Forte Pharma Laboratories Turboslim ChronoActiv Weight Loss Pill


About Forte Pharma Laboratories Turboslim ChronoActiv Weight Loss Pill

Turboslim ChronoActiv is developed and distributed by a French company called Forte Pharma Laboratories that has been around since 1999 – with Turboslim being released in 2004. They are a weight loss company out of Europe, with reportedly high sales from a vast range of products. The Turboslim however, is manufactured in Poland.

There are two different tablets, one designed for the day and the second for the night. Both tablets are expected to compliment the other in varying degrees that will be outline below.

Forte Pharma Laboratories Turboslim ChronoActiv Weight Loss Pill is said to work during both the day and night, each offering different benefits to the body and weight loss goals overall.


The daytime ‘action’ is described to burn calories and reduce water retention. It is also described to eliminate toxins courtesy of ingredients like guarana, mate, cola and ash leaf.

Additional Key Ingredients

  • Green Tea Extract – Is most commonly known for its ability to increases one’s metabolism, thus, resulting is a more rapid weight loss.
  • Green Coffee Extract – This ingredient is known for its ability to aid absorption and its ability to utilize glucose that would otherwise be stored as fat.
  • Zinc – This is an essential mineral to the body, that is most commonly used to aid muscle and bone growth, and more recently, boosting immune cells.


The nighttime ‘action’ is described to work by the firming of the skin which in turn, should prevent the storage of body fat, by way of the ingredients biosilica. That ingredient which is known for his firming effects that lift the skin and help outline an ideal figure for women.

The included white bean extract, is designed to provide an anti-storage effect. Additional ingredients are also found in the nighttime action tablet such as antioxidants, phaseolus vulgaris, manganese and Vitamins A and E.

Additional Key Ingredients

The website does indicate that these products have been clinically tested, however, the documentation of such is not easily found, as a result of being conducted by an independent organization and there are extremely limited customer reviews.

Turboslim Phases One and Two

The concept behind Turboslim is said to be slimming chronobiology – where they believe that in two separate phases, daytime and nighttime, that two separate benefits occur to aid in weight loss. The first phase referred to as ‘catabolic’ and the second phase referred to as nocturnal or ‘anabolic’.

During the first catabolic phase (daytime), is targeted at waste removal and fat burning. Where described above discussed calorie burning and eliminating toxins.

The second, anabolic phase, the target is fat storage by way of regenerating and repairing.

Working together, over the course of an entire day (24 hours); the metabolism should increase throughout the daytime with assistance from the green tea and green coffee extracts that are known for their thermogenic traits. And, through the evening this should be complimented with its ability to prevent fat storage and increase the overall firmness of the skin.

How to Order Forte Pharma Laboratories Turboslim ChronoActiv Weight Loss Pill

Unfortunately, right now Forte Pharma Laboratories Turboslim ChronoActiv Weight Loss Pill is not available on Amazon but you can be notified once it is back in stock.

Forte Pharma Laboratories indicates that they are the number one brand in France – given, if this is accurate, the lack of reviews and availability does not need to mean, a bad thing. Overall the product has some general weight loss ingredients, with an interesting approach to having your body work for you, 24 hours a day.

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