Trump Cup – Are Starbucks Coffee & Latte's Healthy For You?


The Trump Cup is officially making headlines across the internet. One Trump supporter on Twitter launched something called “Operation #TrumpCup”, which encourages Trump supporters to walk into a Starbucks, tell the barista your name is Trump, and force employees to write the name “Trump” on the cup.

What Is The Trump Cup Movement?

Is it a protest? Support movement? Completely pointless waste of time? Find out today as we learn 5 fast facts you need to know about the Trump Cup trend.

5) What Is It?

The #TrumpCup “movement” involves the following steps:

Step 1) Go to Starbucks and buy a coffee.

Step 2) When the barista asks for your name, tell them your name is Trump

Step 3) If they refuse to write your fake name on the cup, take a video shaming the barista while yelling about your constitutional rights and stuff

Basically, Trump supporters are trying to troll baristas by “forcing them” to write Trump’s name on a Starbucks cup instead of the customer’s actual name.

4) Why?

Nobody really knows.

3) It Was Started by Twitter User @BakedAlaska

Outspoken Twitter user and Trump voter @BakedAlaska started the whole Trump Cup trend on Twitter. @BakedAlaska was prompted to start the trend after a viral video appeared online showing a Trump support yelling at a barista.

Most people are calling #TrumpCup a protest. @BakedAlaska is calling it a movement. After all, can it really be called a protest against a company if it involves buying the company’s products? Probably not.

2) The Movement is Linked Back to a Viral Video of a White Trump Supporter Screaming at a Black Starbucks Barista

This past Wednesday, a viral video showed a Trump supporter yelling at a barista.

The video starts with a Starbucks customer, a middle-aged white guy named David Sanguesa, demanding his money back from the barista, a young black woman. The white guy walks around the restaurant yelling “I voted for Trump! Trump! You lost!” before telling the barista she’s “garbage, complete trash”.

David later explained that he was upset because his coffee was taking too long.

David is now threatening to sue Starbucks for some reason, claiming he was racially discriminated against, and that the barista wouldn’t serve him because he was a Trump supporter. He also claims he was just having a “bad day” the day that video was shot.

Unfortunately for David Sanguesa, he appears to have had a lot of bad days. The Miami Herald reports that his “previous bad days” include one day in 2008 when he was arrested on a DUI charge, and then a week later he had another bad day when he was again charged with DUI.

In 2014, David Sanguesa was charged with domestic violence. The Miami Herald also claims they’ve received multiple emails from David in the past “with rants against Cubans, women, immigrants, gays and lesbians, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

So clearly, David Sanguesa has some issues. Anyways, the whole Trump Cup trend started because David felt his coffee was taking too long.

1) A Lot of People Are Doing It

To most people, the #TrumpCup movement sounds like a pointless waste of time. Despite that fact, however, people are actually taking time out of their lives to harass Starbucks baristas who make $10/hour.

A quick search of the #TrumpCup hashtag on Twitter will reveal thousands of people who have bravely gone into Starbucks and demanded that the barista write a fake name on the cup. Many of these courageous patriots have taken video when baristas refuse to write the fake name on the cup.

Most people, however, are having no issues ordering a cup with “Trump” written on it – aside from making themselves look silly – which makes the whole issue seem pretty pointless.


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