Dr. Culter’s True Health Ultimate BP – Healthy Blood Pressure?


Dr. Cutler’s Ultimate BP is a nutritional supplement designed to help you manage your blood pressure. It’s available online through TrueHealth.com. Read our review to learn more about this supplement.

What is Dr. Cutler’s Ultimate BP?

If you suffer from high blood pressure, then your doctor might prescribe a blood pressure management medication for you. If you don’t want to use drugs or medication however, then you might turn towards a supplement like Ultimate BP.

Dr. Cutler’s Ultimate BP promises to help bring your blood pressure under control. By taking the supplement daily, you can enjoy “healthy, normal systolic and diastolic blood pressure”. The supplement claims to work by relaxing your arteries and making them more flexible, which means blood can flow through more easily.

At the same time, Ultimate BP helps calcium move from your blood to your bones and optimizes other areas of cardiovascular health.

Ultimate BP is available online through TrueHealth.com, which recently launched a special promotional offer for the supplement. That promotional offer lowers the price to around $19 per bottle (but only when you buy 8 bottles at a time). Otherwise, the supplement is priced at around $30 per bottle.

Will Ultimate BP actually cure symptoms of high blood pressure? Let’s take a closer look at how it claims to work.

How Does Ultimate BP Work?

Ultimate BP claims to provide all of the following benefits:

-Promotes healthy, normal systolic and diastolic blood pressure

-Enjoy healthy, flexible, and relaxed arteries

-Supports optimal blood flow

-Helps calcium move from your blood to your bones

-Maintains overall cardiovascular health

So how exactly does Ultimate BP achieve these effects? Well, the formula comes with surprisingly few ingredients. It’s basically just a mixture of grape seed extract, pomegranate fruit skin, and green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee bean extract can be found in a variety of cardiovascular health supplements. These beans contain high levels of chlorogenic acid, a unique chemical that gets lost during the roasting process (which is why normal coffee beans don’t contain the chemical).

WebMD.com reports that green coffee extracts can legitimately reduce blood pressure: WebMD cites one study where participants took 50mg to 140mg of chlorogenic acids daily for 4 weeks to 12 weeks and were able to reduce their systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It’s also been shown to be an effective treatment for obesity, among other conditions.

Oddly enough, Ultimate BP doesn’t tell us the dose of green coffee bean extract. We only know that the supplement contains 300mg total of green coffee bean and pomegranate fruit skin – but that’s it.

What about the 150mg of grape seed extract? Ultimate BP actually uses a grape seed extract formula named MegaNatural BP. That formula was made by Polyphenolics and has undergone research of its own. In one study published in 2015, MegaNatural BP was shown to reduce diastolic and systolic blood pressure when taken at a dose of 300mg per day (twice the dose in Ultimate BP).

The third and final active ingredient in Ultimate BP is pomegranate fruit extract. Pomegranate has been traditionally used as a treatment for high blood pressure and to reduce the risk of congestive heart failure. It’s not backed by as much scientific evidence as the other ingredients listed, but it’s often used in conjunction with blood pressure management medication prescribed by doctors.

Ultimately, the ingredients in Ultimate BP have been shown to provide mild relief from high blood pressure. However, the doses in Ultimate BP are relatively weak – especially since we don’t know the specific dose of green coffee bean extract.

Ultimate BP Ingredients

Here’s what the full ingredients list looks like for Ultimate BP:

-45mcg of Vitamin K2 (56% daily value)

-150mg of grape seed extract (MegaNatural-BP standardized to 90% polyphenols)

-330mg of a proprietary blend containing green coffee bean extract and pomegranate fruit skin

-Other ingredients: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate

The dosages above are for each 2 capsule serving (30 servings per container)

Ultimate BP Pricing

Ultimate BP is available online through TrueHealth.com, where it’s priced at the following rates:

-1 Bottle: $29.95 + Free Shipping

-4 Bottles: $89.85 + Free Shipping

-8 Bottles: $149.70 + Free Shipping

Obviously, this pricing policy is designed to push you towards buying 4 or 8 bottles instead of just the high-priced one bottle package.

All purchases come with a full refund guarantee. You can request a refund of Ultimate BP at any time.

Who Makes Ultimate BP?

Ultimate BP is made by an American company named True Health. That company is located at the following address:

260 Justin Drive
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

You can contact the company by phone at 1-800-746-4513 or by email at [email protected].

The company claims that all its supplements are doctor-formulated. Ultimate BP was formulated by Dr. Cutler. Who is Dr. Cutler? Well, Dr. Cutler’s name is attached to every supplements sold through TrueHealth.com. He’s a board-certified family practice physician and describes himself as “a pioneer in discovering and developing new, natural health remedies”, according to the True Health About page: TrueHealth.com/about-doctor-cutler/

Dr. Cutler claims he was pushed towards the natural health supplement industry after “blindly following a mainstream doctor’s orders cost me a fortune, mutilated my body and nearly killed me.”

In any case, all supplements sold through TrueHealth.com are formulated and approved by Dr. Michael Cutler.

Should You Take Ultimate BP to Treat your High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure puts you at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. If you suffer from high blood pressure, then you should talk to your doctor to determine the best treatment plan.

However, if you’re unsatisfied with your doctor’s response, or if you want to avoid the use of prescription drugs, then Ultimate BP may be the right option for you. The three active ingredients inside the formula have been shown – in some small clinical trials – to reduce symptoms of high blood pressure. Green coffee bean extract and grapeseed extract, for example, have both been shown to lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure among some users.

It’s important to note that the dosage in Ultimate BP is relatively weak (compared to the dose used in scientific studies). And, Ultimate BP itself has never been studied – so we don’t know how these ingredients react when taken together. Sometimes, ingredients will complement the effects of one another. In other cases, they neutralize each other. Without any clinical research, we just don’t know if Ultimate BP will work.

If you don’t mind those shortcomings, then Ultimate BP may be the right option for your high blood pressure symptoms. Nevertheless, talk to your doctor to find the best high blood pressure treatment for you.

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