The Superhero Bulking Program – Achieve SuperHero Muscles Program?


The Superhero Bulking Program, featuring Dual Pyramid Training, is a workout regimen to help you achieve a physique with shredded arm muscles and a chiseled figure.

This program was created by Kinobody, in conjunction with using a particular method of working out for optimum results.

What is the Superhero Bulking Program?

There’s a big difference between getting in shape and bodybuilding. When you simply want to create a healthier body, you introduce some exercise and cut some calories from your diet.

Even though you have to work at it, losing weight is your main focus, taking the strain of obesity off of your heart and body. However, when you want to engage in bodybuilding, it’s all about increasing the bulk of your muscle.

You need to have an idea in your head that determines how you want to look. If you admire the physique of your favorite heroes, then the Superhero Bulking Program may be your best bet.

The Superhero Bulking Program centers around helping you to build up muscle with short sets of intense reps, increasing it over time.

A superhero physique is prominently built up in your upper body, though your entire silhouette will be chiseled.

The routine is briefly explained on the website, but you are given the majority of the information within the digital content.

How the Superhero Bulking Program Work?

This regimen uses a technique called Reverse Pyramid Training, which helps you with about 75% of the muscle gain you will experience during the bulking program.

You will be using several sets of small repetitions, which focuses your energy on that muscle group. When you use this style, you can experience major strength gains.

In fact, this type of execution can be used with any workout program to improve your muscle. With this particular program, you use it to focus on creating a superhero physique.

As you work out with these types of reps, you are slowly able to increase the amount of weight you use.

You actually start out with a heavier weight at the beginning of each exercise, slowly tapering down through the reps.

This movement and digression triggers your body to respond with myofibrillar hypertrophy, which means you’re improving the filaments of muscle.

You will need to dedicate a certain amount of time to this program, since it is, by no means, a quick fix.

Maintaining your body is the key, and this type of regimen makes it possible for you to maintain your look over an extended period of time.

However, even if you need to take a break from the program for illness or a vacation, this type of sequence makes it possible to experience minimal muscle atrophy, if any, when you continue it.

The Regimen

There are two main aspects that the website discusses for the regimen – using a supplement and the muscle training.

As you train for that superhero body, Kinobody encourages you to use a creatine supplement. This ingredient will help you to gain up to seven pounds of lean muscle mass with little effort, helping you to get started on the path to complete fitness.

The program recommends that you take about 5 grams of the supplement a day, which should be consumed after training on your workout days.

The workout appears to be divided into different days, helping you to concentrate on particular muscle groups during the week.

For instance, your Monday regimen will consist of short sets for your chest and triceps, while your Wednesday routine is all about building up the muscle in your back and biceps. On the weekend, you can choose a day to work on your shoulders and legs.

It appears that you only need to pursue this workout three days a week, from the information available on the website. However, you can get more details about the regimen after you make your purchase.

Pricing for the Superhero Bulking Program

If you want to gain access to all of the workout videos and materials that go along with the Superhero Bulking program, your total cost will be $47.00.

Once your payment is accepted, you will instantly have access to the digital guide online. With your purchase, you will receive:

  • The Core Superhero Bulking Program Manual, an e-book that details the four-phase workout, necessary nutritional information, and a chapter to show you exactly how to go from your body now to your body that you want.
  • The Workout Substitution Guide, which helps you to modify the workout to meet your current abilities until you reach the optimum goals in your workouts
  • The Superhero Bonus Module, giving you the fundamental lessons you need to know to be successful in this Kinobody regimen
  • The Lifting Protocol Tutorial, showing you the two strategies necessary to build muscle in any workout regimen
  • “Living the Superhero Lifestyle,” helping you to balance between the activities you love and the body you want

This is just the core material you get with your purchase, which is already more valuable that the price tag you have to pay. However, you will gain access to several bonuses to amplify the value of this package.

The bonuses are:

  • Superhero Guide to Style, teaching you to dress your new physique with flattering clothing choices
  • 20 Outfits that Will Make Her Come to You, with a detailed array of outfits that make the difference between a “no” and a “yes”
  • How to be a Superhero in the Sack, giving you tips on how to utilize your new physique in the bedroom
  • Access to multiple podcasts to improve your style and lifestyle

It’s easy to see why so many consumers have already engaged in this new workout.

Contacting the Creators of the Superhero Bulking Program: Kinobody

Even with so much information online, there’s always a reason you may need to speak with Kinobody about the Superhero program for muscle training.

That’s why the website offers a Live Chat option to speak with someone online. However, this chat session is only available during certain hours.

If you submit a message outside of the unlisted business hours, you can leave a message with your question, which they will respond to at a later time.

The Superhero Bulking Program Review Summary

The Superhero Bulking Program is meant for men who want to achieve that physique that is reminiscent of heroes like Superman and similar characters.

You need to be able to commit to the time and requirements listed of you, if you truly with to achieve the optimum level of fitness during the program. If you’re ready to say goodbye to your flabby body, then sign up with Kinobody today.

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