THINX – Women's Period Proof Underwear & PMS Panties?


THINX Period Panties are the latest feminine product to protect you from stains and embarrassing situations, but without the trash and obvious appearance of other options. You can choose from several styles that suit you, which vary in absorbency from light to heavy days.

What is THINX?

Nearly every woman has several decades of her life that she has to deal with an unfortunate monthly visitor, known as her period. Luckily, the feminine product industry has come up with many options to help make your week of hormones and cramps a lot easier. Pads and tampons are the most common forms of protecting your clothing from menstrual blood, but THINX has come up with an innovative and discrete option.

THINX is the producer of “period panties.” These amazing undergarments can easily be your replacement for any other feminine product that you typically use while menstruating. Most of the time, you have to deal with loud packaging, unflattering outlines, or the risk of infection with products. You won’t have to concern yourself with potentially staining your clothes, and you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed with a bulky pad underneath your favorite jeans.

The period panties are made up of several types of technology and materials, which make them super absorbent and resistant to leaks. The underwear absorbs your menstrual blood, eliminating your concerns regarding the growth of bacteria or collecting an excessive amount of moisture. However, read on in the next section to find out exactly how that is possible.

How Do THINX Panties Work?

To put it simply, the THINX period panties use a material that is made of four ultra-thin micro-layers, which work together to provide a surface that captures and traps all liquids. The top layer is your first line of defense; it helps to draw in the moisture and transport it to the rest of the padding. Luckily, since there are three layers below, the blood has plenty of places to go. In fact, the inner lining features anti-microbial silver, which helps to keep fighting bacteria to prevent UTIs and yeast infections.

To ensure you get the proper amount of coverage and absorbency for each stage of your period, THINX has come up with a few different styles to accommodate you. Each style is defined in the next section, letting you know the best choices for the different levels of bleeding on each day.

Choosing Your THINX Panties

The makers of the THINX period panties understand that every woman has a different flow during her menstruation, so they give you multiple choices for your needs. You can pick from five different styles, all of which accommodate the various stages of blood during your period. Choose from the following options to eliminate your need for other forms of feminine protection:

  • Hi-Waist ($38)
    • Meant for medium-flow days
    • Holds the equivalent of 1.5 tampons
  • Hip-Hugger ($34)
    • Meant for heavy-flow days
    • Holds the equivalent of two tampons
  • Sport ($32)
    • Meant for medium-flow days
    • Holds the equivalent of 1.5 tampons
  • Boy Short ($34)
    • Meant for light-flow days
    • Holds the equivalent of 1 tampon
  • Cheeky ($29)
    • Meant for light-flow days
    • Holds the equivalent of 1 tampon
  • Thong ($24)
    • Meant for extremely light-flow days
    • Holds the equivalent of half of a tampon

You don’t have to dig into your underwear drawer for the ugliest underwear you can find during the week of your period. Instead, choose from black or nude-colored underwear in any style, letting you enjoy comfortable or fashionable clothes for the week still.

Sizing Guide

Even though the earlier versions of this product were a little snug in the sizes, THINX makes the point of letting consumers know that their underwear are now true to size. You can choose from XXS (extra, extra small) to XXXL (triple extra-large). The company features a chart on each product page to help you match up your natural waist and hip measurements with the appropriate size.

Using the THINX Panties

The best part about the THINX panties is that you don’t have to do anything different than you normally would in your morning routine. You don’t need extra protection or a backup pair of underwear; these panties are cute and comfortable, so you won’t feel like you’re stuck in a diaper all day. Plus, even though you wear them for hours on end, you won’t have the sensation of sitting in blood, like you may feel with pads.

When you are ready to take them off, you don’t have to throw them away – they are washable! When you take them off, run them under cold water right away. After they are rinsed, you can go ahead and throw them in the laundry basket until laundry day, washing them in cold water. Keep them out of the dryer, and let them hang dry.

None of your other clothes will be affected by these panties. However, you will need to keep fabric softener out of the washing machine as you clean them.

Contacting THINX

Even though this product seems like the ultimate solution to your period problems, you may benefit from speaking with a customer service representative for additional questions. The FAQ section is fairly in-depth, giving you the answer to any question the average consumer has about the fit of the panties or shipping them to your door. However, the representatives are there as needed.

The easiest way to reach someone is either by phone by calling (917) 819-8171, or by emailing [email protected]


THINX Period Panties are a new way to approach your time of the month, helping you to prevent a variety of issues that can come up while you are menstruating. By using these absorbent underwear, rather than tampons or pads, you prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and infections that can alter your vagina’s pH.

These panties are also great for your budget, since you can buy a couple of pairs to use during the week of your period and leave disposable feminine products at the store. Save yourself some money in the long run, and buy a pair of these protective underwear.

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