up a paypal account, I scrolled down a bit and there was an option to pay by credit card :-) I just got my Ultra Omega Burn yesterday. I've managed to lose 2lbs already!!
      Debora (Canada)

  5. Hello
    I tried and loved the results from taking ultra omega burn
    Now I can't find it to order the in I want is the on you have just explained about on this page
    Pls help


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