Toblerone – Mondelez International’s Milk Chocolate Snacks?


Tolberone is a delicious chocolate company based in Bern, Switzerland. Famous for over one hundred years due to their delicious chocolates in a unique peaked shape, Tolberone chocolates are known worldwide. Easy to share or enjoy alone, Tolberone offers a small variety of delicious flavors.

Whether users prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate, Tolberone offers a product that not only tastes great but is a classic Swiss tradition. Please read below to find out more information about the full line of chocolates offered by Tolberone Swiss chocolatier.

What is Toblerone?

Tolberone is a world famous Swiss chocolate company based in Bern, Switzerland. Started over a hundred years by a chocolatier family, Tolberone has become one of the most recognized Swiss chocolate companies by making just a few products but making them well. Customers love Tolberone’s unique design which is reminiscent of the Swiss Alps.

Tolberone chocolates come in milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and fruit and nut varieties year round. Additionally, Tolberone offers seasonal and limited edition flavors. Currently offers a limited edition salted almond variety as well as a toasted coconut option.

Tolberone Chocolates are available in additional flavors throughout Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. These flavors are harder to get in the United States.

Toblerone Products

-Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bar: Available in four sizes (1.23oz, 1.76oz, 3.52oz and 14.1oz). This classic bar is made of milk chocolate with honey almond nougat bits throughout. There is a size for every appetite or for a perfect gift.

-Toblerone Fruit and Nut Bar: Available in a 3.52 ounce bar and is packed full of delicious raisins as well as bits of honey nougat and almonds.

-Toblerone Dark Chocolate Bar: Available in a 3.52 ounce bar. This bar combines decadent Swiss dark chocolate with bits of almond and honey nougat. The dark chocolate product has been manufactured by Tolberone since 1969 and is very popular with consumers who are looking for a heart healthy alternative to milk chocolate without sacrificing the creamy richness of Swiss chocolate.

-Toblerone White Chocolate Bar: Available in a 3.52 ounce bar with honey nougat and almonds mixed in creamy Swiss white chocolate. This product has been around since the 1970’s and is a bestseller for people who love white chocolate over traditional chocolate varieties.

-Toblerone One By One Stand Up Bags: Enjoy individually wrapped mini Toblerone bars by purchasing a stand up bag. Each bag 5.29 ounces and is available in milk chocolate only variety or a mixed flavor bag. also offer s larger size bag of individually wrapped mini bars.

-Toblerone Tobelle: Customers can choose the Toblerone gift box which contains twenty pieces of delicious Toblerone milk chocolate. Wrapped beautiful, this option makes a nice gift.

Tolberone also manufacturers limited edition flavors as well as well as special holiday gift packs so user should be on the lookout for new varieties from Tolberone.

Please note all Tolberone products contain both almonds and milk products. These chocolates are not suitable for people with nut or milk allergies. Tolberone is not Fair-trade certified. While made in Bern Switzerland, Tolberone sources their coffee beans form throughout the world.

Toblerone Pricing

Tolberone is available for purchase online and in many brick and mortar stores. offers a large variety of purchase options for Tolberone products. All Tolberone products listed on Amazon are eligible for free shipping with purchases over $49.00. The price options are listed below.

Milk Chocolate Individual Bar (3.52 ounce): $4.65

Milk Chocolate Four Pack (14.1 ounce bars): $35.00

Milk Chocolate Six Pack (3.52 ounce bars): $19.98

Milk Chocolate Nine Pack (3.52 ounce bars): $15.99

Milk Chocolate Ten Pack (14.1 ounce bars): $60.98

Milk Chocolate Twenty Pack (3.52 ounce bars): $43.56

Milk Chocolate Giant Bar (400 grams): $13.45

Milk Chocolate Twenty Four Pack Box (1.23 ounce bars): $29.50

This box is perfect for shop owners.

Tolberone Tiny’s Mix Bag (7.05 ounce bag): $12.15

Dark Chocolate Individual Bar (3.52 ounce): $6.29

Dark Chocolate Three Pack (3.52 ounce): $14.35

Dark Chocolate Twelve Pack (2.52 ounce): $23.67

Dark Chocolate Twenty Pack (2.52 ounce): $40.04

This option is the best value and is available as part of the subscribe and save option.

Dark Chocolate Giant Bar (400 grams): $22.50

White Chocolate Individual bars (3.52 ounce bar): $3.50

White Chocolate Three Pack (3.52 ounce bars): $8.95 (not eligible for free shipping)

White Chocolate Twelve Pack (3.52 ounce bars): $23.88

Fruit and Nut Individual Bar (3.52 ounce): $5.65

Fruit and Nut Twelve Pack (3.52 ounce bars): $29.99

Fruit and Nut Giant Bar (400 grams): $14.49

Crunchy Salty Almond Individual Bar (3.52 ounce): $7.26

Crunchy Salty Almond Four Pack (3.52 ounce bars): $18.37

Crunchy Salty Almond Twenty Pack (3.52 ounce bars): $39.71. This option is also available for the subscribe and save program option through

Tolberone Valentine’s Day Edition Bar (7.05 ounce bar): $7.49

This bar is not eligible for free shipping.

Special Edition Crunch Coconut Four Pack (360 gram bars): $48.99

Who Makes Toblerone?

Toblerone was started in 1899 by Jean Tobler whose father was a well-known chocolatier in Bern, Switzerland. Toblerone gets its name from a combination of the family’s namesake as well as the Italian word torrone which means honey and almond nougat.

For sixty years Tolberone offered only milk chocolate in their signature shape. In 1969, Tolberone introduced a dark chocolate option for their customers and a year later white chocolate was introduced. Just recently Tolberone started manufacturing the fruit and nut version of the original milk chocolate bar.

Should You Eat Toblerone?

Tolberone has a long history of providing some of the tastiest chocolate in the world. Switzerland is famous for their high quality chocolates manufactured using the highest quality ingredients. Consumers who love their chocolate light and creamy will definitely appreciate Tolberone’s attention to quality and taste.

All bars, no matter the flavor include their unique almond and nougat pieces which make each bite incredibly delicious. Luckily, consumers do not have to travel to Switzerland to try this delicious chocolate. Simple head down to the nearest Walgreens or hop on Amazon Prime and get a bar today!


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