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TRUProteins Review – Right For You!

TRUProteins is a lineup of protein supplements that promises to provide natural, high-quality whey or plant-based protein from premium sources. Here’s our TRUProteins review.

What is TRUProteins?

TRUProteins is a lineup of protein powder supplements designed to support a healthy, active lifestyle. Using plant-based protein, grass-fed whey protein, and other high-quality ingredients, TRUProteins promises to emphasize nutrition, taste, and texture across its entire lineup.

The company emphasizes using natural ingredients from whole food sources. For example, the company claims that:

“Rather than GMO thickeners, TRUProteins uses flax and chia seeds to achieve the desired texture as well as provide Omega 3 fatty acids.”

All whey protein is also derived from 100% grass-fed Australian or New Zealand cows.

The company was founded by Jason Walter, who is also listed as the ”Formulator” for the company.

Are you looking for a protein powder that emphasizes high-quality ingredients, plant-based protein sources, and high-quality whey concentrate? Here’s what you need to know about the TRUProteins product lineup.

TRUProteins Products

TRUProteins offers three core products, including a whey protein, a plant-based protein, and a smoothie supplement called Nurish Boost. Here’s a brief overview of each one.

Nutrawhey Grass Fed Whey

Nutrawhey is the company’s flagship whey protein product. Made from grass-fed Australian whey (whey is a dairy product), TRUProteins comes in creative flavors like Dark Cacao, Coconut Cream Pie, and Vanilla Cream.

In addition to whey protein concentrate (WPC), the powder contains coconut water, digestive enzymes (lipase, lactase, and amylases), probiotics, flax and chia seeds, and stevia.

Together these ingredients promise to give you the high-quality protein you need while also facilitating the digestive process. An emphasis is placed on organic ingredients. The coconut water is organic, for example.

The stevia and coconut water are used to sweeten the powder without loading you with sugar.

The Coconut Cream Pie and Dark Cacao flavors are both priced at $34.99, while the Vanilla Cream is priced at $44.99. That’s the price for the 15 serving (1 pound) container. You can also purchase a 10 serving (.75 pound) or 30 serving (2.1 pound) container.

You can also purchase an unflavored version of the whey protein for $33.99 or an unflavored and unsweetened version for $33.99. These versions use New Zealand grass-fed whey protein concentrate (which is different from the Australian whey sources used in the other proteins) mixed with tapioca and sweetened with sucralose and unprocessed cocoa powder. Obviously, there’s no sucralose or unprocessed cocoa powder in the unsweetened version.

Nutraplant Vegan Blend Protein

Vegan-based protein powders are a rapidly growing part of the industry. TRUProteins sells a vanilla cream-flavored vegan-friendly protein powder priced at $45.99 for 15 servings (1 pound).

The ingredients are non-GMO, gluten-free, and rbGH hormone-free. The protein comes from a blend of rice, pea, hemp, and quinoa. The powder is sweetened using coconut water and stevia.

Meanwhile, flax and chia seed have been added to the powder to provide ALA omega 3 fatty acids. An additional 6 grams of BCAAs are included in the formula.

Just like with the whey protein powder, TRUProteins also contains some amount of probiotic formula to aid digestion.

Nurish Boost

Nurish Boost is the third core product in the TRUProteins lineup. It’s labeled as a “Nutritional Additive for Protein Smoothies.”

Priced at $12 for a 5.9 ounce (168g) container, Nurish promises to add extra nutrition to your smoothies -including vitamins A, C, and E.

Each serving of TRUProteins Nurish contains 50% of the recommended daily allowance of certain whole food vitamins, including 4.5 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables. TRUProteins uses a no heat, natural method to extract vitamins from fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms.

Coconut oil is added to Nurish for its healthy fat content, while added grains like oat bran, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, and chia give you an energy boost from slow-release carbohydrates.

The idea with Nurish is that you add one serving to your smoothies to make your next protein shake as healthy as possible. So you can get a significant amount of your daily recommended nutrition from one single shake.

TRUProteins Samples

TRUProteins sample packs are available for purchase from the official TRUProteins website.

Each sample pack is priced at $3 and consists of a single serve package (32 grams) of either the Coconut Cream Pie whey, the Dark Cacao whey, or the Vanilla Cream whey.

About TRUProteins

The TRUProteins About Us page goes into great detail about the story behind the company.

The company was founded by Jason Walter. In 2007, Jason was diagnosed with the same type of cancer that had taken his brother’s life 18 years earlier. Knowing his family history, doctors assigned Jason a rigorous treatment plan, but never gave him any nutritional or lifestyle advice to complement his treatment.

Jason set out to pursue that knowledge on his own, eventually putting himself on a strict daily regimen of fruit and vegetable juicing, including wheatgrass shots. He began to choose foods based on the quality of the ingredients inside.

That’s why Jason is so committed to explaining all of the ingredients inside the TRUProteins protein powers: he wants people like him to know everything they need to know about what they’re putting into their bodies.

Jason also claims that many modern protein powders contain “known carcinogens, fillers and other toxins that are harmful to your health” – even when they’re advertised as “Healthy” products.

With that in mind, Jason launched TRUProteins. The rest is history.

You can get in touch with the company by calling 843-608-1446 or by emailing [email protected]. There’s also a contact form at the official website here:

Is TRUProteins Your New Favorite Protein Powder?

TRUProteins is a pricey protein powder that places a big emphasis on high-quality ingredients, organic sources, and no filler ingredients. It may be at the upper end of the supplement industry in terms of pricing, but it’s not unreasonable compared to other premium proteins.

If you’re willing to pay a higher price for naturally-derived protein, then the whey and vegan-friendly protein powders offered by TRUProteins are a great way to support your active lifestyle without flooding your body with unwanted chemicals and additives.

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