The Top 7 Sleep Masks to Help You Fall Asleep & Best Safety Tips


Sleep contributes greatly to your health and peace of mind. Your body uses sleep to recover from long days and rejuvenate itself throughout the night as you turn off all the extra thoughts and actions you go through during the day.

Light can impact how you sleep drastically, both in a positive and negative way. There are receptors in your eyes that are triggered whenever blue light, found in all natural light and all screens, is in your field of view.

Once your brain gets the message that blue light is present it stops all production of melatonin, a hormone that indicates when you should get tired and sleepy. Sleeping with reduced melatonin production isn’t a good idea.

The quality of sleep is drastically decreased and you benefit far less from your sleep time than you should. Ambient light throughout the night can also cause the same effect and leave you with lowered amounts of melatonin in your body, resulting in restless nights.

The absolute best solution to get as much good sleep as possible is to eliminate all light when you sleep. But this can be a bit more complicating than just turning off the lights. Any light seeping in from outside through your windows can add to this issue, and you can’t turn those lights off.

So what is the next best solution? Simple, a sleeping mask! It’s an affordable light blocking method that can improve your quality of sleep even if you are on the go.

The Top Sleep Masks In The Market

We have looked at some of the best sleeping masks out there. After careful consideration, we chose a few options which we think will be most suitable for an average user. Take a look at our choices and see if any of these masks are a perfect fit for you.

ALASKA BEAR – Natural Silk Sleep Mask

One of the best sellers on the market, Alaska Bear sleep masks offers some pretty good features to get you the quality of sleep you desire. Immediately, one of the first things that we noticed was that this sleep mask doesn’t use VELCRO.

Instead, it has a 15.8 inch to 27.6 inch adjustable strap with a plastic adjuster. This might not seem like a big deal to some of you, but those who have long hair know exactly why VELCRO and sleeping masks don’t mix. Another great feature is the mulberry silk which comes on both sides.

This wonderful material will offer smoothness and breathability unlike any other material out there. The feeling of using a mulberry silk mask equates to the feeling that you get on your face after flipping to the cool side of the pillow.

Overall, this mask is an excellent choice. There are thousands of people who have bought it with positive reviews and comments.

Countless people have stated that this mask is by far the best choice they have ever made and their sleep quality has improved tremendously.

There are a few variations of this mask, one with two straps and another with a nose baffle, but all three are very affordable. The price ranges from $7.99 to $10.99 depending on which version you choose. This mask is definitely a great option for those seeking to improve the quality of their sleep.

Bedtime Bliss- Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask

This sleeping mask is another fantastic choice if you are looking to block out all light effectively. There have been thousands of users who left positive feedback after purchasing and using this mask.

The Bedtime Bliss contoured sleeping mask is designed for you to be able to open your eyes while using the mask and still block out all light around you. The mask is contoured for optimal effectiveness. Materials used for this mask are 100% Polyester for the outside of the mask and 100% Polyurethane foam for the inside.

While the polyester doesn’t exactly feel silky, it does offer a super soft texture with silk-like properties. The addition of polyurethane on the inside of the mask will produce soft cushioning for all areas where the mask meets your face. Additionally, Bedtime Bliss has also included a pair of free Ear Plugs and a Carry Pouch.

The ear plugs are perfect for those who have a partner who likes to watch late night TV or spend time on their phone with that irritating noisy game. The carrying pouch is also a great addition to keep your ear plugs and mask safe from dust while you travel.

There are many reviews out there which promise the best fit and the most comfort when using this sleeping mask. We did run across a few people who have complained about the stitching at the seams of the mask and how fast they come apart, but we think this was due to excessive wear and tear.

Another factor which we aren’t a fan of is the VELCRO strap which is part of this mask, we really don’t like VELCRO anywhere around our hair. Most of the time it’s not a big deal but sometimes for those with long hair, this could be a big issue.

The price of the mask is a bit higher than we expected but this is most likely due to the addition of the ear plugs and carrying case. You can expect to pay around $12.99 for this mask.

Those who travel a lot and have noisy neighbors or partners would greatly benefit from the additional ear plugs and traveling case, we suggest that this mask is perfect for you. Give it a shot and we are sure that you will sleep more comfortably than you ever have before.

G7 – Fall to Sleep Blindfold Travel Sleep Mask

If you are looking for a soft, reliable, long lasting sleep mask with extremely comfortable material then this mask set is for you. G7 has brought us one of the best masks we have seen on the market.

This product comes with two masks, ear plugs, and pouch, making it perfect for couples. If both you and your partner have a hard time falling asleep then we strongly suggest this mask as your number one choice.

This sleep mask is made from high quality, non-sweat-producing material with long and adjustable VELCRO straps, but the high quality VELCRO that is used with these masks is much better than standard VELCRO and will not tangle your hair like other similar products do.

There is a little bit of room under the mask so that you can blink, otherwise, it perfectly seals your eyes away from all light in 100% complete darkness. For best results, the company suggests to wash the mask first, then air dry it in your dryer or naturally. This will ensure that the mask is as soft as possible.

The addition of ear plugs gives you the option to silence your partner’s snoring or binge TV watching. Either way, you will sleep in complete silence.

Hundreds of satisfied customers have left their feedback about these masks and they love them. Nearly all boast about how thick and yet comfortable this mask is while it maintains its capability to stay in one place and not move at all.

One reviewer described the feeling of the mask as someone giving your face a hug. Durability was also a common factor amongst many reviewers.

The price of this mask is a bit on the high side but considering that you get two masks, a carrying pouch, and ear plugs, it’s not that bad at all. On average you should be able to purchase this mask for about $14.99 at most retailers. We think this set is perfect for couples who are in search of relaxing and comfortable sleep.

Simple Health- Sleeping Eye Mask

Comfy material, quality stitching, and the ability to block out all light…what else could you possibly need from a sleep mask? Well, Simple Health took it to the next level. Not only do they offer triple-weave silk fabric and form fitting contoured material, but the mask also comes with a bonus gel insert for heat or cold therapy.

Those who get frequent headaches or migraines will certainly benefit from the additional gel insert. Even those who simply have a hectic and stressful daily routine can benefit from the healing promoting gel through the use of heat. A little bit of warmth or cold around your face can do wonders for your overall health.

Furthermore, Simple Health has decided to use two elastic straps to ensure the most comfortable fit without any VELCRO involvement, which makes us very happy. The nose cushion is also adjustable so that you can determine how much light you want to let in and adjust it to the perfect comfort level for you.

Ear plugs are also included with this product. This way you can block out any sound, ensuring that you are never woken up throughout the night. Those who like to travel often will find that the included carrying pouch is also well made and perfect for on-the-go use.

The addition of gel with this mask makes it a one-of-a-kind sleeping solution. Hundreds of customers reported amazing results when using the gel to treat headaches and migraines. However, if you don’t want to use this gel then you don’t have to.

The mask fits perfectly fine without it as well. For those who might be concerned about the mask staining their pillow since it isn’t the standard black color, don’t worry. Many users reported absolutely no stains.

The only negative we noticed is the quality of the straps. Some people have stated that the elastic straps can break if too much strain is put on them. Because of this, we suggest that you pay extra care and attention to the straps on this mask.

Otherwise, there have been no other negative comments. The price is also very acceptable, landing around $7.95 on average. Considering the mask comes with ear plugs, carrying pouch, and a gel pack, this price is absolutely fantastic. Those who have frequent headaches will benefit the most from this mask.

PrettyCare – 3D Sleep Mask

No, this isn’t some futuristic virtual light mask that will help you sleep, but it is pretty amazing. PrettyCare has brought us what they call the 3D sleep mask, with large three-dimensional eye shares designed to block out all light possible.

While most companies use 3D as a gimmick to sell their product, PrettyCare actually put 3D technology to good use. They were able to create a mask that can fit any face while still maintaining the highest level of comfort.

The mask is made from high-density memory foam which weighs very little, resulting in a super lightweight yet extremely comfortable mask which can block out all light due to its 3D design. Although we hate VELCRO, the straps are designed to give you an adjusting range of 9cm to 20cm.

This means you can comfortably fit your long hair under the straps and won’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck in the VELCRO. In addition to the carefully designs mask, you will also get ear plugs and a silk travel bag, giving you the opportunity to travel anywhere. Did we mention this product is a set and comes with two masks and two sets of ear plugs? This makes it absolutely perfect for couples.

We read hundreds of reviews from buyers of this product and it seemed that all were satisfied. The majority of the users were very pleased when using this mask for travel purposes.

Many also commented on how well made the product is and the soft contours around the edges of the mask made it a pleasure to wear without any pressure on any parts of their face. Washing the mask didn’t cause it to fall apart either like so many other masks do. The price tag is a bit on the expensive size but we are 100% sure this is due to the fact there are two masks and ear plugs in the set.

Add the careful design and great material into the mix, and it makes absolute sense why the price is set at $14.95. In our opinion, this is a very low price point after taking into consideration how well the product is made.

Those who travel a lot with your partner or by yourself will benefit the most from this product.

Nidra – Lightweight & Comfortable Eye Mask

Sometimes, all you need is carefully picked materials and adequate design to make a great product. This is exactly what Nidra did to produce their lightweight and comfortable eye mask. They chose to use interlocking polyester on the outside of the mask with a small foam insert on the inside to produce the one of the most comfortable sleeping masks on the market.

The eye cups were designed in a specific way to prevent your eyelashes and eyelids from rubbing against the fabric of the mask, this means you can blink freely without any discomfort.

The straps are made with VELCRO and even though this isn’t the best material to use with sleeping masks, the straps are long enough and narrow enough to refrain from tangling your hair.

Furthermore, the straps themselves are also stretchable which also helps with tangle prevention. Nidra also reassured their customers that the product will not bleed or stain their pillows, which they determined through as extensive seven-month-long testing period.

The combination of the material used creates a comfortable yet firm feeling which is perfect for those who are looking to block out all light without sacrificing coziness. Additionally, there is no metal or plastic around the nose contour of the mask, which adds to a more comfortable fit.

Thousands of users bought this product and many wrote feedback and reviews about it. Many said that the product fit comfortably on their face and was able to block out all of the light from the outside.

Some have said that the nose bridge part of the mask doesn’t fit correctly and let’s light in sometimes. A few other users stated that the mask starts to fall apart after a single wash or three months of use. There were very few negative reviews and overall most customers were satisfied with their product.

We have taken these reviews into consideration and determined that the mask should not be machine washed and should only be hand washed lightly with lukewarm water and soap. It seems most of the people who had this issue used a washing machine on their mask.

The cost of the mask is slightly higher than we anticipated, but it seems that most customers find it to be worth it.

You can find this mask priced around $11.95, which is a bit higher than we would like but it’s not a deal breaker.

Overall we think this mask is a good choice for people who move a lot in their sleep. Its ability to stay in place even throughout the most restless night is what separates it from other products on the market. So if you like to toss and turn in your sleep then this is the perfect mask for you!

Living Pure – Luxury Sleep Mask

This is another product that we saw many reviews from and which has many loyal customers. Living Pure has created a mask with half in cavities for your eyes to produce a rub free environment.

The choice of fabric for this mask is nylon on the outside and memory foam on the inside. This company decided to use adjustable VELCRO straps which allow the mask to be expanded up to 23 inches and as low as 16 inches in circumference.

Living Pure also offers a 100% full refund if you are not satisfied with their product within 30 days. Otherwise, we didn’t find anything else special about this mask.

There have been thousands of reviews about this mask. Most of them have been positive, but we did notice that many of these positive reviews had also written: “I received this for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.”

We usually try to stay away from using companies that promote their product by offering it for free in exchange for reviews on marketing websites. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is bad, and there were also a few reviews that were independent stating that this mask works as intended.

At the same time, we have read some feedback saying that the product can stain your pillow, the mask starts to fall apart after a month of use and that it completely starts falling apart if you wash it. This was the main concert we faced with this product.

The price point is actually really low; we were surprised to find out that this mask only costs $6.99. After taking everything into account, we came to the conclusion that this mask is the most affordable solution for those who only need a sleeping mask temporarily.

If you are planning on traveling a lot in the next month and don’t want to spend extra money on your mask then the Living Pure mask is the choice for you.

Top Sleep Masks Conclusion

We all have things that we value and give more priority to when it comes to sleeping mask features. Some of you will prefer a softer and less pressure producing masks, others will settle for a better fit rather than comfort.

Every mask is made differently and the best way to find out which one works best for you is by purchasing it and trying it out.

We know that this can be troublesome, but many of the companies we listed today do offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their product, so why not give it a shot and simply return it if the mask doesn’t work out? Use our feedback to determine what you think will be the best fit for you.

This way you have a much better chance to pick the right mask from the start, ensuring that you get the highest quality sleep possible!

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