Tru-Colour Bandages is a product that helps consumers to have a nude bandage that is closer to their complexion. The products vary from fair-skinned to dark-skinned in hue, making this product inclusive to other ethnicities.

What Is Tru-Colour?

When it comes to taking care of the body, it is important to stock up in first aide supplies in every household, especially bandages. Unless someone is a fan of a specific cartoon character or pattern, finding a neutral color is usually the easiest to conceal. Unfortunately, even the pharmaceutical industry has yet to catch up on the fact that “neutral” means different things to different skin tones. Tru-Colour Bandages offers an inclusive solution.

Tru-Colour Bandages comes from a dream for an adoptive dad, who noticed that over half of his children could not use bandages that matches their skin tone. While this issue seems small to some people, but inclusion is a necessary part of the healing process for many people. With so much diversity in the world, it makes sense to have a bandage for a wider range of skin tones. The whole goal of this product is to bring diversity to another area that matters.

The bandages are categorized by colors that are not skin tones – green, orange, and purple. The green package is the lightest tone, providing the peachy hue that most consumers are used to. Orange has a shade that is similar to an olive or light brown skin tone. The purple packages offer the darkest skin color, available in a rich brown.

All of the bandages are available as a flexible fabric, with each one contained in a sterile wrapper like other brands. Additionally, all the products are latex-free and come in a resealable bag that has waterproof protection.

Purchasing Tru-Colour Match Skin Tone Bandages

There are multiple packages available for consumers on the official website, which is necessary because the bandages are not sold in stores. Choose from:

  • Bandage Equality Partnership (51 bandages): $149.00
  • T-Shirts: $20.00-$25.00
  • Tru-Colour Bandages Skin Tone Flexible Fabric Bandages (any color)
    • 1-pack: $6.00
    • 2-pack: $11.00
    • 3-pack: $16.00
  • Combo package with two boxes of each color: $25.00

There is not presently a return policy, which is likely due to the hygienic nature of the products. If the user is dissatisfied, then they can reach out to customer service to request a refund.

Contacting Tru-Colour

The website does not have or need much information for consumers, but there might be some questions that should be addressed beforehand. To reach out to the customer service team with concerns or comments, the user can either call or send an email.

Tru-Colour Diversity In Healing Conclusion

The Tru-Colour Bandages are meant for anyone that wants a bandage that can match their complexion. They function in the same way as other bandages, but are available in multiple colors. Consumers can stock up on a single color, or they can choose a variety pack. The price is relatively low, and each one is still contained in a sterile sleeve to protect it from contamination.


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