True Refrigeration – Quality High Performance Cooling Appliances?


True refrigeration is a company that prides itself on quality products related to the refrigerator market and other high performance cooling appliances. A market leader in the manufacture of professional hospitality and industrial grade refrigeration equipment for more than 60 years, True Refrigeration offers decades of experience and research on what truly makes the most effective and efficient cooling appliances.

What Is True Refrigeration Cooling Solutions?

True provides a wide range of products such as coolers, freezers, refrigerators and display cabinets and has garnered a large amount of positive feedback from consumers who have cited its effective cooling system and performance as high points of interest. True has a product for any type of person or company, ranging from small coolers, to large industrial sized cooling rooms designed for manufacturing applications. Available in a vast spectrum amount of colors, models, and sizes, True Refrigeration offer personally tailored solutions suitable to any consumers’ wants and needs.

What Makes True Refrigeration Different?

A large amount of True products are Energy Star certified. Dedicated to creating refrigeration products that help increase business owners margins by reducing energy costs, Energy Star Certification allows prospective True Refrigeration product owners to assess the energy cost impact of their refrigeration solutions before purchasing. Manufactured and distributed wholly within the continental United States,. True strives to provide American-made fridges, coolers, freezers and display cabinets of the highest quality.

True products can be bought in bulk in order to fulfill the needs of places like restaurants and other large food service operations. The wide array of options guarantees consumers will find what they need within their product range. A few examples of Trues wide selection of products can be seen below.

The True Refrigeration Range

The standout product and most popular item in the True Refrigeration range is the Direct Draw Beer Dispenser. The 70” True TDD-3 Direct Draw Beer Dispenser has been meticulously hand crafted in order to provide beer lovers with a cold and refreshing beverage wherever they go. The interior rack spacing within the Direct Draw dispenser spacious and can accommodate a large amount of liquid, containing 3 half barrel kegs, with 2 three inch diameter stainless steel insulated tap towers for ease in liquid dispensing and foam reduction.

The beer dispenser also includes a True Refrigeration factory balanced refrigeration system. The customer feedback on this product has been immensely positive, with a countless amount of 5 star reviews praising the products ability to keep any liquid cool and hold such a large amount at the same time.

Another product produced by True is the True T-23PT Single Section Pass-Through Refrigerator which provides consumers with a wide range of temperature control, simple maintenance options and extremely low costs of utility. The unique pass through design perfected by True makes it a perfect cooling solution designed to function as a balanced cooler set between serving and preparation areas at any food establishment.

The insides of this fridge contain three heavy-duty, coated shelves that provide highly structured and convenient interior organization. Completed by a pair of solid stainless steel doors packed with anodized aluminum ends, the Single Section Pass Through Refrigerator is finished with silver aluminum lined interiors and a slick floor coated with stainless steel. Easy to move and relocate, it is equipped with 4 inch casters and brakes for swift maneuverability. Overall, the height comes in at 83 3/8”, with the width at a crisp 27” and depth coming in at about 32 1/8”.

The True TFM-29L White Flat Glass Lid Horizontal Freezer is perfect for increasing sales in your food and drink establishment due to the ease of access provided by this freezer. The technology incorporated within this product allows for an energy saving glass lid which features double tempered “Low E” single glass panes mounted on to the ergonomic lid frame. This delivers the perfect mix of product visibility and reduced heat gain, with only a small amount of condensation appearing on the freezer door. Despite it’s fast cooling action the White Flat Glass Lid Horizontal Freezer is environmentally friendly and will not cause excessive power consumption

The outside of the freezer manages to be extremely strong and durable, and will not chip unless subjected to heavy force. Also laminated in order to present a stylish finish, this efficient freezer will prove attractive in either your a consumer or commercial restaurant establishment. The interior has been approved by the NSF certification processes, and the white aluminum 300 series stainless steel floor and also does not need any plumbing, offering a completely self-contained system. The overall dimensions of this product include a width of 29 7/8”, with a height of 34 7/8”, a depth of 26 1/8” and a total capacity of 6.3 cu. Ft.

Finally, the True TSID-48-2-L Low Height Refrigerator Deli Case allows for delis and cafes to present the overall quality of their various foods including steaks, sandwiches, cheese and more in an attractive and front of house friendly refrigeration solution. The True Deli Case uses a CFC-free, high humidity gravity coil refrigeration system that is powered by an efficient 1/3 hp compressor, allowing it to maintain lukewarm temperatures of 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit with a low power draw. As with many True products, the deli case contains an energy efficient “Low E” thermal glass rear door which closes by itself and allows for easier access. The overall dimensions of the product contain a width of about 48 5/8”, a height of around 42”, depth of 32 1/8” and a total capacity of 17 cu. Ft.

The True Refrigeration Design Philosophy

Every item in the True range is available in various different colors, shapes and sizes suited to fit the needs of Trues wide range of consumers. True strives to equip all their products with state of the art technology and energy efficient powering methods in order to reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint, all while giving customers the lowest prices possible and the best deals in the market.


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