Tooth Defender – Natural Do-It-Yourself Oral Care Health Program?


Periodontitis is an extremely common health condition that affects more than three million people in the US every year. Characterized by a serious infection of the gum tissue around the teeth, the health impact of periodontitis can be significant, requiring immediate medical intervention.

Periodontitis typically causes extremely bad breath and bleeding from the gums, and is caused directly by poor oral hygiene. Some of the key symptoms of periodontitis include swollen, bright red, or puffy gums that are painful to the touch. Periodontitis can also cause the gums to appear purple or dark red, and frequently causes the gums to bleed easily.

If left untreated, periodontitis eventually degrades the bone that holds the tooth securely in place, causing widening gaps between the teeth and can even result in teeth falling out. In some cases, a dentist will need to pull teeth that have become compromised by periodontitis, especially when they become loose.

While teeth pulling and dental surgery may only be required in extreme cases, some of the most common symptoms of periodontitis are also the most frustrating. Invariably, periodontitis causes extremely bad breath, changes the bite pattern of the teeth, and causes pus to accumulate between the teeth.

There are many risk factors that can increase your chances of developing periodontitis, such as poor oral hygiene, smoking, poor nutritional intake, hormonal changes, and chewing tobacco. If the warning signs of periodontitis are ignored, serious complications can develop that eventually result in life threatening conditions such as respiratory disease, sepsis, arthritis, and even heart disease and stroke.

Treating periodontitis once it occurs can be a complex, painful, and frustrating process. The most common practice used to treat periodontitis is scaling, a method that scrapes tartar and bacteria away from the surface of the tooth. Root planing, another common technique used to treat periodontitis, is invasive and painful and requires the smoothing of the outer surfaces of the root of the tooth.

Some of the other invasive and painful surgeries required to treat advanced periodontitis include soft tissue grafts, bone grafting, flap surgery, and guided tissue regeneration, all of which are extremely uncomfortable and expensive. A revolutionary new self-treatment system, however, is providing individuals that are suffering from periodontitis with a groundbreaking and highly effective surgery-free method.

Tooth Defender is a powerful new guide that shows individuals suffering from periodontitis how to heal their gums naturally and effectively without the need for painful and expensive dental surgery. Simple, fast, and reliable, the Tooth Defender system is a permanent solution to oral health that is helping health-conscious individuals around the world save thousands in dental bills.

In this article, we’ll check out the Tooth Defender system and find out what makes it so effective to help you determine whether it’s the right oral care solution for your needs.

What Is Tooth Defender?

The Tooth Defender system is a revolutionary new oral care system designed by Matthew Tate, a police detective that was diagnosed with a periodontitis infection in early 2016. After having let his oral health deteriorate over a long period of time, Tate realised that in order to keep his teeth inside his mouth, he’d need to make some drastic changes to his life.

The Tooth Defender system was devised by Tate to reverse the damage caused by a long-term diet of soda, junk food, and sugary snacks. After being turned down for a promotion due to his unsightly teeth and odorous periodontitis breath, Tate decided to take action. After consulting a local dental expert and reading a significant amount of information, the Tooth Defender system was born.

The Tooth Defender system is built around three primary rules that are able to reverse the root cause of periodontitis and help the body heal naturally, resulting in clean, healthy teeth. The step by step program presented in the strategic Tooth Defender system is able to shrink periodontitis pockets, heal cavities, and remineralize the teeth, resulting in healed teeth enamel.

The Tooth Defender System provides readers with all of the information they need to begin healing their teeth today. Offering a comprehensive of dangerous foods to avoid that can worsen periodontitis as well as a detailed list of foods that actually promote oral health, the Tooth Defender System begins by promoting correct and restorative dietary practices.

The Tooth Defender System also explains how to create an incredibly powerful natural mouthwash that is far more effective than any chemical product on the market. By following the Tooth Defender System, readers are able to regain fresh breath and completely halt gum decay and bleeding. The Tooth Defender System provides a powerful, viable, and realistic way to avoid expensive dental consultation, and can even protect the body from oral cancer.

What The Tooth Defender System Includes

The Tooth Defender System presents readers with a comprehensive natural guide to oral care that consists of several elements. Firstly, a comprehensive eating guide shows readers what to eat and what not to eat in order to begin the healing process. The guide also shows readers how to avoid root canals, how to improve overall health and vitality, and how it’s possible to straighten teeth at home without the need for expensive braces.

The Tooth Defender System also presents a detailed explanation of the oral needs of children, and breaks down the best and most effective strategies to follow that ensure your children will never need braces or dental surgery. The Tooth Defender System also focuses on the health of the tongue, and how the color and texture of the tongue presents a highly accurate representation of the health of the entire body.

One of the best features of the Tooth Defender System is that it’s covered by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, presenting readers with a risk-free way to cure their periodontitis permanently.

The Tooth Defender Verdict

The Tooth Defender System provides readers with access to one of the best kept health secrets in the world, clearly explaining holistic health practices that are able to dramatically improve the condition of the teeth and gums at a fraction of the cost of a dental consultation.

If you suffer from periodontitis and are seeking a healthy, effective solution, Tooth Defender is a powerful solution.

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