Tight Me Up – High Quality Superior Fitting Pants Subscription?


Tight Me Up is a subscription program that sends curated boxes of fashionable and functional tights in a range of sizes that are great for any outfit. The boxes appear to be selected at random, and are available on a delivery schedule that is entirely up to the member, rather than the company.

What Is Tight Me Up?

Choosing the best outfit for different activities requires a lot of effort. While many short dresses are cute and stylish, it is hard to stay modest while looking great. Sometimes, wearing shorts or jeans underneath only takes away from the original look the wearer wanted, leaving them with the decision to either forgo their ensemble or risk exposure.

Tights and leggings are common accessories to help keep the look proper, but they are not often sold in stores with much variation. With Tight Me Up, consumers do not even need to leave their home.

Tight Me Up gives consumers the chance to get a personalized box of a very versatile piece of their ensemble delivered to their door. The boxes are always suitable to the member’s taste, since they are personalized with the decisions of the customer. There is no risk of disliking the products received, since the customer has complete control.

Most curated boxes leave some components randomized, which can make it hard for the consumer to enjoy the boxes. Without any control over what goes in them, consumers are basically paying for products blindly. Tight Me Up gives complete control to the user, which means that each item is guaranteed to be exactly their taste and personal style.

The tights offered to consumers with Tight Me Up offer the “perfect fit,” which are chosen by the consumer. While there is no sizing guide to figure out if the sizes go into the plus-size grouping, consumers are encouraged to choose their own size, which all the tights will be sent it. The quality prevents the tights from getting the laddered effect (which means no rips or holes). With such versatile garments, it is easy to get the look that consumers want.

How Does Tight Me Up Work?

Tight Me Up offers curated boxes, and the first step of the process is to give contact information. From there, the customer will be asked to specify their size, preferred material, and other details that will ensure that the randomly selected tights are exactly their taste with every shipment. The website has a return policy in place, but choosing the right information at the beginning of the membership can help the user avoid these circumstances.

Once they have customized their preferences, the user is then directed to a page to decide how often the shipments are sent out. Unlike other boxes, the user can choose up to 30 days between shipments, with any number of days selected.

As the boxes are sent out, the user gets to enjoy a look that is not yet available in stores. Sometimes, curated box subscriptions require that consumers return the products, using the membership fee to stay connected to the company. However, these garments through Tight Me Up appear to be for the consumer to keep, only sending back the products if they want an exchange or a refund.

Membership Information For Tight Me Up

The Tight Me Up brand offered curated boxes, but none of the pricing information is available to the new customer until they have logged in and signed up for their package. The boxes start at $5, but there is no information about the various upgrades someone can choose.

Once the package is chosen, consumers also have control over the delivery plan. Some people want a traditional shipment each month, while others have a specific number of days that they would prefer to use for their schedule. Regardless of the plan, the membership fee will be charged to the card on file every single month.

The membership can be cancelled at any time from the account page. However, questions or other alterations can be done with an email to the company.

Contacting The Creators of Tight Me Up

Since there is incredibly limited information offered with Tight Me Up, potential consumers are likely to have many questions about the regimen. The customer service team does not have a phone number to discuss concerns in real time yet, but they can be reached at [email protected]

Most questions and changes to the account can be altered online. However, by sending an email, any of those issues can be cleared up.

Tight Me Up Review Summary

There is only one disadvantage to ordering the curated boxes from Tight Me Up – the wait list. At the time of this review, there are over 300 people waiting to even have the chance to setup a shipment.

The company states that the wait list is moving quickly, but offers no information about how long someone may have to wait. To move up the list, consumers have the option of either posting a Twitter post (20 spots), sharing the information on Facebook (60 spots), or both.

Other than that minor hiccup, the Tight Me Up program is a fantastic way to keep a closet fresh and new, regardless of personal taste. Even if you are on the fence, you can enter your name and email address to be notified of the next open membership.

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