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Exo Protein Bars Review

Protein is an essential part of everyone’s diet. To build the muscle needed to stay healthy, as well as to fuel the body and give it energy, a certain amount of protein should be consumed every day. While most meat eaters feel that their daily diets contain enough protein, many would be wrong. Meat products aren’t only insufficient for meeting daily protein needs, but most of them are filled with chemicals and additives that do more harm than good.

Those who work out have an even greater need for protein. There are hundreds of thousands of products on the market that offer protein bars, protein shakes, protein chews, and more. However, most of these products don’t offer users the complete protein they need to be truly healthy. And, to be honest, most of them taste like chalk.

A couple of college students decided to change the way people ate protein. Instead of focusing on more traditional methods, soy based, vegetable based, or meat based, they decided to think outside the box. For their protein bars, they were going to use one of the most complete forms of protein available on earth: The Cricket.

Most people are astonished when they first hear that Exo Protein Bars contain crickets. After all, who wants to eat an insect? However, those who give the products a chance find that not only are these bars really good, but they give users the protein they really need, along with several other vital nutrients.

The Exo Story

Exo is a company that sells protein products made from cricket flour. While this sounds strange to those new to the cricket world, for Gabi and Greg making a protein bar seemed like an obvious step. Gabi was the partner that designed a protein bar recipe. However, it was Greg who suggested they use insects, since he was extremely interested in how the global systems were breaking down and the environmental benefits of eating insects. By combining both their passions, the roommates were able to start Exo Protein Bars.

After graduating, the two men found a professional chef who helped them perfect their recipe, coming up with new and tasty options for both their sweet and savory bars. After developing these recipes, Exo started a Kickstarter campaign that was funded twice as much as their original goal.

So, while it may seem strange, there is a market out there for cricket protein bars. And Exo plans on providing the product.

Why Exo Uses Crickets

Crickets are not the obvious choice when it comes to creating a protein bar. First, most people get a little grossed out when they hear that there are insects in their food. However, the many benefits that come with using crickets as a protein source far outweigh the ‘ick’ factor.

First, when compared with other protein sources, crickets have much higher percentages of protein. Cricket flour is 65% protein, while beef jerky is only 33% and chicken is a measly 23%. And eggs? The food that everyone says is full of protein? Only 12% protein.

In addition to be a very protein packed food, crickets are also complete proteins. Many other proteins available only offer a few benefits here and there. However, with crickets, they come packed with protein, meaning they also contain all the amino acids that the body needs. In addition to this, crickets also contain 2.2 times more iron than spinach, often considered the most iron filled product available.

Still, most people in the Western world wouldn’t pick crickets as a food source, even after hearing the benefits. While it may seem obvious to most people that crickets shouldn’t be on the menu, it may surprise the nay-sayers to know that almost 80% of the global population eats some form of insect regularly. So, eating a few crickets, which are ground into flour in the Exo bars, isn’t actually that big of a shock to most customers.

Exo Products

Every protein bar that Exo sells contains about 40 crickets per bar. This equals an average of five crickets per bite. This may not seem like a lot of crickets, certainly not enough to get the benefits mentioned above. But, this is where the beauty of the cricket comes into play again.

For every 100 pounds of feed, there are 60 pounds of edible cricket protein. That’s a huge amount! In comparison, for every 100 pounds of beef, there is only five pounds of edible protein. For pork and chicken, those amounts are 15 and 30, respectively. So, even though there aren’t huge amounts of crickets in every Exo protein bar, every single bite comes with more than enough protein.

Every bar sold by Exo contains between 270 to 300 calories, 13 to 18 grams of sugar, and 14 to 20 grams of fat. Here’s the good part, though. For every Exo protein bar, there are 10 grams of complete protein, packed full of iron and amino acids that are so vital to the health of the body.

And, because the protein bars sold by Exo are made with whole foods, each as nutrient dense as possible, these bars give users exactly what their bodies need.

Every box of Exo protein bars comes with 12 bars.

Classic Protein Bars

Cocoa Nut Box – $36
Banana Bread Box – $36
Apple Cinnamon Box – $36
Blueberry Vanilla Box – $36
Peanut Butter and Jelly Box – $36
Variety Box – $36
Paleo Variety Box – $36
Sampler Pack – $15

Savory Lunch Bars

Barbecue Box – $36
Mango Curry Box – $36
Mango Curry and Barbecue Mixed Box – $36
Mediterranean Box – $36
Savory Variety Box – $36


“Crickets are the Gateway Bug” – $30
“Crickets are the New Kale” – $30

Exo Elite

While Exo products can be purchased one time by the box, for those who want a constant supply of Exo protein bars, there is Exo Elite. Exo Elite is a subscription service which allows customers to receive automatic, monthly deliveries and a discount.

All Exo Elite members get 11% off on their products, plus free shipping. While there are other perks, like free samples and exclusive events, one of the biggest benefits of this program is that Elite members have their inventory set aside first, so they never have to worry that Exo won’t have their product.

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